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21 November 2014

Hey everyone! So today I am back with another post. I thought that I would do another room tour as there have been some new additions to my room lately and I am finally 100% happy with it. I was going to decorate it up for Christmas and then do this post then but in my house we don't start decorating the house till at least 2-3 weeks before Christmas. I can hear you all now and trust me the anticipation is killing me. I just want it to look all festive like. But anyway! Let me start this post before I ramble on. 

So as you can see from the photos above my room is quite big. A few years ago my parents decided to get the loft converted into a bedroom which initially was supposed to be theirs but then they decided to let me have it which I was extremely grateful with. As you can see my furniture around my bed is built in, which in a way is quite annoying because there are times when I would like to revamp it a little bit but then I think...hmm no...I actually love it how it is. Everything is super easy to find, there is plenty of storage space and it just means that everything is always kept nice and tidy. I keep the cupboards on the left of the photo filled with clothes, the mini cupboards above my bed have got cushions and bed linen and stuff in and then there's more clothes on the right with the rest of the cupboards containing all my books. Yes I absolutely love to read. My bed is a king size and it is the most comfiest bed ever! I absolutely love it. 

On to the other side of my room now and as you can see there is 2 doors. The door furthest away is my bedroom door and the door nearest away is my bathroom door. If you would like to see me do a bathroom tour as well then please let me know. Anyway, as you can see the dressing table is also built in and has a number of drawers in which I can place my jewellery and make up in. I still want to buy some plastic inserts so I can properly sort out my make up. Any recommendations leave them below. As you can see above the dressing table is a very creepy photo of me as a baby. I really don't like it there but my Mum absolutely loves it there so there it will stay. 

Onto one of the bed side table now and as you can see this is where I keep some of my books and my ipod dock. I also have a Lindsey Kelk book propped up on the side to remind me that this is the next book I'll need to read in her series. I absolutely love her books so I highly recommend that you check her out! On the shelves I have some memories on there as well. The top shelf contains some of my 18th and 21st birthday presents and the second shelf contains  a photo frame with me and my best friend from my 21st and a little 'Love' sign which I think is really cute. I absolutely love this corner of my room. 

Another thing I have in this corner are these four books. I won't explain them in full now as I have a seperate blog post on them which should be going up a couple of days after this one but basically what they are here for is to inject a bit of positivity and inspiration into my life. Once again I won't say too much as it'll all be in around 2 blog posts time but I'd highly recommend them! 

This corner of my room is where I keep all my magazines, my memory jar, my 21st birthday teddy, another inspiration decor with the word dream on, my block calender and of course my journal. I keep my journal beside my bed every night as it's where I get everything out, all my thoughts and feelings go into this little book which I also tend to carry about everywhere with me. I hate the thought of leaving it at home so I take it out all the time where I know it's safe. I also tend to have a bottle of water here at all times as I always get thirsty especially at night. I am making a concious effort to drink more water as I literally survived on sprite the whole summer. Not good. This cute pink bottle was purchased from Waitrose and is it just me who tends to be more motivated to drink more water when you can put it in something cute like this? 

Now getting onto the new additions part of this post. If you read my last room tour post you would have noticed that I never showed you my working space. There was no particular reason for this as I did actually have a desk but it was awful, didn't fit in with my room and was quite frankly a mess. When I got home from Turkey I walked upstairs and saw this gorgeous desk. It is made from solid oak and I absolutely love the fact that the white parts match the rest of the furniture and the brown oak parts match the wooden floor in my room, it is absolutely perfect and I am in love with it. 

I am currently sitting on the desk as I type up this blog post. As you can see I didn't waste time setting it up. I have put a lamp on it (soon to be replaced) as this corner tends to be quite dark as this is where the roof slants a little bit, my memory box which I will be doing a blog post on as well soon, a photo from the summer where I went parasailing on top of the memory box, another two journals that are ready for when I have completely filled in the one beside my bed, another block calender which I got from New Look recently for £5.00, my notice board and a mesh desk tidy with all pens and everything tidied away. You can see that I also have the new Taylor Swift album on there as well as I was putting it on my iTunes whilst I was taking photos. Can we just take the time to talk about how amazing this album is? It's definitely my favourite album of hers after 'Fearless' of course. 

When it comes to my room there are a lot of inspiration quotes about and the four above are definitely some of my favourites and really inspire me on a daily basis. When you are in a rubbish mood and feel like the whole world is against you and you just don't know what to do, which is how I feel a lot of the time then I find it really comforting to just look at these quotes, breathe in, close my eyes for 10 seconds, breathe out and trust me when I say that it really does help. The last photo with Taylor Swift lyrics in was hand painted by one of my friends in America and I absolutely love it! 

So there we have it and updated room tour. I absolutely love this room. There is nothing I would When I add a few festive  touches to my room I will take some photos and post it on this blog for you but this is just what my room looks like normally! I absolutely love reading these types of posts and watching these types of videos so if you have one or the other then please leave a link in the comments section below so that I can check it out! 

Will you be adding any festive touches to your rooms this year? 
Hugs and Kisses

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