Review | The Body Shop's Glazed Apple Christmas Offering

15 November 2014

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. I absolutely love everything about it. The music, the clothes, the festivities themselves, all the decorations, watching everyone's face lift up and become extremely happy and most importantly the scents. I just love all the brands bringing out Christmas candles and adding some Christmas scents to their products so when I saw that one of my all time favourite stores for body products, The Body Shop, had added three new Christmas scents I jumped at the chance to go down and have a sneak peak. 

The Body Shop's three Christmas scenes are Frosted Cranberry which is a classic favourite already, Vanilla Brulee and Glazed Apple. On first sniff my favourite was definitely the Glazed Apple range so because of this I decided to purchase a few products from the collection and I must say I am not disappointed. I have used all the products already and they are absolutely amazing, Keep reading for a mini review on each product. 

The first couple of things that I bought in the range was the body butter and the body polish. Both of these smell absolutely incredible. The body butter is as usual absolutely incredible. It is incredibly moisturising, sinks into the skin practically straight away so there is none of that waiting around before you put your clothes on and the gorgeous scent lingers on your skin for ages which I absolutely love. 

The body polish is basically like a scrub and basically exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I noticed such a difference to my skin after using this as it buffs away all your dead skin cells and just leaves the layer of skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. The scent is also incredible. The body butter and the body polish comes together in a gift set for only £16 which I find a complete bargain as if you were to buy the two separately you would pay £23! Total Bargain! 

The Glazed Apple Shower Gel is absolutely amazing. As with all the products in this range is smells absolutely incredible. It really does cleanse your skin, leaves it feeling soft and again the apple scent just lingers on the skin. It lathers up extremely well and the gel itself is soap free so you get a soap free cleanse. This shower gel is only £4.00 from the body shop which for how good it is really is cheap. 

The Glazed Apple Shimmer lotion is also amazing however not one that I would use if I was just staying in for the night. I would definitely use this before I was to go out purely because of the fact it contains a hint of sparkle once applied to the skin. Like with the body butter, as well as leaving skin soft and smooth it also sinks into the skin straight away meaning there's no waiting about. This product also contains one of my favourite ingredients which is Shea Butter which really adds a bit of added protection to the skin. This product is £8.00. 

Not that I even needed another one but I thought I would add another lip butter to my collection. I already own loads from the body shop but as I absolutely love the scent from this I thought I'd purchase it. Like with all the lip butters from the body shop they are incredibly moisturising. Winter is my lips idea of hell as they get so chapped and horrible but this definitely helps them out. It has a very slight flavour of apple as well. Always a bonus to get a flavoured lip balm. It leaves my lips protected for a good portion of the day. This lip butter is £4.00. 

When it comes to the winter months it is very important for me to have a good hand cream. My hands get extremely dry during the winter months and I always struggle to find a decent hand cream, however this Glazed Apple one works absolute wonders. This hand cream is incredibly moisturising and the moisture lasts for a good portion of the day and it sinks into the skin incredibly quickly. This is the cheapest product of the range at only £3.50. Once again a bargain. 

Additional Information
The Body Shop have a new campaign this year which is called 'The Gift Sends A Child To A Class'. They have teamed up with a charity called War Child which basically helps children in countries that are affected by war but wish to get an education get their wish. I think this is amazing and by buying the body butter and polish gift set I have helped this to happen. No matter how big or small the gift set is that you purchase it will enable a child in one of the war affected countries to attend a class. I think this is amazing and even more of a reason to purchase a gift set from this range. 

Final Verdict
Overall I absolutely love this range. The scent and quality of the products are absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend them. I cannot fault the body shop at all. I really do hope they keep bringing this scent back as it has definitely already become a firm favourite. If you are interested in these products but don't want to buy them all separately like I did then head on over to The Body Shop's website HERE where you'll be able to find gift sets and every other body shop product as well.  

Have you tried any of the Christmas scents from The Body Shop? Which one is your favourite? 

Hugs and Kisses


  1. This range sounds so lovely! I must check out the range as soon as I can.
    Great post! :)
    Stephanie | from greenteawithstephanie

    1. It's absolutely amazing! Definitely my favorite range next to the mango one!! Thank you so much lovely :) xx

  2. I love The Body Shop in general & their ethics, but their products are just amazing as well! I haven't tried any thing from this range but your post is quite persuading...

    Chloe Andrews | Beauty posts & Nail tutorials

    1. Haha I'm glad it has that affect!! I'd highly recommend it 😊😊 xxx

  3. eeeee I love the apple range! I have the shower gel, think I am going to get the hand cream on my next visit! xx

    1. I've only just seen this comment hun haha! Sorry for the late reply! Hope you managed to get these products!! :) xx


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