50 Ideas For When Boredom Strikes

30 March 2015

Hey everyone! So today is the first day of the Easter holidays for a lot of you out there. The real question is how exactly are you going to spend them? I thought that I'd combine a list of around 50 things that you can do when perhaps your friends are busy or you just can't afford to really go out and do much. This is perfect for those times when you are sitting down and are really bored. These ideas are not just for the Easter Holidays though, even though that was the inspiration behind this post. This list can be for any time that you are bored throughout the year and perhaps just need something extra to do. Enjoy! 

1. Spring Clean
2. Make A Playlist 
3. Re-decorate your room 
4. Start A New Book
5. Organise your laptop/phone
6. Make a scrap book 
7. Learn A New Recipe
8. Take up a new sport 
9. Learn a new instrument 
10. Visit a place you've never been before 

11. Have a girls night in
12. Gather all your friends together and have a photoshoot somewhere 
13. Start a blog/youtube 
14. Bake some treats for your friends and family
15. Have a pamper evening 
16.  Have a wardrobe clear out & donate unwanted clothes to charity 
17. Start a new DIY project 
18. Start a collection 
19. Start a new TV show
20. Go for a long walk 

21. Head to the gym & work out! (Or just work out at home or in your back garden) 
22. Download Pocket Avatar (You will thank me later) 
23. Make a collage or memory bored to go up on your wall 
24. Go through your wardrobe and create a bunch of new outfit combinations 
25. If you're old enough and can drive take a road trip somewhere 
26. Head to the cinema and watch the newest film releases 
27. Learn a new language 
28. Create a bucket list (Things you want to do throughout your life) 
29. Try a new hairstyle or make up look 
30. Volunteer Somewhere 

31. Get off the internet/computer and send hand written letters to all your friends. Maybe make them anonymous to make it more fun. 
32. If your friend/family members have a birthday coming up make them a present instead of buying one. 
33. Re-organize all your books/magazines 
34. Create a soundtrack of your life playlist on your phone/youtube/spotify 
35. Do a puzzle 
36. If you have a pet try teaching them a new trick 
37. Join pinterest if you haven't already got it and make different boards of all your favourite interests. 
38. Browse the app store and find a new game to get lost in for hours 
39. Learn the cup song and then teach a friend 
40. Start a memory jar or box for the rest of the year 

41. Plan a fundraising event for your charity of choice 
42. Create a time capsule and bury it somewhere in your back garden. 
43. Write a song 
44. Learn how to draw 
45. Hold a themed movie night for your friends & family complete with popcorn & snacks 
46. Have a facebook/twitter/instagram clear out 
47. Watch youtube videos
48. Make a party playlist and have a mini dance marathon in your room/around the house 
49. Have a lazy day complete with snacks, movies and tv shows. DON'T FEEL GUILTY OR BAD! 
50. Lastly, read MY blog!! There's over 200 posts here and it'll help definitely pass the time! 

So there we have it. 50 things to do when you are bored or just need that extra little thing to help pass the time. Hopefully some of these have helped you and when you're bored you can just refer to this list and find something to do. If you can think of anything else I can add to this list then do let me know in the comments below. Hopefully you enjoyed this post! 

What do you do when you are bored? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Love this list, has some new things I had'nt thought about before and will definitely be giving them a go. Great post.


    1. Aww yay good!! So glad you enjoyed it! Thank you lovely :) xx

  2. Great list, I always watch tv or sleep when im bored, i have no motivation at the moment.


    1. Haha I do that too but even that gets boring at times lol! :) Hope you get your motivation back soon lovely! :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. Yay! That's good to hear! You're welcome lovely :) xx

  4. Great list!! I never know what to do when i'm bored and it puts me in such a rubbish mood! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know the feeling haha! Hopefully this will help you now :) Thank you lovely! :) xx

  5. Great list !. I do enjoy having a little sofa day to myself while snacking and watching youtube videos when Im bored. Unfortunately though, since its exam time, I have to spend majority of my time studying or at least procrastinating while I 'study' ahah ;)

    Caitriona | Blog

    1. Ahhhhhh then get back to studying lovely! Exams come first!! You'll have plenty of time to relax and have fun after! :) xx


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