Review | Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser

18 November 2014

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and are having a good week so far! Today I thought I would review this gorgeous moisturiser that I have spent the last 2 weeks using. When I was in Turkey I didn't have the best skincare routine in the world at all. I never wore much make up because all my make up was too light for me once I was out there for a while. When I finished work I was always too tired for a proper skincare routine. These are all pathetic excuses I know but I did not have a skin care routine and I have ended up coming back home to well, not the worst skin in the world but also not the best. It's dry, I have a lot of brown spots that weren't there before and I just really need to do something about it.

My first course of action was to find a decent moisturiser and I wanted something in the drugstore that was decently priced and then if that didn't work I would go high end. I spotted his particular moisturiser by Neutrogena in Superdrug. I absolutely love this brand. I have always reverted to using the scrub and the facial wash so I already had high hopes for this moisturiser and I wasn't disappointed.

The moisturiser itself is very lightweight and creamy. It's mainly aimed at oily skin but in my opinion will suit all skin types. I use this first thing in the morning and last thing at night and it definitely refreshes my skin. It also doesn't clog it up which is always a bonus. The moisturiser also has three claims. To hydrate, clear and refresh. The hydration properties lie within the oil free formula which provides hydration for around 24 hours and prevents the clogging of the pores. The product also contains Microclear Technology. This helps to reduce and prevent any spots which can help make the skin look clearer. This product also contains a hint of pink grapefruit which can help leave your skin feeling really fresh.

My own personal opinions of this product are as follows. It smells absolutely incredible, which is really uplifting and refreshing. It has a very refreshing grapefruit smell which is 100% not artificial which can often smell a bit horrible. This smells extremely nice however can be a little strong in the evenings and if there is one negative I have to mention here it would be the scent. It definitely won't be to everybody's taste and can be quite overpowering before you go to bed. The moisturiser sinks into the skin practically straight away, perfect for those of you who suffer with oil skin, extremely affordable and extremely hydrating. Like I have said above, I suffer from dry skin and I find that this immediately solves the problem.

Overall I absolutely love this product. It has made me skin look so much clearer and has combated all the dryness on my face perfectly. If you are interested in this product then it is available at Boots and Superdrug for £4.99 which I consider a bargain for how amazing this is. It's definitely up there with my all time favourite moisturiser from Origins. If you are interested in this product then click HERE in order to find out more information or to purchase it.

What are your favourite moisturisers at the moment? 

Hugs and Kisses 

Disclaimer: Please forgive the poor photography. I have been desperate to get this review up but no matter what I do I just cannot sort out the lighting. If you have any advice please leave them in the comments section below. Thank You. 

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