Blogmas #5 The 'NEXTMAS' Wishlist

5 December 2014

The 'Nextmas' Wishlist

Hello there everyone! The other day an email landed in my inbox asking if I would like to take part in 'The Nextmas Wishlist' Competition. Basically this is a competition that is open to all bloggers and what you have to do is go on to the next website and pick 10 items that you would like for Christmas. Once you have picked your 10 items compile them all into a wishlist like I have done above and then submit it with a post on your blog and then tweet them at @NextOfficial with the linking using the hashtag #NextmasWishlist. You then upload the blog post onto the Next Blogger Noticeboard. It is as simple as that!

I'm not a girl who spends a lot of time shopping at Next. I always used to go there when I was younger as one of my big cousins worked there so I used to pop in and see him all the time but I was really surprised at some of the gorgeous things that they have on the website and if I was to receive any of these items for Christmas I would be so happy as they are all beautiful products.

The Lipsy cup is absolutely gorgeous and stylish. I love the different compartments in the jewellery box. It makes it a lot easier to sort out your stash! The snowman cuff pyjamas are gorgeous and are perfect for the winter. They just look so cosy. I would love to snuggle up wearing this with a christmas film on Christmas eve! The leather weekend bag is perfect for going away on short trips. I absolutely love this burgundy sweater. You all know my obsession with burgundy and cashmere happens to be one of my favorite materials. The notebook and pen set would be perfect for writing down to-do lists and blog posts. If you have seen my room tour then you know how much I love little quotes and chabby chic decor so this heart shaped plaque would be absolutely perfect. I love this burgundy cross body bag purely because it's burgundy and I love cross body bags as they are perfect for shopping trips, especially around Christmas. The present nightshirt is just really cute and I've been looking for a new cover for my ipad so I think this pink case would be absolutely perfect.

So there we have it. My Nextmas Wishlist.  If you wish to enter just follow the details above. Now for the exciting part. There will be 5 winners. Each of the winners will get one product from their wishlist. An absolutely perfect start to Christmas! Follow the instructions above and be sure to enter. Good Luck! 

What is on your Nextmas Wishlist? Leave a link to your posts in the comments below. 
Hugs and Kisses

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