The Single Girl's Guide For Valentine's Day

12 February 2015

Hey everyone! Before I start I'd just like to apologize for my awful consistency with posting blog posts lately. I had misplaced my camera which had 5 blog posts worth of photos on it and I've also been extremely busy with life in general too. I've been on work experience, juggling three jobs at the same time, looking for more permanent jobs, as well as looking online for journalism and acting courses so I really haven't had the time to sit down and write blog posts because I've been so focused on figuring out my future. I'm no longer going back to Turkey this year so now I really need to start thinking about my life and my career. However as you can see I had a spare couple of hours tonight where I just wanted to chill out and write a blog post so before I continue the incredibly boring ramble enjoy the post!

Without stating the obvious here, Valentines Day is literally right around the corner. Now for those of you who are incredibly loved up and are in relationships I'm sure you are super excited to spend some quality time with your loved ones. However for those of you who are like me and will be single this year it can be quite depressing hearing about it all over the radio and seeing the amount of pink and red appearing in the shops. I am going to be 24 in August and I've never been in a relationship on Valentines Day. To be totally honest with you I've never really been in a proper relationship so I really don't know any different however I really don't think we need just one day to show someone how much they mean to us. We should remind the person or people of this everyday. That's the only thing that annoys me about Valentines Day but anyway moving on. This year I have the entire house to myself and I have my whole day planned out so thought why not come up with a little guide of how us girls can celebrate Valentines Day. I hope you enjoy this post.

Bake Some Valentines Day Treats
This Valentines Day both my parents are working all day. None of them will be back till later in the evening so I am planning on making them a few delicious treats in the kitchen ready for when they come back. There are so many places that you can go to get some inspiration my personal favorite being pinterest. There are just so many amazing ideas on there for things you can make. One of my personal favorite recipes that I have come across is red velvet chocolate chip cookies. These just sound absolutely delicious. It's one of many recipes that I have got currently saved on my laptop.

Find A New Love 
Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year and I know that means a day off for a lot of us so why not try coming across a new hobby? Maybe there is something you've been interested in for a while that you want to give a go? Maybe you've wanted to start your own blog, or start playing a musical instrument, or even watch a new TV show, if you've got nothing planned I see nothing stopping you from trying something new and discovering a new love and passion. I'm going to look into a few guitar lessons over the weekend as I just really want to start getting into musical instruments again. I love music so much and over the weekend when I went to see Collabro they had a whole orchestra backing them and it made me so sad that I gave up playing the violin. I'm hoping to take that back up in the future too.

Head To The Cinema or Have A Movie Night In 
I'm sure you all know that this year there's a very saucy film appearing on the big screen with the premier actually being tonight in London. That's right, it's 50 Shades Of Grey. I don't know if any of you single ladies are going to grab the girls and head into town for it but if that's not your scene then grab a selection of the best romcoms. My personal tip to you, anything Ryan Reynolds or Channing Tatum will work.

'Secret Santa' Valentines Day 
I know this might be a long shot as Valentines Day is only 2 days away but why not get a group of friends together and do a little secret Santa but based around the theme of Valentines day. It should really be called Secret Valentine shouldn't it?  It doesn't have to be cutesy or romantic. If you and your friends aren't into that stuff you can throw in a few jokey items around there if you'd like but I think this is a lovely idea and it's a way of showing your friends how much they mean to you.

Pamper Yourself 
Us girls deserve a good pamper every now and then and just because we're single and have nobody to impress doesn't mean we can't treat ourselves and make ourselves feel pretty. The other day when I went to see Collabro, I went to the lush store on Regents Street and just had to get some of the lush valentines collection. The products just smelt absolutely amazing that it was hard to resist. I'll have a haul up on my blog tomorrow evening just showing you what I got. I just think it will be so lovely to get a few of your favorite products together and shut yourself away for a little bit. My personal favorite thing to do is light a few candles, dim the lights a little and put on some nice relaxing music. My personal favorite album right now is Collabro's as it's so chilled out and their voices are beautiful. It's a perfect destresser. (Is that even a word?)

Get All Dressed Up & Hit The Town 
As Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year what better way to celebrate than to get all dolled up, grabbing the girls and hitting the town? Whether it's to the cinema, or just to a nice restaurant for a meal or even to a club to dance the night away there's no better excuse for celebrating the single life. If you don't fancy heading out in the evening then there's nothing stopping you from getting dressed in your best day time outfit and hitting the town. I always like to include a bit of red in my outfit of the day whether its a scarf, or jewelry or even a nice bag and a red lip is a must! I can't go that bright because of my skin tone but a red lip is always a must on 2 days of the year Christmas and Valentines Day.

Hand Written Notes 
Now I know Valentines Day is considered a day to celebrate it with your other half but to me I think you should show love to everyone around you on this year. Yes I guess it's more special if you have someone special in your life but if you have friends and family then spread a little bit of love around. I'm an extremely shy person and I never express how I'm feeling verbally. I always write little notes or letters to people telling them how I feel so I think this would be perfect for those of you who are like me as well. I think hand written notes are perfect and so much more romantic anyway, especially if you find it difficult to put certain things across verbally.

So those are my ideas for Valentines Day if like me you will be spending it alone this year. Let me know if you plan on using this ideas and if you've already got plans I'd love to know what they are. If you are married, engaged or in a relationship and have plans to spend the day with your over half then I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day.

What's your idea of the perfect Valentines Day?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I think those are such good ideas! I think this Valentine's, I'll be snuggled up in bed with a good chick flick, some chocolate and a couple of friends. Pampering is also a must!
    Viola xo |

    1. Haha this sounds like an awesome plan!! :) Have a lovely day xx

  2. I loved reading this post :) xxx


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