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26 March 2015

Recently I've been posting a lot on twitter that I'm blogging and that I've got so many new ideas for blog posts and I've had people tweeting me and asking me how I'm so motivated and how I stay organised in order to blog as much as I do. This got me thinking that after two and a half years nearly that I should do a tips post. Don't worry this won't be a post telling you what you should and shouldn't do. It's just a few things I do when it comes to blogging that I thought might help some of you. Blogging does take up a lot of time especially for those of you who have full time jobs, are still in education and are also trying to balance a social life too so hopefully some of these tips will help you.

Make a list of topics you want to write about
Something I've started to do now is take around an hour or two throughout the week to just sit down and decide the kinds of things I want to put on my blog. Whether that be beauty, fashion or lifestyle related. I just take a little bit of time to just read through my blog at the things I've spoken about before as very often that can give me a little bit of inspiration for a new post. Often I find reading other blogs is amazing for inspiration too especially if you've got the case of bloggers block and are at a loss of what to write about. As you can see from the photos above I have three blogging books. The heart print one is full of posts I had hand written at times and then typed up.

 Make use of the notes app on your phone
One thing I find really useful is the notes app on my phone. I never used to use it before I started to blog but it's just so useless. I think it's amazing for just bullet pointing any points that you want to make about a post so you don't forget about them. I also use it for jotting down any blog post titles as well as any notes to go with the post title so that I don't forget when I'm at home. It just comes in so handy. I also tend to start writing the post in my notes as well so that when I am at home I can just open up blogger and write it up in full on my laptop.

Buy a blogging box/use an empty drawer for products 
When I first started to blog all my beauty products that I used to use were already half used before I took photos for them. Not a very good look on the blog, although it was good that people could see I had actually used a product. I decided to purchase a little basket from Homebase where I put all my unused and new products in so I knew exactly what I needed to take photos of before using my blog. I don't have to do this but I find it looks better than a grubby used product on my blog. It's currently got nothing in as I've not really been buying any beauty products that I haven't reviewed before but if you have a bunch of products that need reviewing and no space to put them in then buying a separate box where you can put them in and know exactly what you have to review and when to review it will definitely help and it can also put off that temptation of actually using them until photos are taken!

Takes photos in bulk
This is something I never used to do but have recently done a lot. If you have a whole bunch of products that need to be photographed but not enough days in the week to photograph then setting a couple of hours aside at the weekend to just photograph everything. Before writing this post I took 5 blog posts worth of photos on my camera. It just makes life so much easier and it really keeps me on track with what blog posts need to be written up. I hate writing blog posts without photos there. It just makes the process more appealing to me when there's a photo there in front of me. Just me?

Drafting Up Posts 
Today has been one of those days where I have had nothing to do so I've literally been sitting down and writing up blog posts all day. If you have a spare couple of days or even hours there's no reason why you can start drafting up posts. After I've written this post I will have 4 in my drafts ready to be published and there is such satisfaction from that. I know that I'll be able to go the next couple of weeks doing other things but also know that my blog isn't being neglected because the posts are already in there ready to click publish. I just get such satisfaction from that and it means I am able to just enjoy doing the things I want to do without having to worry about my blog. 

Money isn't everything 
You don't need to have money in order to blog. I've been running this blog for over two years now and it took me the first six months to realise that I wanted to write about other stuff apart from beauty. There are just so many post options out there where you won't need a penny such as wishlists, outfit of the days, hair of the days, your everyday make up, instagram diaries etc. It doesn't always have to be review after review after review and to be honest I find that gets boring after a while. If you need help for inexpensive blog post ideas then I did a post a couple of months ago where I listed 50 ideas to help you when you're a bit strapped for cash or perhaps need ideas for when bloggers block strikes. Click HERE to head on over to have a read. Hopefully it'll help. 

Avoid Putting Pressure On Yourself
I don't know if this is the same with other bloggers but the longer I have blogged and keep blogging the more I want to post. I kept seeing other bloggers post every day and some post at least four to five times a week and I remember thinking that if I didn't do that nobody would read my blog. It really was a lot of pressure on myself and I didn't really enjoy it as much. Blog when and as your please. There are no set rules for blogging. It's your own content, your own photos, your own space. You don't blog because you have to, you blog because you want to.

When it comes to blogging I'm sure every single blogger out there including the relatively big ones are comparing themselves to other blogs photos, content, and especially amount of followers and views. This in return can make us feel extremely rubbish about our blogs but what makes blogging so amazing and why it's getting more popular is that it allows everyone to be themselves. Every blogger has their own story to tell and own interests, likes and dislikes to bring across and I think that's incredibly interesting. Everyone's skill set is different too. Some are incredible at photography, some are incredible at writing, some have incredible content whilst others are just amazing at all three. The thing to remember is that all this comes in time. Don't compare yourself to what others post. As long as you're happy with your content and photos that's all that matters. Make sure you're blogging for the right reason...because you love it. 

Those are all the tips and advice I can think of right now. This post was definitely longer than I expected it to be but I absolutely loved writing it and I hope it has helped at least a couple of you with organising your blog around your social and working life! If you have any more tips then be sure to leave them in the description below as I would love to read them. 

How do you organise blogging around your social, & working/studying life?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Loved this post!!! So so helpful and I definitely agree that its so important not to put pressure on yourself, otherwise it wouldn't be enjoyable and I know I'd start resenting it! x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

    1. Exactly!! Ahh I'm so glad you found it helpful! :) thank you lovely! :) xx

  2. I am a new blogger so these posts are so helpful for me, thanks lovely! Great advice xx

    Sammie |

    1. Aww welcome to blogger!! :) I'm glad these tips will help you! I'll head on over now and follow your blog! :) xx

  3. Love this post, i always compare myself, its so annoying but i do try to be different with my blog posts =]

    1. That's good!! :) Everyone compares themselves, it's normal :) xx

  4. Great advice! A lot of the time, my posts are written in impulse but I've learned to keep a couple drafted ready to post through the week when I know I can't make time! Nifty little tip for all:) I'm over at x

    1. Most of my posts are written in impulse too haha! Very rarely did I publish a post that hadn't been written that day lol! Now a lot of them are scheduled! I'm glad you found the tips helpful :) xx

  5. This was a really helpful post xx Thank you!

    1. You're very welcome! Thank YOU for reading it and leaving such a lovely comment :) xx


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