April Beauty Round-Up

30 April 2015

So it has got to that time of the month when all us beauty lovers gather up our favourite products of the month and share them with the blogging/youtube community to share are favourites and too perhaps learn about some potential new favourites! I love seeing that bloglovin' and youtube are now starting to pop up with the april favourites. They are definitely some of my favourite blog posts and videos to watch and I thoroughly enjoy writing them too. This month I have used a lot of new products which have made their way to my favourites so I hope you enjoy this post!

Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water 
I absolutely love this miceller water. It cleanses my skin so well and gets rid of all make up and impurities on my skin. It also feels light and refreshing on the skin which is one of my favourite things about using a micellar water. I also tend to give my skin a quick cleanse with this on no make up days and it's just a really nice pick me up and your skin really does feel a lot cleaner and clearer as well. 

L'Oreal's Skin Perfection Cleansing and Perfecting Milk 
I can't believe I didn't discover this product sooner. I absolutely love it. I have been a huge fan of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish for the past few years now but it recently ran out and I wanted to try something lower end and save some money. This milk is absolutely incredible. It goes on the skin so easily and really cleanses it and removes all my make up. I can use it all over the skin, even on the eyes as it's hyper allergenic so it doesn't sting. It really helps my skin look so much cleaner and clearer and makes it feel so incredibly baby soft as well. The texture of my skin since using this has completely changed. I couldn't recommend this enough. Full review coming up on the blog soon. 

Garnier Daily Rich Moisturiser for Dry to Very Dry Skin 
Another product I have fallen completely in love with. I have used all the creams in this range even though I know they are for different skin types but this one just works wonders on my skin probably because I'm actually using the right one for my skin type. I find that the dry patches around my face has reduced by a considerable amount, The camellia oil within the cream really does help to nourish and hydrate my skin. I always use this in the morning when I wake up and at night before I go to bed. It has definitely improved my skin loads. 

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Serum 
I am a huge fan of the L'Oreal Skin Perfection range but there was one product I hadn't tried and that was the serum. I decided to pick it up one day and I haven't been left disappointed. I have a full review coming soon but I absolutely love this serum. I find it makes my skin look really healthy and glowy which I'm sure you all know I love. I am at the age where life becomes increasingly more stressful and that can really take a toll on my skin but I find this cream really does improve my skin in terms of darkness, makes it look a lot more even and makes my skin look incredibly soft. Again I have a full review coming up soon. 

Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask 
Now I did a review on my blog of this mask yesterday so I'm sure it'll come as no surprise to you that it's in my favourites. It is just perfect for my dry skin as it really hydrates it, leaves it feeling incredibly soft, improves the condition of my skin and gives a really nice texture to the skin so when it comes to applying make up it is a lot easier. 

Collection Lasting Perfection and Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealers
These two concealers in my opinion are the best concealers the drugstore has to offer. I just think they hide blemishes incredibly well, gets rid of dark circles really well and just do wonders in terms of making your skin look practically flawless. I tend to use the collection lasting perfection concealer to hide all my blemishes and then use the collection lasting perfection concealer to brighten up my under eye area but both do incredible jobs on their own if you don't really want to use both.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 
This foundation is just incredible. A lot of people on twitter recommended this to me so I decided to purchase it and I wasn't left disappointed. I absolutely love the medium to buildable coverage and the fact that it gives a really satin, dewy finish to the skin which is what I love. It's also really long lasting. I did a full review of this foundation HERE if you would like to find out more, but I would highly recommend this if you haven't tried it yet.

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Intensive Hair Mask
I won't lie here, I did buy this mask because of the gorgeous Nicole Sherzinger. I mean, her hair is absolutely amazing so when I saw her advertise the 'Bee Strong' products I knew I had to try it and I just absolutely love the range. This mask in particular is incredible. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky and also leaves it smelling absolutely amazing too. I absolutely love the honey and apricot scent because it leaves my hair smelling incredible without being too overpowering. I absolutely love it.

Victoria Secret Pink 'Wild At Heart' Body Lotion & Fragrance Mist 
Since purchasing these products around three weeks ago I don't think there's been a day when I haven't used them. They just smell so refreshing and nice and really perfect for the spring and summer months. The body lotion is incredibly hydrating and light on the skin which I love as I hate really thick moisturisers during the warmer months. The fragrance mist is a nice everyday scent if you're not going anywhere special but obviously still want to smell nice. I did more in-depth reviews of the products HERE if you want to find out more.

So another month gone, another month of favourites. I have recently been on another shopping spree and I have so many reviews coming up on the blog so make sure to keep your eyes opened for that. On another note I'm sure you all know by now that my giveaway to win a Naked 3 Palette and A Birthstone Pandora Ring has now ended. The winner will be chosen tonight and notified at some point tomorrow. Thank you so much for entering and Good Luck to you all!

What beauty products have you been loving throughout April? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I love rimmel match perfection! I'll need to check out that hair mask too!
    Great post :)

    1. Do it! It's honestly amazing and your hair will smell incredible! :) xx

  2. The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is in my monthly faves too! It's so good isn't it? I pretty much use it as foundation now haha xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. It's amazing!! Yeah me too to be honest haha! I've not really been wearing foundation as much as I used to! Only if I'm going to work or out for a special occasion haha! :) xx

  3. I wanted to try this L'Oreal's Skin Perfection Cleansing and Perfecting Milk for a very long time, and this review gave me good opinion on it,,so i will buy it asap :)

  4. love your favourites, never tried any of the items except for the Collection Concealer so I'm definitely giving some of these products a go as they all sound amazing especially the skin care items <3


    1. Ahhh definitely try them! :) I hope you like them all! :) xx


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