50 Ways To Kill With Kindness

16 May 2015

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Today I thought that I would do another post in my '50 Things/Ways' series as these posts are really enjoyable to write. I was inspired to do this one on kindness based on my own personal experiences recently. Last week I lost my temper with a shopkeeper and stormed out of the shop and was really quite rude. I was having a bad day and took it out on him which wasn't fair. I never normally lose my temper and I really did feel awful so I went back the day after with a box of chocolates to apologise. He really appreciated that and I felt so much better so I decided that I wanted to write a post on all the little ways you can inject some kindness into your life and become a better person. Some of these things are incredibly simple and you probably do them already but if not here's a list of 50 things you can do!

1. Bake a batch of cookies or cupcakes for a neighbour
2. If your parents or siblings are having a long day make them their favourite food
3. Always hold the door open for the people walking behind you. 
4. If you are in a shop like Costa or Starbucks and still deciding on what you want allow the person behind you to go in front of you. 
5. Donate some money to a charity of your choice even if it just £1. Every penny makes a difference. 
6. Make a little hamper for a friend or family member full of their favourite films, sweets and more of their favourite bits and pieces. 
7. If you next door neighbour has a dog and is busy offer to take it for a walk. Exercise for you and you might make their day! 
8. If you live near an elderly person offer to do their shopping for them. I've done this and they appreciate it so much. 
9. Take a bunch of flowers to your local nursing home. 
10. Record a bunch of videos for each of your friends telling them how much they mean to you and send it to them. 
11. If a friend or family member has young kids and don't get time to themselves offer to look after them for a day or evening. 
12, Have a clear out of old toys, clothes and things you have lying around and donate them to a charity where somebody in desperate need of them will be able to get their hands on it! 
13. If you have some loose change and see a poor person on the streets just pop it into the hat or tin that they have. It doesn't have to be a lot but even a 50p coin can make a huge difference to them. I know some people don't like doing this so don't worry, it doesn't make you an unkind person if you don't as I completely understand. 
14. If you see a lonely person on the street maybe buy them a cup of coffee or a cake. It'll make their day. 
15. If you see a disabled person offer to help them, whether it's pushing their wheelchair or just carrying their shopping for them. 
16. If you have a friend who is a bit sad make them a photo collage or video of all your best moments together and give it to them. 
17. If you are eating at a restaurant, leave your waiter a slightly more generous tip than you normally would. You'll make their day. 
18. Buy a gift for someone and leave it in a random place and let them find it. 
19. Tell a random person a funny joke. Hopefully it'll make them smile & make their day! 
20. Compliment someone everyday but make sure it's sincere. 
21. Call an old friend or family member that you haven't spoken to in a while to see how they are. 
22. Offer to wash someone's car for them. 
23. Make a friend or family member a CD with all their favourite songs on. 
24. If you're on a train or bus offer up your seat to someone who might need it more, whether that's a pregnant lady, or a person with a child, or someone who has lots of shopping. 
25. Give a friend or family member a hug and tell them how much they mean to you 

26. Write positivity notes and leave them all around your house so your family can see them throughout the day. 
27. Now the weather is getting warmer offer to water someone's garden for them whether it's a neighbour or a friend. 
28. Be sure to say thank you for everything, whether it's a person who's served you in a shop or someone who's stopped to let you cross the road, always say thank you. 
29. If you know someone who doubts themselves create a few activities that will help motivate them.
30. Surprise a friend or family member with an unexpected visit. 
31. If you're not on speaking terms with someone and still holding a grudge forgive them, apologise even if it's not your fault and move on. Life's too short to hold grudges. 
32. Give someone a hug who could be feeling down or in need of a hug. 
33. If someone you know has a lot of things to do in a day offer to help them tick things off their list. 
34. Write a letter to all your friends and family members telling them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. 
35. If you've lost your temper with someone like I did, go back and say sorry, even if you had the right to be annoyed, it's just so much better and they'll probably appreciate it. 
36. If you purchase something on a buy one get one free deal donate the free one to a youth group or charity near you. 
37. Treat a friend or family member to a day out of their choice and throw in little treats every now and then. 
38. Listen to others. Don't interrupt or jump in the middle. Wait until the person has finished talking. They'll appreciate the fact you chose to listen to their side of things. 
39. Let your parents sit down and relax whilst you do all the housework and cooking for them. Tell them they can sit and relax or go out and do whatever they want to do. They'll appreciate it, trust me. 
40. Organise an event with your friends such as a film night where everyone donates £5 or something and then donate all the money to a charity of your voice. Having fun & being charitable at the same time. 
41. If you drive and are in a car park and still have a lot of  time left on your ticket when you leave, give it to someone who's just coming into the car park instead of letting them spend money on another ticket. 
42. If a friend is nervous or worried about doing something, offer to go with them to support and encourage them. 
43. Spend a full day with a friend or family member without being on your phone. You'll soon realise how attentive you become. 
44. Volunteer at an old folks home and offer to read them a book or listen to the stories they have to tell. I've done this before and it's such an inspiring and insightful experience. Older people after all do have the best stories to tell. 
45. Stop being judgemental. Get to know someone or something before judging it on first appearance. ''Never Judge A Book By It's Cover''. 
46. Write one note a day to a friend or family member telling them why they inspire you. 
47. Donate all your old books to a library so that other people can access them for free. 
48. Try going a full day without complaining and spread positivity around others. See if you can increase this to a week. 
49. Kill with kindness. If someone is being mean to you don't bite back just keep being kind and positive. They'll soon get fed up. 
50. Last but not least SMILE. Smile at everybody you meet and walk past. Nothing is more attractive than a person who is always smiling and spreading positivity. 

