Blogmas #15 |Share The Love #3 - My Current Favourite Bloggers

15 December 2014

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would do another Share The Love post as I have been reading a number of new blogs this month and I thought that I would share them with you in-case you are looking for new blogs to follow. I know I only did a share the love post last month but I follow over 1000 blogs on bloglovin and been reading some new ones recently too. Some of these I am sure you have been reading for ages. I have too but even more so recently. Enjoy! 

Over the past month I have not been able to stop watching Niomi's videos and reading her blog posts. They are just so amazing and she is such a lovely genuine girl. I absolutely love reading her food posts and watching her healthy eating videos as she posts about everything I like but with really natural healthy ingredients. I have bookmarked a lot of the food she has created and I'll definitely be trying them in the future. I also love her fashion posts as we have very similar styles when it comes to clothes. If you haven't checked Niomi yet you are missing out. 

I have been following the lovely Rebecca's blog since she commented on one of my blog posts earlier this year but I have been reading her blog non-stop lately. I absolutely love her writing style and the fact that she posts about a lot of things that I am really interested in. I also love the name of her blog too. Very unique! Definitely check her blog out if you haven't already. 

Another blog that I've been reading loads this month. I absolutely love Sophia and her blog. She seems like such a lovely girl and everything she posts about just makes me want to go out and buy it! as her posts are always so detailed with everything I always want to know and she makes it so convincing. I love her photography as they are always so clear and concise. Definitely another blog to add to your blogroll. 

It would have literally been a crime to write this post without including Em and I can't believe I haven't included her in one of these posts before. She is just such an incredible person. She has recently come back to the UK after spending time in Canada and I have loved reading her updates on her blog, twitter and also seeing her photos on her instagram. She is such a lovely girl and I absolutely love her blog which is so incredibly varied. There's everything you could possible want from lifestyle, to fitness,  to food, to of course beauty. She has such an incredible body too and is seriously my fitness inspiration. I hope to get to know her more as she is absolutely lovely. Definitely a blog to check out! 

I have absolutely loved reading Sarah's blog this month. She is an absolutely beautiful girl and her blog is definitely one I keep checking to see if she's uploaded a new post as we have very similar interests and I can always find something I know I'll love on her blog.  Again her blog is very varied containing mainly food, fashion and beauty which is all things I am interested in and love to read. If you haven't read her blog yet definitely do check it out as you won't be sorry! 

So there we have it. Those are all of my favourite blogs so far. I absolutely love bloglovin' as you can find so many new blogs to follow which is how I found these five gorgeous bloggers. If you haven't got a bloglovin' account just click HERE where you can go and create one and follow more of your favourite bloggers. 

What are your favorite blogs to read?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Fleur, you are such a STAR! thank you for including me in this, it is so lovely of you! I am already a fan of all the other bloggers you've mentioned here so you definitely have good taste :-) I have followed your blog via GFC and I'll hop over to Bloglovin to do the same after I've sent this comment! I'll be back to say hello again very soon!

    (Ha, I'm really tired today from staying up late to watch A Walk To Remember. I'm still crying (on the inside) at the ending) *cryface emoji* xxxxx

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely! This comment has made my day! Haha oh same here! I just absolutely love that film!! :) Someone needs to give me a Shane West! Lol! :)

  2. Some of my fave bloggers in your roundup. I love these posts as they're a great way of discovering new people to read too

    1. I agree!! I'm going to be doing a roundup of my top 10 blogs of 2014 too so stay tuned for that if you enjoyed this :) xx


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