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What I Got For Christmas 2014

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and relaxing boxing day and are having a lovely weekend with your family. I can't believe we are into the last few days of 2014. I've had a pretty amazing year and if you would like to read all about it head back here on the 31st for a recap! Today however I thought I would show you all the lovely gifts that I got given. Just before I start I'd like to add a little disclaimer by saying that I am extremely grateful for all the gifts I receive and that this post is in no way me bragging or showing off. I personally love having a good old nose at other gifts people receive and I know other people feel the same but if you take a dislike to this post than you can always close this webpage. If not I hope you enjoy this post!

My main present from my Dad this year was this amazing stereo system and speakers. I mentioned, I think it was probably last month, that I don't really listen to the radio any more and that I am permanently listening to my iPod so he obviously took note and got me this! I'm so glad because it means that I can listen to my favourite radio stations as well as CDs. I have a box of CD's in my cupboard of all my favourite artists that I haven't listened to in ages from over the years. (Atomic Kitten's Greatest Hits anybody?).  Very happy with this and I've already been listening to it none stop!

My main present from my Mum was this pandora bracelet. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know this was always on my wishlist. I actually went shopping with my mum 2 days before Christmas and picked this out, however I had no idea about the charms. I absolutely love that she chose two charms to represent my love for travelling and my adventures with Thomas Cook at the moment. I love that the Suitcase charm has Paris written on it as this is one of my dream destinations. I haven't stopped wearing it since I received it and I know its literally become a staple on my wrist.

As you can see from the photo above I received quite a lot of jewellery for Christmas which I am so grateful for. My brother bought me the small rose gold ring when we were out shopping 2 days before Christmas and I absolutely love it. I haven't stopped wearing it. I took part in a Secret Santa with the girls I worked with over the summer and my friend, Lucia, bought me this lovely purple necklace and earring set which is so beautiful. I literally have not taken the necklace off since I got it. It's stunning. I also took part in a blogging secret santa and received this gorgeous three bracelet set which I absolutely love as I've been really getting into wearing bracelets lately. I love that all three of these can go with absolutely everything so again, they will be permanent staples on my wrist. My aunt then got me the absolutely beautiful blue bangle, the white necklace and earring set which is so stunning and the small leaf earrings too. I'll definitely be saving the white earring set for a special occasion as they are just so incredibly beautiful. 

I was actually eyeing up this gift set before Christmas so I am super grateful to have received this from my Aunt! Even though I love beauty when it comes to skincare I just can't resist! The products smell absolutely incredible and I am so excited to have a bit of a pamper session with these. 

My mum also picked out a few body products for me as she knows just how much I love them. These products are just so incredibly gorgeous! The florentyna body lotion just smells absolutely amazing and is really moisturising. I have used it a couple of times since Christmas already and I just love the scent. The vanilla and raspberry shower gel is probably one of my all time favourite shower gels. I already had the royal jelly hand and body lotion before for my birthday but my mum decided to get me this again because I was running a little low. It's incredible. I tend to use it more for a hand lotion though as I find it works a lot better. 

My blogging secret santa also got me these gorgeous products from Lush and I absolutely love them. I've only used 3 bath bombs before from lush but I am super excited to use these for my annual new years day pamper session. They smell absolutely incredible as well. I bought the snowman last year and I absolutely loved it so I'm extremely thankful to have received it this year too! 

Every year I always receive a lot of perfume for Christmas. It's tradition in my family. My Mum goes out every year and buys the whole family a lot of perfume. I am extremely thankful this year to have received three gorgeous scents. The Katy Perry one and the POLICE perfume are gifts from my mum. I actually showed her the bottle when we were in the perfume shop for the POLICE one as it was a purple skull and I just found it so cool, it smells pretty amazing too. My aunt got me the Hugo Boss perfume which I've used before and it smells absolutely incredible! So excited to use these throughout the year. I'm well and truly stocked up on the perfume front. 

Happy Jackson are a brand I spotted in a shop called Presence in Watford and I just fell in love with their products. I think they are so cool and quirky and my Dad agreed, however I didn't expect him to get me anything but I was clearly surprised. I absolutely love the A5 and A6 notepads as I think that they will be absolutely perfect for blogging ideas and jotting down little notes. I also love that the pen says 'Happy Days' on it. You can't help but smile when you see these products as they are all have positive things written on them. 

Another present that I received off one of my friends was this gorgeous 'To Do' List. As someone who likes to be a little bit organised, I'm not actually the best at it so this is definitely something that can help me. I can organise my life on a weekly basis, plan when to upload blog posts etc. Very excited to use this. 

