Eight Blogs I Read Daily

27 May 2015

Hey Everyone! Can you believe we are into the last week of May?! I honestly can't believe it! Today I thought that I would do a blog post about all the bloggers I constantly read. Normally around this time of the month I would sit down and pick out my favourite bloggers that I have been reading through the month and very often these include new bloggers I've recently stumbled across however I thought that I'd talk to you about some of the lovely ladies who I constantly read every single day or at least check their blogs more often than I probably should. I'm sure a lot of you already read these amazing blogs but if you don't then I'd highly recommend it! 

Niomi Smart 
Niomi has always been one of my favourite bloggers. I absolutely love how inspirational she has been to me when it comes to adapting a more healthy lifestyle. I love reading her blog about places she's been to eat and meals she's made as well. She's recently moved down to London as well and has been posting a lot about her new favourite restaurants that she has found in and around London which is absolutely perfect for me as when I head into Central London in the future I now have healthier options to choose from. I also love reading her beauty and fashion posts too as we have very similar tastes in products and clothes so I can always trust her opinion. 

I can't write this post without including the gorgeous Kayleigh as I'm sure you all know I absolutely adore her blog. When I first started blogging I'm pretty sure this was the only blog I consistently read every day. I absolutely love her blog style, the layout, her writing style and her photography and I have absolutely loved seeing how much she has grown as a blogger since I first came across her. If you are looking for good first impressions of products and reliable beauty reviews I'd head straight on over to Kayleigh's blog as they are just so detailed and honest. I absolutely adore her fashion sense too! 

I have been reading Corrie's blog religiously for the last few months now. I had always read it on and off but since the started of 2015 I have absolutely loved reading her blog. There is something for everyone on her blog. Whether you are looking for a beauty review, a fashion post, a bit of lifestyle or even if you just need a quite pick me up I definitely head to Corrie's blog first. Her writing style is just so amazing and I don't think it's possible to read her blog without laughing at least once. She's just a brilliant blogger and one that I am always excited to see on my feed with a new post!

Pearls And Poodles
Milly is another blogger that I have been reading since I started to blog. I absolutely love her writing style and her photography as well. Always so clear and crisp and always true to colour. Her beauty reviews are absolutely amazing and I always finish the post wanting to buy the product. They are just amazing and her opinion is one that I can trust 100%. She's also an extremely lovely person and I have loved reading her posts about all her adventures in NYC as well. 

You can find absolutely everything on Victoria's blog. I absolutely love it and it's definitely a blog I turn to if I am looking for a bit of style inspiration as Victoria has the most amazing fashion sense! I also love reading her blog and seeing new places she's been exploring whether it's overseas or in London I just love reading her blog and seeing what she gets up too. 

I absolutely adore Em's blog. There's just so much variety on there. If you are looking for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, travelling you can find it all over on Em's blog. I think I look at her blog at least once a day as her photography is always absolutely amazing and I love reading her opinions and views on different things. Em has also been travelling a lot recently to so many amazing places and as I'm an extremely huge fan of travel myself I absolutely love reading about the places she's been to so that I can add it to my own travel wishlist. When it comes to fitness, she is one of my biggest inspirations and I love reading about what she does to keep fit and different food to eat as well. I'd definitely recommend Em's blog if you haven't checked it out already. 

The gorgeous Becky is the author behind this blog and her blog is up there as one of the prettiest blogs I have ever come across. I absolutely love her pastel/white themed photos and the fact that every post is just so simple to read. I can honestly spend hours scrolling through her blog and reading through her wishlists, adventure posts and beauty reviews. Her blog is just so pretty and she's such a lovely girl too. 

Andrea's blog honestly gives me photographer envy. She always takes the brightest. clearest, most beautiful photos. I'm desperate to know her secret! Her beauty reviews are always incredibly detailed and honest and is definitely one of the first bloggers I turn to when I'm looking for a new beauty product to try. She's recently had a blog revamp and I'm absolutely loving the new layout too. Definitely check her out if you haven't already. 

So there we have it. Just eight bloggers that I absolutely adore. Their blogs are just so incredible and they are all such lovely girls too. I know you might be thinking that most people follow and read these blogs already and it would be good to come across new blogs but these are the ones I read every day and the ones that inspire me to keep going with my blog and who fuel my passion for writing and blogging even further. Without these girls to inspire me daily I don't know how long my blog would have lasted. Be sure to recommend me some bloggers you may think I like in the comments below. 

What blogs do you read daily/regularly?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I love all of these blogs - some of them being the first ones I read when I first started getting into blogs (I'm looking at you Kayleigh haha!) I haven't looked at Pearls and Poodles in ages though and you've reminded me I really need to!

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

    1. Definitely! Her blog is just so amazing! :) xx

  2. I will definitely check out all of these blogs! One blog I always read is Blossoming Daydreams by Georgia. It's a great blog.

    1. Aww yeah I read Georgia's blog too!! It's really good! :) xx

  3. I read all of these as well =]


  4. You've named pretty much all of my favourite bloggers! :) Great choices. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. We have great taste haha! :) thank you lovely! :) xx

  5. I really enjoy posts where people share the love :)
    I hadn't heard of some of these blogs before so I'll definitely be checking them out!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Awww yay!! :) You'll really enjoy them! :) xx


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