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1 December 2014


Happy 1st December!! Only 24 days left until Christmas! I cannot believe that is already so close. I've got so many packages coming over the next couple of weeks as because I have been so ill these past few days it's meant that most of my Christmas shopping has been done online. I also treated myself to a couple of things which actually got my thinking about my blog and that I should do a post about what I would like this Christmas. I will be happy with whatever I receive of course but we all have wishlists and this is me sharing a few things I'd like with you all. Enjoy! 

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set
I have had my eyes on these brushes for absolutely ages and have just never got around to purchasing them. They are just absolutely beautiful. Again these are extremely popular within the beauty community. I love that this set includes a number of face and eye brushes, has rose gold hardware on them and comes in a cute little brown clutch which make it perfect for travelling. It's also definitely not as expensive as I thought they would be either.

GHD Lagoon Hair Straightners 
How beautiful are these straightners? I think they are absolutely gorgeous. I've never actually owned anything from GHD before. I know right - shocking! But when I spotted these I just fell in love. The colors are just absolutely beautiful and definitely screams me as they are my favorite colors. In 2015 I am definitely going to be experimenting with my hair a bit more as it's so long and I never do anything with it. I need to make the most of it!

Fujifilm Instax Camera
I absolutely love these little cameras. I've seen a lot of hype about them on youtube and different blog posts and I've just fallen in love with the idea of having one. I think photos are so incredibly important and to just carry these around, take photos and have it instantly print the photo there and then like little polaroids is amazing!

Origins GinZing Facial Mask & Scrub
The Origins GinZing collection is probably my absolute favorite thing in the world. I absolutely love their eye cream and facial moisturiser. They work wonders for my skin and smell absolutely incredible. I only just recently found out that they do a mask and scrub as well which excites me a lot! Definitely hoping to get my hands on these!

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch 
I have been lusting over one of these watches for the past couple of years now. I just absolutely love them so much. I think they are so beautiful and elegant and I mean rose gold? How can you not go wrong. If I don't get one of these for Christmas I will probably treat myself in the New Year as I just really want a statement piece of jewellery to go with everything and I think this watch will be just the ticket.

Pandora Bracelet 
Now I know what you are all she is so greedy wanting this and a MK watch too. But my parents already know how much I want one of these two things and they have very kindly already said they will be treating me to one or the other which means that I can treat myself to the other. I've never had a special charm bracelet and since I was little I've wanted one to mark special occasions in my life and just something extremely personable to me. No two Pandora bracelets are the same as they are just so unique to that person. If I end up getting this I'll be so excited to start collecting charms.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
When it comes to MAC I've never really explored their make up range. Pretty bad from a beauty blogger really but I've just never really been interested in anything or have always found a dupe in the drugstores. However as this powder is so highly praised in the beauty community I figured it is something that is worth giving a shot. I've become a little bit obsessed with powders lately as well so I'm really hoping to try this soon.

And that's that. Everything I'm lusting over for this Christmas. Obviously I'm not expecting any of these things and I'll be 100% grateful with anything I get but these are just a few things I am hoping for this year. If you've tried any of these things I've listed let me know what you think in the comments below. I'll also use this time to say that I will be doing Blogmas which is basically a post going up everyday throughout December. I've never actually done it before but I've got a lot of festive posts coming your way throughout this month so I hope you enjoy! 

What is on your Christmas list this year? 

Hugs and Kisses


  1. You have a really nice blog here, and I've wanted the Instax camera and brush set for ages so hopefully we'll both get what we want for Christmas hehe!
    I've just started to do blogmas as well so it's cool to know other bloggers are doing the same :D

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Haha hopefully! I'm not betting I'll get them though haha! Ooo I'll head on over and check out your blogmas posts too then :) xx

  2. Loving your blogmas posts! I really want some Too Faced products and the Zoeva brushes :)


    1. Thank you lovely!! Me too! The too faced products have been very hyped up lately! Definitely want to get my hands on a few of them!


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