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13 January 2015

Hey everyone! Today I thought that I would do a different kind of post for you all today. As you can see from my title is this my 200th blog post and I am so incredibly happy that I have managed to write that much that I decided to write a blog post on all things that make me happy. When life gets us a bit down we tend to stay incredibly negative and don't really tend to look at the positive aspects of life. Now I know not all of you are like this but  I am incredibly guilty of being this way so today I thought that I would do a post that show you all the little things in life that make me happy. Positivity is one of the things that I am going to improve on in 2015. I need to stop being so negative and just experience the beautiful little things around me and focus on everything that makes me happy. So I hope you enjoy this post.

Smiling - I'm one of those people who smiles and laughs at the simplest of things. Things that aren't even funny but I just burst out laughing. I'm also one of those people who when someone tells a joke I'll still be laughing about it 20 minutes later. It just makes me so happy. Laughter releases a lot of endorphins too. I feel absolutely amazing after a good laughing fit. Makes me very happy.

Long walks on the beach - This was one of my favourite things to do last summer when  I was away. I took the photo above on the beach in Majorca when I was on the last day of my training as I have always wanted to take a photo like this. Don't ask me why but it really does make me smile. One of my biggest dreams to to eventually live in Australia or somewhere beside a beach. I will always go for long strolls and walks along the beach then.

Raindrops on the window - Now I am not going to lie here but I used to absolutely hate this. My room is the loft conversion which means I am in the roof of the house and because the windows slant the noise from the rain is louder than ever and used to really irritate me. However I have found it so incredibly relaxing lately. Who still tends to draw on the windows in cars and buses when it gets all steamy too? I've definitely got my hand raised! It makes me smile lots.

London & Sunsets - I absolutely love London. I was born and raised in London and it is definitely one of my favourite places in the world. However I love spending days in London. I especially love when you're just getting ready to go home, you look up and the sun is about to set. It's just such a beautiful sight! 

Friendship & Family  - Definitely two of the most important and special things to me. Being surrounded by an amazing group of people or even one person who just understands you and accepts you for who you are and just encourages you to be the best person you can be is definitely something that makes me extremely happy. Family can be a bit hard some times. I've been hurt by my family making comments but at the end of the day they are the only people in the world who'll love you forever and appreciate who you are. 

Ice Skating - Ice skating makes me extremely happy. I love going out and strapping on the skates and just skating around the rink. It makes me extremely happy. Definitely something I am considering taking up further and perhaps doing a few lessons. I love it. 

Hot Chocolate - I am not a tea or a coffee girl at all so when I am in need of a warm drink or need cheering up this is what I turn too! It just makes me so happy! Throw in a bit of cinnamon in there and I'll have the cheesiest grin on my face! 

Lazy Days - Even though the photo says lazy weekends there's nothing I love more than having a full pyjama day with good food, netflix and just chilling out. It makes me so happy and is perfect for when you need a recharge too! 

Mauritius - Mauritius is where my family on my Mum's side are from and last year my mum and brother took a visit there Unfortunately I couldn't go as I was in Turkey for six months from April to November so was unable to go there but I have been twice before and I absolutely love it. It is so beautiful and is literally paradise. Hopefully next year I'll get to go and catch up with my family. Skyping my family who are there makes me really happy. 

Romance - I am a sucker for a romantic comedy or a romantic novel. I just love the warm and fuzzy feeling I get inside when I watch a film like The Notebook, or The Proposal or read romantic stories from Nicholas Sparks. They just make me so happy. I'm definitely a hopeless romantic! 

New York - Now I have never been to New York but I absolutely love the city. I have read lots about it, studied about it and it is just my absolute dream to go there especially at Christmas and New Year to see the ball drop. It's literally my dream to go here. Whenever there's a programme on about New York I have to watch it. I think the city is just incredible. 

Travelling - So as you can tell from Mauritius and New York I absolutely love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism Management and studied it at college and school so it is always something I've loved. Nothing excites me more than a busy airport and getting to new destinations and experiencing new cultures. I've travelled to Mauritius, France, Spain, Turkey and also travelled domestically in the UK to places like Devon, Cornwall, Yorkshire and Scotland as my Dad is Scottish. I just love travelling. 

Frosty Mornings & Robins - Two things that make me incredibly happy. The other morning it was so incredibly frosty and there was a little robin just perched on the bad bath in the garden and because everything was so white it's chest was so red and it just looked beautiful in the midst of all the white. I won't lie when I say I prefer the cold to the warm weather. I mean it just doesn't bother me anyway. (See what I did there). 

Boybands & Musical Theatre - I absolutely love musical theatre and I love boybands. Miss Saigon is one of my favourite musicals and the fact that Collabro are a musical theatre boy band just weakens my heart! I just love both these things. I'm seeing Miss Saigon in the West End before I go back to Turkey but I know every single word having listened to the 25th Anniversary Soundtrack so to see it live will be amazing. I am also seeing Collabro next month and I am so excited as I think they are amazing. Yes they do covers but they are seriously talented. Both make me so happy! 

Chinese Food - Chinese food is absolutely one of my favourite things in life. I don't know what I'd do without it. It just tastes amazing and I love watching Chinese cooking shows and recreating what they have made. It makes me so happy. 

Blogging - I couldn't end this post without including blogging. It makes me so happy and I find it really therapeutic. I find that I am becoming more confident through blogging and expressing myself and I am also developing a lot of new skills to when it comes to photography and writing. Yesterday I achieved 198,000 views on my blog and have over 560 of you reading my blog and I can't believe it. This post is actually my 200th blog post too!! What on earth? How have I had that much to talk about?! Yes it may not be a lot to some people but I am truly amazing how far I've come and I couldn't thank you all more. 

So these are just a few things that make me happy. A few things that I tend to look out for and do when I am in need of a pick me up or when something needs to make me happy again. It's like that quote says 'Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain'. This is one of my favourite quotes and something I am going to get framed and put in my room so whenever I feel seriously down in the dumps I will look at that and try to be positive. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it perhaps inspired you to look at all the little things that make you happy. If you have done a similar post like this then please link it below as I'd love to have a read. 

What everyday things in your life make you very happy and put you in a positive mood?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Such a cute post, a lot of the things that make me happy cross-over with yours. I would love to travel to Mauritius someday, it looks absolutely beautiful!



    1. Thank you lovely! Ohhh I would highly recommend it! It's beautiful!! :) xx


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