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6 December 2014

Hello Everyone! So today I thought that I would do another Christmas post. Can you tell I'm in a really christmassy mood at the moment? Literally all my posts for Blogmas so far have been Christmas themed but I just absolutely love it! Today I thought that I'd tell you a little bit about all my favourite Christmas themed movies. Now these are not just from now but from when I was a kid too. I'm not going include every single Christmas film as we will be here till possibly Christmas 2015 haha! But these are the films that I have to watch every year without fail. 

Eloise At Christmas Time 
Definitely one of my favorite festive films from my childhood. I remember this being on Disney Channel and I just absolutely adored it! I wish I was Eloise purely because she lives in New York, she lives at the Plaza Hotel to be exact and she's just such a happy kid. I absolutely adore it.

Miracle On 34th Street
If you're a fan of Matilda and haven't seen this film where have you been? The girl who plays Matilda is one of the main characters in this film and she's so incredibly cute but has been bought up believing that Santa doesn't exist. It's a beautiful film and really does get me into the christmas spirit.

Now there are many different versions of this film however my favourite version is the one which has Victor Garber, Kathy Bates and Kristen Chenoweth in it. I just absolutely love this film so much. I'm sure you're all familiar with the story but if not it's a story of a young orphan who is looking for her parents. The music in this film is also my favourite! 

It's A Wonderful Life 
An old classic. I just absolutely love this film so much. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry at the same time. It's just a beautiful film and even though it is black and white which if you are anything like me can be put off at times I would highly recommend it. It's such a beautiful Christmas film.

Love Actually 
Is there anyone in the world who does not like this film? With an all star cast including Colin Firth, Kiera Knightly, Hugh Grant AND Liam Neeson this film is one of my favourite ever films. It's such a feel good romantic film following different love stories around the Christmas period. Definitely going to watch this once I've written this post!

The Holiday 
Again, who doesn't love the holiday? Iris Simpkins is literally me. I relate to her in so many ways. I never saw this film until last year. I know right, where have I been? But I just absolutely love it. It makes me laugh so much and I just love the cast which include Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black. Such a feel good Christmas film. If anyone is willing to house swap (preferable places are New York or Australia) then please let me know haha!

A Christmas Carol
This film is one of my favourites as it just brings back so many memories of my childhood. I just absolutely love everything about this film. It's quite sad yet so beautiful and so incredibly moving and really does show you the true meaning of Christmas. My favourite version is Jim Carrey's which is actually on Netflix so if you're looking for a good Christmas film I'd highly recommend it. I tend to watch this film every year on Christmas Eve. Once you watch it you'll know why! 

All these films are absolutely incredible and are ones that I just have to watch every Christmas no matter what. I haven't seen quite a lot of Christmas films so if you happen to recommend any please leave them in the comments section below. 

What are your favourite Christmas movies?
Hugs and Kisses

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