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28 April 2015

Hey everyone! So today I thought I would another pinterest inspired post for you all. I think this is the second post regarding pinterest that I've done this month but I have just been so addicted to it. When I'm lying in my bed at night and can't sleep I will always scroll through pinterest and just pin things to my own board whether it's home interiors to fashion to even summer pictures to really get me in the mood. It's definitely one of my favourite apps and I think I've definitely overused it this month. Today I thought I'd show you more of the things I've been pinning regarding hair, swimming and quotes and why! Keep reading to find out more. 

This month I have been looking for a ton of hair inspiration. My hair is always down and long and straight and I really don't style it that much which is awful as I can do so much with my hair but I don't. I'm really wanting to get a fringe put in at the moment but because Summer is just around the corner I've decided against it because I think it'll be too hot for that. I also love the colour of the hair in the second photo. Like an aubergine purple sort of shade. I really do like it and I actually went a similar shade around 2-3 years ago and really liked it. I pinned the third photo purely because I hate wearing my hair up. I just don't like it even though I know I look better with it tied up. However there are just so many cute styles like tying it up with a little ribbon at the top and making it cute and girly. I'll definitely be experimenting more with my hair this summer. 

Summer is coming up as we all know and I don't yet have a holiday planned, however I do know I want to go somewhere that's preferably right near the beach. This definitely means I'm going to need some cute swimwear as my current swim stuff just isn't making the cute. I'm not really a bikini girl. It comes down to confidence and the fact I'm just not that keen on them which I know is probably crazy but I think one pieces and tankinis are a lot more sophisticated for me, personally. 

I love the floral print swimsuit with the peplum bit as I think it's really cute and stylish and would be quite flattering on me. I also love the colour of the second swimsuit too. It's a colour that definitely suits my skin tone. I also love the fact it shows a little bit of skin without being too revealing which I personally don't like. The same goes for the black two piece at the end . I love the design and the fact that it just falls nicely on the figure without being clingy and without showing too much skin. Very classy! 

This month I have been pretty down in the dumps and quite upset. There's just been a lot of things stressing me out and getting to me and I just haven't been my usual bubbly outgoing self. I have loved looking on pinterest for different inspirational quotes to just really put me in a good mood. The first one in particular is very important. I tend to be a person to talk a lot about what I want but never really do anything about it because I can never see it working out however this is definitely a quote that just pushes me to get up and out there to make it happen. 

I also love the second quote as it's basically about being a good person. This might sound vain but I don't care, I would like to think I'm these things already. I think they are very important characteristics to have and something everyone should aspire to have. The final quote is my favourite quote at the moment. I first heard it in the new Cinderella movie but I absolutely love it. I think it's so important to have courage and be kind and these are definitely two things I hope I am. 

I absolutely love pinterest and I love writing these types of posts and showing you what I post on different boards and the reason behind them as well. I never post a pin just because I like it, there's always a reason, whether it's meaningful to me or because I've been really craving that food, or I've been interested in having a certain hairstyle etc. I just love pinterest. Obviously all the images came from pinterest so I don't take credit for any of them. You can check out my other boards and follow me HERE. Make sure to leave your links below so I can check them out and follow you. 

Do you have pinterest? What are your favourite things to pin?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I'm in love with the second quote. People worry way too much about how they look rather than how they behave and treat themselves and others. Plus I truely believe everyone is gorgeous anyway ♥_♥ That black swimsuit is amaaaaazing! Do you know where to buy it, or did you only get a picture? I want it so bad.

    1. I totally agree! It's one of my favourite quotes and I believe the exact same! Nooo I don't know where to buy it I'm afraid, I only saw the photo on pinterest! :) xx

  2. I pin a lot of stuff haha, im always on it =]

  3. Just as styles vary, so do the reasons people wear swimsuits. One guy may need a simple piece of fabric to amply cover his body while swimming laps, but the next person may want a more revealing suit that's attractive to fellow sunbathers. giejo swim


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