Olly Murs' Never Been Better Tour In Glasgow

25 April 2015

Hey everyone! So this post is a tiny bit overdue to do forgive me. If you follow me on twitter/instagram or have me on facebook then you will know that on the 14th of April, so two weeks ago I headed to Glasgow to meet up with a friend who I worked with last summer to go and see one of my favourite male singers at the moment, Olly Murs. We are both huge fans and decided to purchase tickets for Glasgow purely because my friend is heading to Turkey to work for six months and he wasn't coming to London until after she's gone. That was fine with me as I'm half scottish and never really seen Glasgow before anyway so we had a lovely time catching up as I hadn't seen her since the summer. We then headed to the Hydro SSE in Glasgow to see Olly and we had standing tickets which meant that we could get down early and be sure to be near the front. As you can see from the photos we had a pretty good view! Keep reading to check out more photos! 

Olly Murs was absolutely incredible. I've been a huge fan of him since the X Factor even though I did want Joe McElderry to win the year he was on it. Sorry Olly! He's just such a cheeky chappy and really knows how to make the crowd excited and provide a good show. He performed all the hits from his new album titled 'Never Been Better'. I will be honest here and say I never actually properly listened to the album before going to see him but that didn't matter as I was excited to hear them live. I listened to the album properly the whole way back to London though!

I'm actually proud of the photos above. He really does love to move around a lot and it was really had to get a good shot of him so I'm really pleased with how the above photos turned out! Some of the blurry ones which I still have in a folder on my computer have him doing the weirdest facial expressions ever though! They really do make me chuckle! But he is such an emotional singer and you can really hear it in his voice. When he sung 'Dear Darling' I definitely shed a tear. It was so beautiful! 

A couple of photos with Olly and his back up singers. They were all amazing. The two guys have apparently been with Olly since his very first tour! That's pretty amazing! The songs they did together were beautiful too and they all have such amazing talent. It's so easy to see that they are all friends and enjoy having a laugh together. I loved that!

The gorgeous Ella Eyre decided to join Olly on stage for a duet too! I'm sure you all know which song it is but I won't post it in case you have yet to see him live but they are both amazing. She is his support act and she has incredible energy!! I love her songs and I'll definitely be going to see her live in the future as she's incredible live. Her and Olly Murs are also clearly good friends and the duet was so lovely to watch! You really are in for a treat if you have yet to see him live. 

No it's not a skirt Olly is wearing it's a Scottish Kilt! This did make the whole audience laugh and made them chant 'off off off' as he had trousers on underneath. Sadly he didn't oblige haha! But it was pretty funny!

All  the tickety at the end of the show!! It looks purple because of the lighting but it was actually silver. I managed to scoop some up to put in my memory box for back home. Does that make me pathetic? Oops! All in all it was an absolutely amazing night. We were standing for about 4-5 hours in total but our feet really didn't hurt at all as you just get caught up in all the excitement that you forget about your feet!  He is just incredible live and it definitely made me love him even more. I'm so excited that he'll be presenting the X Factor later this year! If you have yet to see him you'll have an absolutely amazing time. He performs the majority of the songs from his new album as well as his older songs with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Those of you who love Olly but have never thought about seeing him live...you're missing out as he's honestly amazing and even better looking in person! Can't wait for his next album and his next tour! I'll definitely be seeing him again...in London though mind you!

Have you seen Olly live before or on this tour yet? Have you yet to see him perform? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Sadly, I have no idea who that is, but it's awesome that you were able to go and have fun. Maybe I should go and check him out now :D Gotta be honest, though: Standing for such a long time would have killed me, though, hahaha. Thank you for sharing your experience ♥

    Let's Coba ♥♥♥

    1. YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF OLLY MURS?! WHAT?! You should definitely check him out haha he's amazing :)! Yeah it was a really long time but when you get really into it and are having a good time you forget about everything else really! :) xx

  2. I actually met Olly Murs last month at his album release party! He is such a sweet chap. I adore him, he deserves all of his success.

    1. Ohhh wow I'm so jealous! That must have been amazing :) Ahh I agree, he definitely does, he's amazing! :) xx

  3. Yes i am a fan of Olly and have seen him live three times!!!! :P :D He is just amazing and I agree with you that he knows how to put on a show!!!! Haha! He is by far my favourite male singer, apart from Robbie Williams, who I was lucky enough to see live in Melbourne, Australia last year!!! Those 2 together on X Factor was just pure magic, they have the same cheeky personality and both can entertain a crowd!!! I really want to see him again and I'm jealous you have already!!!! Great photos though, they're really really good!!!!!! Awesome in fact! Haha! xx


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