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A Day In The Life | How I Spend A Lazy Day

Hey everyone! Hope you're okay! Today I thought that I would tell you about all the ways I spend a lazy day. As it's coming up to the weekend now I thought that it would be appropriate as the weekends are the two days of the week where a lot of us just take a few hours to sleep in a bit longer and just have a bit of a pamper day or just chill out and relax with our families or friends. If you're interested in finding out how I spent my most recent lazy day and how I normally spend lazy days in general, then keep on reading. 

Wake Up, Have A Bath, Dress and Apply Make Up
So normally the first thing I do is wake up, brush my teeth and then have a bath. I find that a bath really relaxes me. However recently it has been really warm in London so I've been having cool showers as not only do they cool me down after a sweaty (sorry) night's sleep but also help to wake me up if I'm feeling a bit groggy. I will then put on my comfy clothes which normally consists of a pair of worn out leggings and a top that says 'Blog All Night, Sleep All Day, sometimes I'll swap this for an oversized jumper or jeggings if I'm planning on showing my face in public for a couple of hours that day. I will then apply very minimum make up. This will normally consist of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer under my eyes, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer on all my spots and blemishes and then I apply my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder to keep everything in place and I'm all done for the day! 

Have A Glass Of Water/Make A Juice
Now this is really naughty of me but I don't actually eat breakfast in the mornings. Now that I have a new job it's something that I'm going to start having to do so at the moment when I wake up I have a glass of cold water or I make a juice. I bought two smoothie books two use with my brevil blender I bought for Christmas. (I actually bought this for my Mum but I've been the only one to use it oops). I've never been one to just chuck together a whole load of fruit or vegetables together so following a recipe is always the easiest way to go. I do end up memorising them though in the end. 

Social Media 
Whilst I drink my juice or water I normally get my laptop or phone and scroll through all the social media I've missed throughout the night. It's sort of embarrassing to say this but I'm on every social media there is. No I'm not addicted. I just think it's important to be on all of them when you're a blogger to interact more with different people. I love browsing through twitter, instagram and pinterest mainly and I occasionally go over to facebook to update people and see what's going on. The new summer season has just started for the job I did with Thomas Cook last year so I love seeing where everyone else is going including the people I worked with as it interests me. 

Go For A Walk 
I always like to go for a walk around 2PM. Sometimes I will have a look in the cupboards and stuff and see if we need anything and then just plug my headphones in and head into town. It's a 10 minute walk so not too bad. Near my house there's a huge park too so sometimes I'll just walk through there and have a little think or wonder. The past few days that's where I've gone a lot as it is just so nice and relaxing and it looks beautiful in the sun. Head on over to my instagram (xbellefleurx) and I'll be sure to post some photos the next time I'm there. 

Blogging/Youtube/TV Show/Film
After I've done my walk I'll normally come back in and either watch TV if there's nobody sitting in front of it and watch a few programmes. Currently I'm loving Poldark and Once Upon A Time. Two completely different shows but they are both right up my street. I'll then catch up with youtube videos. I tend to do most of this on a Sunday as that's when a lot of youtubers will upload videos or I'll do some blogging. I recently bought Dana Fox's 365 Blog Topic ideas and have been drafting up so many new posts so I tend to spend a lot of my time doing this. If not I'll put on netflix, grab some fruit or chocolate from downstairs and just watch a few shows. I love netflix. I don't know how I ever lived without it.

Write In My Diary 
So I'm sure those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram know that I keep a diary. I got a 5 Year Journal for Christmas and I've loved writing down my favourite memories from each day in it. I can't wait to read back on it when I'm older. I also have another diary where I write down all my thoughts and feelings as it just helps me get everything out and clear my head. Sometimes I'll do this before bed or during the day if I've got a lot I want to get out. It's so therapeutic and I'd highly recommend it. 

Skincare Routine/Read A Book/More Netflix/Bed 
After I've had dinner I'll normally have another shower and this is when I do my evening skincare routine. Normally on a lazy day I use a multi-purpose product that cleanses and tones the skin and then apply a night time moisturiser. Sometimes even though I'm having a lazy day I will go all out with a proper full on skincare routine but today I was as the title of this post suggests lazy so I took the simpler option oops!  I'll then read a book and I'm currently loving  'I Heart Vegas' by Lindsay Kelk! It's just such an amazing book! Sometimes I will watch netflix where I'm currently addicted to Once Upon A Time after seeing lots of other bloggers talk about it and I love it. Then I'll finally go to bed (Normally at  2AM oops).  

So there we have it! That's normally how I spend a lazy day. I really enjoyed writing this post. It's not something I've seen done on a lot of blogs before so I decided that I would write it. I know it's quite long but I have tried to keep it as brief as possible. I really hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have done a blog post like this yourself or even a video then please leave the links to them below or tweet me at @xbellefleurx with the links so I can watch and read them. 

How do you spend a lazy day?
Hugs and Kisses
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  1. Fun blog post! I also love to watch some Netflix in bed, often after a good workout.
    Have a good weekend, Isabella x

    1. Thank you lovely!! Yeah netflix is amazing after anything haha! :) thank you, hope you have a lovely weekend too! :) xx

  2. On my lazy days i love just being in my PJs with a cuppa tea and watching netflix.


    1. Haha I don't drink tea if not that'll definitely be apart of my lazy day too!! :) Netflix is a godsend for lazy days! :) xx

  3. I pretty much do all of these on a lazy day! I haven't had one for ages because at the moment I'm meant to be revising for my A levels so every time i try to relax i start stressing about revision!! x

    1. also where's the blog all night, sleep all day top from?? :)

    2. Ahhhh no! Good luck with your a levels Phoebe! Make sure you do take a rest too though! It's really important! I got the t-shirt from amazon! :)

  4. This sounds like the perfect morning! I'm not a fan of baths, but I would definitely replace it with a nice, warm shower :) There's nothing I love more than taking my time in the morning. Thanks for the inspiring post, now I can't wait for Saturday.

    Brooke | brookewrote

    1. Haha! I'm not really a bath fan either unless I'm absolutely freezing haha! I love warm showers too but in the mornings I prefer cool ones as they just wake me up more haha! You're welcome, hope you've had a lovely Saturday! :) xx

  5. I love this post :) I did a similar one here on my blog a while back. I am addicted to Netflix! It's lovely to chill out and watch after a long day. I'm guilty of forgetting to have breakfast, too, but going to try to have something from now on x


    1. Ahh I'll definitely check yours out! I agree Netflix is a godsend haha! :) xx

  6. I'm having a really lazy day as I am recovering from a sickness
    if you want to check out my blog:

    1. Aww no!! I hope you feel a bit better now lovely! I'll definitely check out your blog! :) xx

  7. Sounds like a nice relaxing day :)


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