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4 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide For The Boy

Hey Everyone! Hope you are enjoying my blogmas posts so far. I am certainly enjoying writing them for you all and I've received very positive feedback so thank you all so much! Today I thought that I would do another Christmas gift guide but for the men in your life. For me personally this is the hardest part of my Christmas. My Dad, brother and Uncle are all super hard to buy things for and I'm always stuck normally a week before panicking about what to get them so hopefully this will give you some ideas of how you can treat the men in your life too.

Reindeer Christmas Jumper
I know Christmas Jumpers are bought before Christmas but I spotted this on the River Island website and to me it doesn't even look like a Christmas Jumper. I love the monochrome colors and I think this would be a perfect Christmas gift for the men in your life as they can wear it on Christmas day to celebrate as well.

Ipad Air 2
If you are feeling a bit spendy and know someone who would love an ipad then you really won't go wrong purchasing them the ipad air 2! All you need to make sure of is which color would they prefer? Gold, Silver or Black?!

'Stuff Every Man Should Know' Book 
One thing men are good for are thinking they know absolutely everything. So why not buy them this little book to see if they can prove it? I can think of a couple of people that should definitely have this book!

Allsaints Blyth Wallet
This is definitely something I think I'll be getting my Dad as his wallet is falling apart. I love how practical this type of gift is and I really do think that it is a winner no matter who you're buying for. They'll definitely find some use for it.

'What We Wore' Book
This is definitely a great present for either your Granddad or even your Dad just reminding them of the fashion that they themselves probably went through throughout the years. It is definitely something that can make them cringe that's for sure!

Tabasco Spiced Dark Chocolate
A perfect gift for any chocolate and spice lover. I'm not a massive fan of dark chocolate but I do love a bit of spice in my food and I'm definitely tempted to give this a go myself. Definitely a present that can challenge a few people I reckon.

Ted Baker Tablet Case
I spotted this case on the Selfridges Website and I absolutely love it. It's perfect for someone who is getting an iPad or some sort of tablet this Christmas and will keep it really well protected. It's quite stylish and will suit everyone. Very inexpensive too!

Coca Cola Christmas Bear Snow Globe
Every since I was little I have loved snow globes. I just think they are so beautiful and are perfect as presents. As this one is so simple I think it will be perfect for the younger boy in your family. However I also think this is a unisex present so can also be perfect for a younger sister or someone as well.

Mini Table Tennis
I don't really know what to say about this except for the fact I think it's quite a cute gift and would be perfect for someone who loves Table Tennis.

Aramis Aftershave Deo Spray Holiday Gift Set
Every man loves aftershave no matter who they are, it's probably one of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to thinking of what to buy them for Christmas, therefore I think this giftset that also comes with a body spray will be absolutely perfect.

ASOS Leather Gift Set
This leather gift set comes with a wallet and key ring and definitely something that I think would be perfect for your Dad or Grandad or Uncle. The shiny finish is beautiful too.

Personalised Sport Quotes Print
Most men I know always tend to quote some famous sports person. It really is quite annoying. If you know someone like this then this would be absolutely perfect.

Smartphone Projector
I reckon that this is going to be perfect for those days out when you take lots of photos. If you know someone like this then this would be perfect for them. At the end of the day you can just project it somewhere and look at all the photos. I love this idea.

'10 Things I love About You' Box
Probably more for those of you with boyfriends or husbands. 10 personalized notes telling the person what you love about them and possibly even why. Such a thoughtful gift.

Book Cover Case for Kindle/Tablet
I personally hate Kindles etc. I prefer to have a proper book with actual pages to turn. I also know a few people with kindles who are like this too so I think a cover like this that might illustrate a certain book on the front will be perfect.

There you have it! 15 fab ideas to treat the men in your life this year. Make sure to click on the titles of each idea to head on over the website to see full details of the product. I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and if you can think of any other ideas for presents or have done a similar post to this yourself then please leave it in the comments below! See you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 5! This month is already flying by!! 

Hugs and Kisses

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