If you have seen my previous posts then you may already know that I have this book, however my Uncle knows how much I love writing in my journal and decided to get me this one and I have no complaints! It just means that for the next 10 years I'll need to journals! It's such a beautiful book and I am going to be using it to write down at least one positive thing that has happened every day for the next 5 years. I'll be 29 by the time this one is finished! Woah!! 

One thing I was super excited to receive from my mum this year was my stocking. Purely because I've never actually had a stocking before! I know right?! My parents just always used gift bags or wrapped our presents up normally however me and my brother were talking one day about stockings and I guess my mum took note! We only had a small stocking so not a lot could be put in them but I absolutely loved what I got. I received two Tanya Burr lipglosses, I already had 3 so I am super happy to have received two more, the lush Santa lip scrub which my brother got me, Zoella's candle, a gorgeous pink sparkly pen, a nail file (in the blue packaging) and two fragrance sachets as well which I absolutely love and which smell incredible.

My friend, Lucia, who was my secret Santa also bought me this gorgeous mug with photos from the Summer spent in Turkey. She knows how nostalgic I get and how much I love watching old photos and videos for reminders and stuff so this is absolutely perfect! I love every photo of this mug and will definitely keep it somewhere same! 

Now the above two presents I received when I came back from Turkey but I thought I would include them in here anyway as I wasn't here for my birthday  and my mum decided to give them to me as an early Christmas present anyway. She bought the elephant and beautiful mother of pearl jewellery box from Mauritius which is where my family are from and I absolutely love it! Both are so beautiful. I love the fact that the elephant is sparkly and it just looks so pretty and unusual sitting on my dressing table. The mother of pearl jewellery box is where I am going to keep all my every day jewellery so that it's easy for me to access it. Such beautiful gifts from Mauritius. 

Like with quite a few families it is tradition to start the Christmas celebrations with new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. I absolutely love these red ones with stars on that my Mum chose as I think they look so incredibly christmassy and festive but they are still PJs that we can use all year round. I absolutely adore them. 

As you can see I was extremely lucky this year and received lots of lovely goodies. I have got a couple of beauty items on their way to me in the post as well including the Nars On The Run palette which my mum ordered before Christmas but still hasn't arrived. With some of the Christmas money that I receieved I ordered a few beauty bits from origins and benefit which I am very excited to receive. 

I am extremely thankful and grateful for everything I received and like I said at the beginning of this post in no way showing off, I just know that these are incredibly popular posts this time of the year and how much people like seeing what other people got, me included so I really hope that you enjoyed this post! If you have done one of these posts yourself then please leave them in the description below. 

What did you receive for Christmas 2014?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. you received such great presents! hope you enjoyed your christmas day ^.^
    minae |

    1. Thank you lovely! Yeah my Christmas Day was really good thank you! Hope yours was too! :) xx

  2. You got some lovely gifts hun :) I know you've wanted a Pandora bracelet for a while now so I bet you were chuffed to bits with that :) x

    1. Thank you Kayleigh! Yes! I absolutely love it! It literally hasn't left my wrist since I got it haha! Can't wait to read your WIGFC post! Thanks for the comment! :) xx

  3. Great gifts!

  4. Loved this post, you got some really lovely things for Christmas! The Lush stuff and 'One Line a Day' book sound amazing! xx

    1. Thank you lovely!! I absolutely love lush so pretty happy I got some gifts from them and the one line a day is incredible! Can't wait to start using it in January! :) You can get it from Waterstones if you are interested! :) xx

  5. I really enjoyed taking part in the secret santa! I'm so glad you liked my presents :) I hope you had a great Christmas and have an amazing 2015! x

    Jess @ Where'

    1. They were gorgeous hun!! I've been meaning to tweet you as well! Thank you so so much!! 😚😚 I hope you have a lovely new year too! ☺️ Xx

  6. Those notebooks are adorable, I love a bit of cute stationary! Plus I got NO perfume this year! I was shocked as normally I get some every year, will have to go buy myself some! xo

    1. Ahh can't go wrong with stationary haha! I've always been obsessed with it, however now that I am no longer in education I barely have the need for it but these are perfect for blogging haha! Ooo definitely treat yourself to some! I'd highly recommend the POLICE one here and also Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Pricey but smells amazing!! :)

  7. oh wow, you got some really lovely things! you must be so pleased

    from helen at

    1. Thank you Helen! :) I am! I have such wonderful family and friends :) xx

  8. WOW! Lovely gifts!! :D

    New follower here ♥

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Scribbles


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