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20 December 2014

Hi Everyone! So today I thought that I would do my top favourite music for 2014. There have been so many amazing songs and albums that I have heard both here and I made sure to keep up to date with the music scene when I was in Turkey too so here is a list of songs and albums that have been my favourites. I will do a top 5 songs of the year and top 5 overall albums. Like with my movie post I will include songs that won't neccessarily be from this year but what I discovered this year. Enjoy!

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
I think this is probably in everyone's top songs of the year. It is just such a beautiful song, the video is amazing, the vocals just make you want to cry every time you hear it. I am in love with it. I also love the fact that every time he performs it live it is even more amazing than the actual recorded version. If that is even possible. It's just amazing. 

Lea Michele - On My Way 
I love Lea Michele. I think so is just so incredibly talented and I would love to see her in a proper theatre broadway or west end show instead of a TV show. On My Way is such a fabulous song. It's upbeat, catchy and it's one of those songs that just instantly puts me in a fabulous mood! 

Jennifer Lawrence - The Hanging Tree
Definitely one of my favourite songs from this year, I absolutely love Mocking-jay and I actually really like Jennifer Lawrence's voice and this song comes at a really important time in the movie. Definitely give it a listen even if you don't like the Hunger GaMissmes.

Ella Henderson -  Ghost
Ella is definitely up there with my favourite singers to have ever come out of X Factor. That girl can sing and I find it ridiculous that people say otherwise purely because she came from the show. It's pathetic, but anyway Ghost is another super catchy amazing song and I absolutely love the lyrics. It's another one I can just put on and instantly put in a good mood.

Olly Murs - Wrapped Up 
Good Old Olly! The cheeky chappy from Essex who's laugh instantly puts me in a good mood!! I'm so happy that I got tickets to go and see him in Glasgow next year and I cannot wait to go. I absolutely love him and Wrapped Up is definitely another super catchy song. 

Miss Saigon Office Recording 2014 Cast 
Miss Saigon has some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life and I absolutely love the story too. I have never seen the musical but my parents kept going on about it as they had seen the original case with Lea Salonga in the West End! I decided to listen to the soundtrack and fell in love immediately. I am hoping to go and see the show after Christmas and I am so excited. If you haven't listened to it already the album is on spotify!

Ed Sheeran - X
Do I really need to say anything more about this album? Beautiful songs, beautiful lyrics, all written and recorded by the man himself. He is just so unbelievably talented. I am super gutted that I won't be able to see him live at Wembley Stadium next year as I'm heading back to Turkey but I hope I can see him live one day soon. He's just too amazing to not witness live. His Capital FM live session of his song 'Photograph' made me bawl my eyes out, his voice is so beautiful! My favourite songs are Thinking Out Loud, Photograph,  I'm A Mess, Nina and Afire Love. 

Taylor Swift - 1989 
Probably her best album to date after Fearless. I absolutely love everything Taylor Swift does but this album is definitely something I thought would take sometime getting used to but it didn't. It's seriously amazing and every single song on the album could be a massive hit. If you haven't heard it yet then where have you been? But no seriously, I'd highly recommend it. Absolutely amazing songs. My favourites are Blank Space, Style, I Wish You Would and I Know Places.  

Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were
I absolutely love Ben Howard. His voice and songs just transport me somewhere I have never been before. This album is something I always listen to when I am having a pamper evening or just need to relax and calm down as his voice is just so soothing and the songs are so incredibly beautiful. Highly recommended. My favourites on the album are I Forget Where We Were, In Dreams and End Of The Affair. 

Nina Nesbitt - Peroxide 
I have heard of Nina Nesbitt for a good couple of years however never actually checked out any of her work. I am a huge fan of singer songwriter work and it took one listen of her song 'The Hardest Part' to get me to download her whole album and I wasn't let down. Beautiful girl, with a beautiful voice and again her album is packed full of amazing hits and songs. I can't wait to hear some more of her music! My favourites are Stay Out, He's The One I'm Bringing Back and The Hardest Part. 

So there we have it. All of my favourite musical artists, songs and albums packed into one post. I do hope you are enjoying this series. It took me quite a long time to only narrow my favourite music of the year to 10 but I just think it is such a more efficient way of doing favourites posts! If you have done posts like this or any favourites posts already then leave me a link in the comments section below! 

What have been your musical highlights of 2014? 
Hugs and Kisses

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