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12 March 2015

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Only one more day left of work/school/uni and then the weekend can begin!! I'm so excited for this weekend. I'll be spending most of it in London and then it's Mothers Day on Sunday so I'll probably be taking my Mum out on a spontaneous trip to somewhere that's currently unknown. Forever doing everything last minute which actually reminds me that I also have a last minute mothers day gift guide going up tomorrow afternoon so make sure to stay tuned for that. In the mean time a bit of a different post from me today!

If you didn't already know I'm on every single social media platform. One of my current favourites is pinterest.  I love going on there for all things food, fashion, home, quotes, beauty, whatever you are looking for you are bound to find it on pinterest. It is becoming increasingly popular with bloggers too which I love and it's so much fun to click on someone's account to see their own style and what they like as well. You can find out a lot about a person on there which is amazing. Currently some of my favourite things to pin are home interiors, fashion items and sweet foods. I thought that I would split it up into 3 categories as I just think it would be more interesting for you to read. Keep reading to find out more!

Home Interiors 

One of my favourite things to look at pictures of at the moment is home interiors. I absolutely love looking on the inside of people's homes. 1) because I'm nosey and 2) I love getting inspiration for my own home in the future and also my room at the moment. Each of the photos above have one very important thing in common. They are all extremely bright! I absolutely love all the white everywhere in each of the photos. My room is painted cream shade which is quite yellow toned. As a blogger this frustrates me so much as the lighting is never ever right. I know in the future that I want a really bright house with lots of cute little details.

I absolutely love the colour of the sofa in the first photo with the white cushions on them and the little tray on the white coffee table with the gold case and little designs on them. I also love the set up of the vanity unit in the second photo. I love the mirror. I'm currently looking for a mirror like that to go on my wall in my room so if you have any idea where to get them from then please let me know! I also love the marble design of the dressing table in the photo as well. I think designs like this are so stunning especially when it comes to blogging as it makes such a fabulous backdrop. I definitely need to find something like this for my photos. My current set up is starting to frustrate me! The third photo is probably my favourite. Imagine walking back from work into that everyday?! Such a beautiful layout. I love the glass table at the side with the green plants on it and the white stairs. Definitely something I'd love to see in my future house.

Spring Fashion

I will be the first person to put my hands up and say that I am definitely not the most fashionable person in the world. I'm the worst outfit repeater in the world. Kate Saunders would be disgusted. (If you watched Lizzie McGuire when you were younger then you would understand that!) Last summer when I was in Turkey I lost a considerable amount of weight and this year I want to experiment more with fashion. I am extremely girly but my fashion choices at the moment just do not reflect that.I absolutely love the styles above especially the first one. I think it's so cute and girly and I absolutely love the color too. The dress in the second photo is exactly my sort of style too and the last photo is pretty much what I wear at the moment. I love pairing cute jumpers with jeans or jeggings and comfy shoes. It's like my favourite outfits to wear. I am going to try and do more fashion inspired posts over on my blog this year as well. It's just finding the confidence that I'm struggling with but I promise that I will do it soon! 

Sweet Tooth

If you know me then you will know I have an incredibly sweet tooth. I have done since I was very little. I always loved sweet things more than I loved savoury things. That's definitely not the case any-more however, my urge to opt for the sweeter things is still pretty strong. Whilst I was on pinterest a couple of days ago I spotted these mouthwatering treats and I just could not resist pinning them and saving the recipes. I mean just look at the, can you blame me? The first recipe is a photo of some strawberry shortcake bars and I absolutely love how they look. I was meant to make these the other night but I haven't been well and neither have my parents so I might just save them for the half term which is in around 2 weeks. They just look so delicious and I love what looks like dried strawberry bits on top of the bars. It looks so tasty!

The second recipe is again strawberry related however also contains another one of my loves Chocolate!! I am a huge lover of all things chocolate (except chocolate cake) and strawberries so the fact this is a strawberry chocolate chip cookie is definitely a winning combination for me. The final recipe would have been perfect for pancake day had I seen it sooner! On pinterest it's named 'Funfetti Fluffy Pancakes' and I love that! It's basically got multicoloured sugar strands in the pancake mix and I reckon this would be even more delicious than normal pancakes. I wasn't lying when I said I had a sweet tooth! I've even dedicated a whole board to sugary treats on there. Oops! They just have so many amazing recipes on there it's hard to resist at times and obviously the photography is just so incredible which is even more tempting.

So as you can see I do love pinterest a lot. It's just such a fabulous website for browsing inspiration for things you love. I probably don't have to even say this but obviously all the photos above were taken from pinterest. If you aren't haven't checked out my pinterest you can head on over HERE where you can check out all my other boards. I post about my dream house, future weddings, quotes, other foodie bits and bobs and obviously a ton of fashion and beauty there. If you are not yet signed up and are a blogger I would highly recommend it. So much inspiration on there and you can even post your own blog photos as well which is perfect if you want to get more traffic to your blog. It really helps.

Do you have pinterest? Make sure to leave your links in the comments section below. 
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