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18 March 2015

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely week so far!! Today I thought that I would do another 'Share The Love' post for you all as I have been reading so many new blogs lately and been loving quite a few so I thought that I'd combine them all into another blog post. I love reading these types of posts as I think it's a great way to discover new bloggers and meet new people in general as well. Keep reading to find out why I love each of these gorgeous bloggers.

BeautySauce / LINK
The beautiful Carly is the author behind Beautysauce and I absolutely love her blog. I absolutely love going to her blog for a bit of style inspiration as I think her fashion sense is absolutely incredible. I love going to her posts for a little bit on inspiration. She also has a youtube account to where she posts beauty videos and they are all amazing. Definitely check her out!

EmTalks / LINK
I've included her in a favourites post before but I had to include her in this post too as Em's blog is one I have been reading a lot lately. It's just so full of variety. Whether you want a lifestyle post, a fitness post or a beauty post you can find it all on her blog. Like me, she is also a huge lover of travel and I absolutely love reading all about her travel adventures and new places she's been. There's definitely a few new places been added to my own places to travel list. She's also such a lovely girl too. I'd highly recommend checking her blog out.

VeryBerryCosmo / LINK
The gorgeous Kayleigh is the brains behind this beautiful blog and I absolutely adore her. She is an absolutely sweetheart and I love her blog too. I love the fact that her blog is basically just about everything and anything she wants to write about. She doesn't really stick to a theme and I absolutely love that about it. You can see how much she loves blogging by just reading a post as her passion for it really does come across. If you're not following Kayleigh already I'd highly recommend it as she is one of the loveliest girls I've come across.

CrazyBlondeGal / LINK
I've been reading the gorgeous Frankie's blog for the past month now and I absolutely love it. She's such a lovely and gorgeous person. I love reading all the reviews on her blog as I find that they are really in depth and give you a lot of information. Her blog contains all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle related and I just love it!

StarlaSays / LINK
The lovely Mariah is the author behind this blog and I absolutely love this girl! She's just so lovely and her blog is amazing too and definitely one of my favourites. Her blog contains a number of beauty and lifestyle posts which I love. I'm lucky enough to be able to call Mariah a friend and I'm super excited to finally meet up with her in a couple of weeks time and celebrate her birthday! I can't wait! Definitely check out her blog. She's a sweetheart!

DizzyBrunette / LINK
I love this girl so much!! Again, Corrie is another person who I've featured in a few of my other 'Share The Love' posts but I just love her. Her posts are always making me chuckle and she's just such a lovely person too. She's definitely the sort of person I can see myself being friends with in real life. She's just amazing and when you're reading her posts it's just like a friend is talking to you which I absolutely love. If you didn't already know, although I'm sure you do Corrie also has a youtube channel. I love her videos as they are extremely chatty. She's just a lovely, lovely girl!

LydiaRosexo / LINK
One person I had been following for ages but actually didn't really take a look at her blog until very recently was the beautiful Lydia's. Big mistake on my part as her blog is absolutely amazing. She's absolutely stunning and I just love her blog. Her photography is absolutely amazing and again her reviews are absolutely spot on and so thorough too. I absolutely love her posts and I haven't stopped reading it since coming across it. It's just such a beautiful blog.

ByLaurenJane / LINK
I came across Lauren through Kayleigh from CoutureGirl as they are very close friends and I remember Kayleigh tweeting about her blog so I decided to check it out and I absolutely love it. I've also been speaking to Lauren on twitter and she's such a lovely girl too. Her blog consists of beauty, lifestyle and her latest posts speak about her fitness as well which I have been enjoying immensely. I'd highly recommend checking her blog out.

AnnieWritesBeauty / LINK
Another blog I have been enjoying loads recently is the lovely Annie's blog. She blogs about a lot of beauty which I absolutely love and a lot of the products she has spoken about recently I have actually gone out and bought myself as she's just so persuasive and makes them sound amazing. She also pulls off a red lip extremely well which makes me extremely jealous! Definitely check her out.

So there we have it. All the lovely bloggers I'm loving at the moment. Each of these bloggers bring something completely different to their blogs and all their personalities just shine through their posts. I absolutely love them and as you can see above I've linked all their blogs so you can head on over straight away if you like the sound of them. They are all such lovely people.

Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I don't follow any of these blogs so thank so much for sharing! I am checking them out now x

  2. Thanks for sharing these amazing blogs. I cant wait to check them out!

    Check out my MAC Cinderella giveaway!

    1. You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy reading them! :) xx

  3. Great post =]

  4. Love this. All bloggers love to know that they are being read and enjoyed. I love a lot of these but some new ones I will check out xxx

    1. Exactly!! :) I think it's so important to let others now their hard work and dedication is appreciated! :) xx

  5. Thank you so much love! This means so much to me so thank you!! Xxxx


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