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15 January 2015

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well! This week has been so exhausting for me and we are only on Thursday! I'm so exciting for the weekend. I'm off to work later on but I wanted to get this blog post up for you all as it is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I actually spotted this idea on Kayleigh's (CoutureGirl's) blog and I thought it was a fab idea and that is showing you what my favourite instagram accounts are. I am constantly on instagram whether it's posting a selfie or food, or just having a nose at other people's photos it is definitely one of my most used apps. Here are the accounts that I absolutely love on instagram. 

BeFitSmoothies (LINK)
I absolutely love this account. I have been following it for a good couple of years now and I just think their concept is absolutely amazing. They post such amazing photos of healthy easy to make smoothies. This is an account I've gone to numerous times in the past week as I got my Mum a blender for Christmas (it was also a present for me) just so that I could make some healthy smoothies especially for breakfast as I miss out breakfast all the time which isn't good and the post a lovely colorful photo of the smoothie and put all the ingredients in a caption. It's just amazing and I've tried a couple of them now and haven't been disappointed. It also means I'm getting my fruit and vegetable intake too. Result! 

EmShelx (LINK
Em is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger and I've included her in a couple of share the love posts that I've done on my blog as well. I've started speaking to her a lot more recently and I just absolutely love her blog, personality and style. Not to mention her incredible figure, however her instagram is definitely one of my favourites. Like me, Em did a lot of travelling in 2014 and I just loved seeing her photos from her adventures and different experiences she was having. She's got a few adventures coming up in 2015 to and as I'm going away again I cannot wait to see all her photos. 

KayleighJCouture (LINK)
I love Kayleigh. To me she is one of the nicest, most down to earth inspiring bloggers out there. I absolutely love her instagram as hers is always the first instagram I see where she's posted about a new beauty product or fashion item that I know I'll absolutely love as we have quite similar tastes. I absolutely love her photos (even though her selfies depress me as she's just to damn stunning) and finding out what she gets up to on a daily basis. That sounds really stalkerish of me but I promise you it's not! 

OfficialSierraBoggess (LINK
Sierra Boggess is perhaps one of my biggest inspirations ever. I came across her in 2012 when I just randomnly decided to watch the 25th Anniversary of the musical Phantom of the Opera. I then decided to follow her on twitter and watch some interviews as I thought she was insanely talented but what really inspired me was how positive she is. I don't think I have ever seen a bad tweet on her twitter or a negative comment in an interview. She is just incredible positive and she always posts little quotes and stuff on instagram that really inspire me. If you haven't checked her out yet I'd highly recommend it. She's an absolutely lovely incredibly talented person.

MilkBubbleTeaBlog (LINK)
Becky is another blogger that I have mentioned on my blog quite a lot in previous posts. She has one of the nicest photos in the blogsphere! Everything is so bright, clear, crisp, colorful and just beautifully taken. I love following her instagram even though it gives me serious photo envy and just looking at all the stunning shots she takes of beauty products in her white bedroom, photos of her adorable little puppy and all the gorgeous selfies that she posts too. She's just so lovely! 

I've decided to just leave this on 5 accounts today as there are just so many gorgeous and amazing accounts on instagram. If you're like me to turn this into a little share the love series like I've done with my favourite bloggers then let me know in the comments below. Definitely check out these lovely ladies and the amazing smoothie account to. I'm going to shamelessly promote my blog too so don't forget to follow me at @xbellefleurx. 

What are your favourite accounts on Instagram?
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