Share The Love #4 | My Current Favorite Bloggers

4 February 2015

Hey everyone! So today I am back with my 4th share the love post. I think it is so important to keep producing these posts as there are so many amazing bloggers out there. I think it is really important to show your appreciation to them and what they do. Obviously it's also an amazing way to come across new blogs that you might never have come across before. So without me rambling further here's a list of all my current favorite bloggers. Enjoy!

Niomi Smart
Niomi is one of the few bigger bloggers out there who I can say I love both her youtube channel AND her blog. I find with a lot of bloggers and youtubers I either prefer one or the other but Niomi is just so super friendly, her content is always spot on and she also inspires me so much in terms of leading a more healthier lifestyle and also just being a more positive person in general. She is such a lovely girl and I think one of the few big bloggers who I can relate to in some ways. I just adore her. She's travelled a lot recently to San Francisco and LA and I love seeing her photos and posts that are always documented on her blog. As someone who's a huge lover of travel I love reading about all of her adventures and adding new places to my ever growing 'Places I Need To Travel To' list.

Deliciously Ella
I actually came across this lovely lady through Niomi and I absolutely adore her. Her blog is food based and she posts some absolutely amazing recipes that will suit you no matter what you like to eat. There's something there for everyone. She has recently bought out a book which I am so excited about and I can't wait to get my hands on it as I want to start cooking up some healthier rec fiipes and spending a lot more time in the kitchen. If you can't get your hands on her book she also has an app that you can download on your phone too. I'd highly recommend it!

Letters Of Fashion
The gorgeous Carrie is the author behind this blog and I absolutely love reading through her posts. Her blog has been one of my favorites to read for the past couple of months now. What I love most about her blog is that there is something for everyone on there. Whether you want a beauty review, or to see the latest celebrity fashion trends or a gift guide you'll be able to find it all over on Carrie's blog. Carrie is always so supportive of me and my blog too and always tweets me such lovely messages so it only felt right that I included her in this post especially as she is one of my favorite bloggers at the moment.

Coffee And Cosmetics
The lovely Jess is the author behind Coffee and Cosmetics and in the past couple of months I have been reading her blog a lot and also talking to her via twitter a lot more. She is such a lovely girl and her blog is amazing. I find that her reviews and other posts are always very detailed and give a lot of information without being too over the top. She knows what to say and how to get her point across without being too rambly and I absolutely love that about her blog. Definitely a blog that I would highly recommend.

The Elle Next Door
Obviously the lovely Ellie is the author behind this blog and I just love everything about it! First of all her hair and fashion sense are just incredible. I love reading through her outfit posts and finding out how she puts things together. I also love reading through her beauty reviews. Lastly, just how cute is the name she's chosen for her blog? I love that she's used play on words for her blog and it just really works. She seems like an absolutely lovely girl and if you haven't checked her out I'd highly recommend it.

So that is all my favorite bloggers at the moment. I am sorry that this post is a bit late. I was meant to post my first impressions post of the new Benefit Roller Lash but I can't seem to find my camera and I really did want to upload today so I hope you enjoyed this post and it doesn't seem too rushed. My review post will be up either tomorrow or Friday. I've got a pretty busy couple of days so don't quote me on that but be sure to check back and make sure to follow me on twitter or bloglovin' (both linked to the right of this post) and then you'll definitely know what I post them! Have a lovely evening!

Who are your favorite bloggers at the moment? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I love Deliciously Ella, her blog is beautiful. I will definitely be looking into the others as well. It is so helpful to see what another blogger thinks. Loved this post!

    1. Aww yay :) I'm glad you liked it! Thank you lovely xx

  2. Niomi and Deliciously Ella are two of my faves too. I totally wish I could swap lives with Niomi, she's amazing! x

  3. We really like Letters Of Fashion. Thank you so much for the tip!


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