So there we have it. 50 little ways that you can become a little bit more kind and positive. Like I said at the beginning of this post maybe these are some things you do already but if not there's no time like the present to start. You'll start feeling a lot better and more confident and other people will see that an appreciate that too. Don't forget, always treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

What are some ways you spread kindness? 
Hugs and Kisses

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  1. I love this post! I'm always looking to be a better person, which I believe entails kindness toward others. Thanks for reminding me all of the little things that I can do to make someone's day :) You seem very kind yourself.
    Brooke | brookewrote

    1. You're very welcome lovely! Aww thank you so much! :) xx

  2. I love a good list =]


  3. The idea of this post is a fun one and I enjoy reading and creating these, but I do have to disagree with some of the point you made here.
    Putting something like "Become an organ donor" on this list is... well, I wouldn't do that. Yes, I am an organ donor myself, but I think this is a very personal, quite intimate choice and whether or not someone wants their organs cut out off their body should have nothing to do with being kind. Nobody is unkind, just because they don't want parts of them cut out after they died, so yeah, I feel a bit troubled about reading this on a list of kind things to do.
    I also disagree with the "Giving money to people begging on the streets" thing, but that may be due to the fact that I live in a different country with different laws and such. Here, where I live, it's impossible to have to start begging. Everyone gets a home, food and money, no matter whether you work or not. The only one reason that will lead to a person being homeless here: Not caring about appointments to get your living and money situation sorted out. These appointments happen 3-6 times a year and you have to ignore them for AT LEAST half a year to end up not getting anything at all. Sure, there are some very, very, veeeeery rare cases where one peson just had the worst luck ever, but even then you can still go to social services and they will fix literally everything for you again. Being homeless is a choice here where I live, so no, I do not support giving those people money.
    I do support offering them to buy food and share some moment, just hang out with them and learn more about their background. I'm doing that since years and I learned one thing from that: Most of these people say things like "Fuck the system, I hate going to work, I just want everyone to leave me alone". I often regret sharing my money with people like this, because they aren't in this situation because of bad luck. The literally chose to live like that and now expect everyone else to give them money, so that they can live how they want. Only once have I met someone who just had the worst luck in life ever and I felt truely sorry for him, tried to help out with giving advice, lending an ear and going out to dinner with him. But like I said, most people here choose to be homeless. Not supporting that, nope.

    That being said, I love how sweet of a person you are and going back to the store on the day after was such a lovely thing. I hope I did not offend you with disagreeing on some parts, because the other 47 ones sound wonderful to me and I agree 100% on them :) Thank you for sharing these nice ideas on how to be more kind.at (because I am unemployed due to health issues and don't have much money either)

    1. Oh gosh, now that you put it that way I totally agree with the organ donor thing, I might even take it out of this post. I didn't think about that but it's definitely so true and of course nobody is unkind if they don't want to become an organ donor! I didn't think when posting that one it just sort of popped into my head but I totally agree with you. Of course you didn't offend me! Thank you for such a constructive comment, I really appreciate it! :) xx

    2. I am so happy to hear you're not offended, because I really didn't want that. Thank you for being openminded, you are the loveliest ♥

    3. Aww of course not! You're very welcome lovely thank you so much! :) xx

  4. Yes to kindness! That's definitely what we need to have more in our lifes.
    Yana x

  5. Where do I start..? I've been stalking your blog for hours now, and this have to be my favorite post of all :) (even though I do enjoy reading other posts!) Your blog is really happy, positive, useful and I wouldn't hesitate to make you one of my favorite blogger (seriously!) Do keep up the work x

    1. Oh gosh this comment has made me smile so much as well as a tad bit emotional haha! Thank you so so much! I'm so pleased you enjoy reading my blog! I hope you enjoy all my future posts too! :) xx

  6. This post is great! I believe that the world needs more kindness in it. Just doing one small thing a day will make sure a difference. Killing with kindness is fabulous!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

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