Blogmas #24 | Christmas Eve in London & A Very Merry Christmas

24 December 2014

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE and the final day of blogmas! I cannot believe that both days have arrived. I cannot that months and months of preparation all comes down to tomorrow and that I managed to successfully complete blogmas without missing any days! I'm so proud of myself and I've hoped you've enjoyed my daily blogging! Anyway, today me and my brother went to Central London as it's our Christmas tradition and I ended up taking loads of photos to share with you all. They are all taken with my iphone as I completely forgot to charge my camera. Oops! But I am pretty happy with how they turned out anyway. 

The above photo is Leicester Square which was basically converted into a mini winter wonderland. It was so festive and extremely Christmassy! They had rides there and little Christmas market stalls with some serving food and literally stalls where you could win those cute little teddies and stuff. I absolutely loving walking around there. There were so many people wearing Santa hats today too which I loved! 

After Leicester Square we headed to Covent Garden which is my absolutely favourite place in the world and obviously in London. I just love that place so much. It is so lively and so different to anywhere else in London. I absolutely loved the atmosphere there today and the fact it looked so unbelievable festive with the tree and all the decorations. I especially liked the lego Santa and reindeer! I thought this was a very cool touch and something that all the kids seemed to absolutely love. 

We then headed to Trafalgar Square where they have a huge Christmas tree! What we were not expecting to find was a Santa Clause and a little silver man! It was very interesting. It was so lovely seeing all the little kids running up to Santa and giving him a hug. They also had Yoda from Star Wars there and Minnie and Micky Mouse. If you would like to see photos of them head on over to my instagram at xbellefleurx. 

We then headed down to Bond Street and has a lovely little walk around. Victoria's Secret just looked so Christmassy and girly that I just had to take a picture and I absolutely love the decoration of Cartier as well. The Burlington and Piccadilly Arcades looked so beautiful and festive too. Couldn't resist of taking a photo of Tiffany's either! It just looks so gorgeous with all the wreaths hanging in the windows. 

We finally headed down Regents and Oxford streets to take a look at the lights as we hadn't actually seen them yet which is crazy considering we live in London haha! We've just been so busy this festive season that we haven't actually had time for anything.  The last thing we saw was Harrods. Look how beautiful it is with all the twinkling lights and everything. It's gorgeous. We then decided to head on home as I had my burgundy healed boots on. Since we walked around London you can imagine how much my feet were killing me!

It was then time to head on home and begin the festive Christmas Eve traditions. I always write Christmas cards for all the neighbours then come back home and finish wrapping all the presents and sticking them under the tree. This year however all my wrapping has been done for at least a week so I was able to just relax and type up this blog post for you. I'm now going to have a little Christmas pamper evening with some gorgeous l'occitane and body shop products and then sit down with my family and watch 'A Christmas Carol'.

I'll end this post here by saying thank you all so much. It means the world to me to know that nearly 500 of you read my blog and my crazy ramblings about things I never thought anybody would care about. My blog has come pretty far this year and I couldn't be happier and amazed with the response on everything on here. I will commence blogging on the 26th November and from then on my normal blogging routine of about 3 posts a week will commence. If there is anything you would like to see then please leave me a comment below.

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Christmas with your friends and family. Eat, drink and be merry! Don't forget Christmas isn't about what's under the tree but who's around it. Saying that I hope all your wishes come true tomorrow! Have an absolutely wonderful time and I will speak to you again on the 26th December. 

What are your Christmas Eve Traditions? 
 Hugs and Kisses

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