My Favorite Places To Visit In London

17 January 2015

Hey everyone! So I've been suffering from a severe case of bloggers block the past couple of days! You would think since I did a bloggers block post back in December that I wouldn't get myself into this rut anymore! I had a flick through that post and I just didn't feel like writing any of the posts that I suggested so I took a wonder into London yesterday and thought hmm why not do a post about all of my favourite places in London. I've lived in London my whole life and I am going to slightly brag here and say I know it extremely well. I once took my cousin around the whole of London in one day by foot. No trains nothing. Just little shortcuts and alleyways. I know that a lot of bloggers and people I follow on twitter have been looking to live in London or to move to London so if you are visiting London any time soon I hope this gives you an insight into the best places you can visit.

Covent Garden - I love Covent Garden so much. It's one of my absolute favourite places in London. There's always so much going on, plenty of shops, plenty of restaurants and if you are a beauty lover like me then you'll find yourself getting lost in the likes of MAC and Urban Decay! I just love it here. 

Leicester Square - For years now one of my favourite places to visit in London has been Leicester Square. Whenever I go into London this is always the first place I go as it's always so busy and there's normally always something going on. The past few times I've gone they have been setting up for a film premier or there's been a little fairground in the square. I just love it. Plenty of places to eat here and then get lost in M&M world too. I just love it. 

Buckingham Palace - One of my favourite things about visiting London is the amount of different accents and languages you hear just walking down the street. You'll find absolutely no shortage of that at Buckingham Palace. I love walking down the Mall and hearing all the accents and then seeing a beautiful palace in the distance as well. If you come at the right time in the morning you'll be able to see the changing of the guard taking place too. I just love it. Very touristic but something I still love to do.

Burlington Arcade/Bond Street - I love this arcade. I just love wondering inside and seeing all the shops that are catered for the rich! They are extremely pricey so if you are expecting to see cheap prices in the window then you will be mistaken. They do have a macaroon shop at the very end though which I have indulged in a couple of times as I just love macaroons, apart from that everything else is wayyy out of budget! 

South Kensington - I love South Kensington. I love visiting all the different museums such as the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and also the Victoria and Albert Museum. I could go there and wonder around all of these for days! I love them. A short walk away is the extremely famous Harrods which I also love. The building is absolutely beautiful during the day and then lit up at night and I love it. I could spend hours in here.

Hyde Park - No matter what time of the year it is whenever I go into London I always find myself wondering to this park. It's so big and beautiful and just perfect to stroll through if you want a bit of down time. In the Winter, Winter Wonderland makes its appearance and it's just incredibly beautiful. No matter what time of the year it is I'd highly recommend visiting Hyde Park as it's so beautiful.

Oxford Street - I couldn't write this post without including Oxford Street. As a bit of shopoholic I just love Oxford Street. Whenever I'm in the mood to really spend this is where you can find me. They have everything, from Primark to Topshop to Selfridges. I just love it here and the atmosphere is always amazing.

Hampstead Heath - Hampstead Heath is another one of my favourite places in London. I think it is absolutely beautiful. When I was younger my Dad took me and my brother here on one of our days out and I have been coming here occasionally ever since just to sit and unwind and relax. I think it's just beautiful. I mean look at that view?! It's a perfect spot to come with a loved one and just sit and talk. I love it there.

Southbank Centre - I love the Southbank Centre. When I was at University I had to come down here a lot for trips, especially when I was in my third year and doing my dissertation on tourist attractions. There are plenty things to do here from exploring a wide variety of food, watching all the skaters in the skatepark pictured above which I actually find pretty fascinating sometimes. There's plenty of room to just run around and relax too.

Borough Market - I love this market! Here you can find a wide variety of food to try some of which is very unusual! You'll always have the people on the stalls luring you in to try something for free too! I love it here.

Sloane Square - I love Sloane Square. Located in Chelsea you can be sure to find plenty of bars and restaurants here. Some of which are definitely not affordable but I love how cosmopolitan this area is. Think Made In Chelsea!

So there we have it. Those are just a few of my favourite places in London to visit. I live around 25 minutes from Central London so it's never that hard for me to just grab the tube into London whenever I please. I love it. I'd highly recommend these places if you are looking for day out in London soon. If you'd like to see my favourite places to eat or drink in London or a best places for night out post in the future then please let me know.

Have you been or already live in London? What are your favourite places in the city?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I adore this post!

    Covent Garden is my favourite place in London too! It's so nice and cosy and I could just hang out there all day! I've never been to Hampstead Heath, I think I'll have to go there in the summer :)

    Love, Charline x

    1. I agree haha! Covent Garden is amazing :) I'd highly recommend hampstead heath in the summer! The view will be absolutely amazing :) xx

  2. i love living in london because i have all these places on my doorstep, especially hyde park and covent garden!

    have you checked out my latest posts?

    1. Likewise! I do love being a London girl sometimes haha! Nooo I haven't but I will definitely check them out :) xx

  3. I plan on going to London soon and you've given me a great range of places to check out, thank you!

    1. Yay!! :) Hope you have a fabulous time on your visit! :) Make sure to blog all about it so I can see where you went?! :) xx

  4. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! Will bare them in mind when I go to London...

    1. Ahh I hope you have a lovely time when you visit London! :) xx


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