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22 December 2014

Hey everyone! So today I thought that I would show you how I've decorated my house for Christmas. I thought it was about time to do this post as I have been seeing them float around in the blogosphere since the end of December and with only 3 days to go I thought it was about time! 

Up first is of course the Christmas Tree. This tree has been in my house every Christmas for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love getting it out of the shed every single year, putting it together and adding the decorations and lights to it. It isn't in the worst condition but it isn't in the best either. I didn't stand back far enough but the top of the tree where the angel/star sits is a little bit floppy. We have an angel on there at the moment and it looks like she's going to fall off all the time! Probably going to be time for a new tree soon. 

Above are some of my favourite Christmas decorations. The purple bauble and the tartan ones were actually bought from Poundland two days ago. They each come in a pack of two and I think they look so Christmassy and pretty! Considering most of our Christmas decorations are red I thought the purple ones added a nice little touch! The blue decoration with the snow man on I've had since I was a very little girl and it is very special to me so I love having that there and I just love the gold sparkle on the bell. 

My mum buys these flowers from Tesco every single year and I think they add such a festive touch to any room in the house. The colours are so vibrant and beautiful and just really add a touch of color to a room. We have them in the kitchen, near the fire place, in my bedroom and in my brothers room as well. They are just so pretty! 

The fire place is my favourite bit of my house at Christmas. It just looks so beautiful and festive with the garland around it. Again this has been in my house for absolute years. We have had a lot of work done to our house and this fire place is actually pretty new. It's only been in my house for 5 or so years but I absolutely love it. I think it looks so classy and cool. The blue twinkling lights just make the whole garland look incredibly beautiful and then beneath that mine and my brother's stocking are hung up. I completely forgot to photograph this but on the grey stand on the right hand side of this picture we have a small nativity set with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. It's such a beautiful display and looks really nice when it is lit up. I'll try adding a photo to this post tomorrow so check back if you'd like to see it. 

No fire place would be complete without stockings. Or so you would think anyway. We never had stockings when we were younger and I have no idea why. My parents just weren't that into it however they both decided to finally do them last year and we put them back up this year. I absolutely love them. My mum is struggling for things to put in them though and chocolates and sweets are out of the question! I've just told her maybe DVDs and a couple of beauty bits and bobs. They aren't that big so she won't really be able to fit in a lot.

The final festive touch are these cushions which I have had since I was a very young girl. I absolutely love how Christmassy they are and I love the little scenes on them with the family around the tree on Christmas Eve and then having Christmas Lunch on Christmas Day. They are pretty special to me and I have them on my bed or on the sofa in my room every single year. 

So there we have it. All my decorations for Christmas 2014! Hopefully I'll experiment more with decorations in 2015 and buy some for my room and whatnot but I absolutely love how my house is looking at the moment. I am not looking forward to taking them down on the 7th January. Everything will look so plain and boring!

How have you decorated your house/flats and rooms for Christmas?
Hugs and Kisses

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