It's All About Me, It's All About Me Baby!

22 November 2014

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well. If you hadn't already guessed from the photos and the title today I will be doing a post all about me. I don't feel like you actually know that much about me as a person so hopefully this post will give you an insight into who FleurDanielle actually is. This is a tag which I actually found on Zoella's blog near when she first started out and I liked the idea so I thought I'd do it on mine. This is quite a lengthy post so grab a warm (or cold) drink, sit back and enjoy!

Vital Statistics
Me: Fleur Danielle Griffin 
Nicknames: Flessie, Flower, Fleurde
Birthday: 24th August 1991
Place Of Birth: Hillingdon, London 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo 
Male Or Female: Female 
Occupation: Thomas Cook Kids Rep
Residence: London (Not going to give the exact place, sorry!) 
Screen Name: FleurDanielle / BelleFleur

Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eye Colour: Brown 
Best Feature: Probably my hair 
Height: 5 ft 4/4.5 (.5 is very important!) 
Braces?: No longer have them however did when I was around 13-16. My teeth were awful
Glasses: No 
Piercing: Ear
Tattoos: Nope
Righty Or Lefty: I can write with both hands but tend to be more of a righty 

Your Firsts
First Best Friend: There's a few people who I would call my best friends so I can't really pick who was my first as I have people from all stages of my life. 
First Award: I got an award from school for being extremely helpful and kind at school. The award was given to me by Siobhan Donaghy who was in the original Sugarbabes. She went to my school #claimtofame 
First Sport You Joined: A football team in my primary school. 
First Real Vacation: Mauritius when I was 5 years old. 
First Concert: Westlife - My favourite band ever. 
First Love: I'm yet to experience my first love 

Movie?: I have too many...Breakfast at Tiffany's, Grease, Sound Of Music, A Walk To Remember, The Notebook and most recently Moulin Rouge and The Fault In Our Stars. (hmm the theme through all these films tend to be sadness..oh dear!)
TV Show: Gilmore Girls will always be my main favourite however I love One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaires and 90210. 
Colours?: Turquoise and anything pastel!
Song: This is just cruel. I think Flying Without Wings by Westlife will always be a favourite of mine as well as a classic 60s song Needles and Pins by a band called The Searchers! 
Candy: The new teasers bar. I absolutely love it. 
Restaurant: Nandos or Pizza Hut or a Chinese place near me called Eat Well. 
Store: New Look 
School: My high school definitely 
Book: PS I Love You. Yes I know its a film but it was a book first and the book is seriously incredible. 
Magazine: Company and Glamour 
Shoes: I absolutely love ankle boots. I could wear them all year if I was sure I wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb in the Summer lol! 

Feeling: Calm and Happy 
Single Or Taken: Single...and ready to mingle!! (Corny I know but hey the opportunity presented itself to me okay?) 
Eating: Nothing as it's almost 2AM (I know I'm crazy!) 
Typing: This blog post 
Online: Indeed I am! 
Listening To: The season 2 songs from the show Smash 
Thinking About: How excited I am to have a tango ice blast later when I go to the cinema! Haha! 
Wanting: A cuddle (Hey I'm not going to lie!) 
Watching: The computer screen as I type this blog post. 
Wearing: PJs with little bows on the bottoms and a matching top that says 'Hop Into Bed'. 

Want Children: Of Course
Want To Be Married: Yes 
Careers in Mind: Journalist or something that allows me to expand my writing knowledge 
Where do you want to live: I'd love to move somewhere by the sea so Brighton would be ideal however eventually I'd love to live in America for a while and then permanently settle in Australia. These are my dream places. 

Have You Ever? 
Kissed A Stranger: Yes 
Had Alcohol: Yes 
Smoked: Nope 
Ran Away From Home: Not really no. I disappeared for a couple of hours though 
Broken A Bone: Nope 
Got an X-Ray: Yes 
Broken Someone's Heart: Nope, if I did I'm not aware of it anyway.  
Broke Up With Someone: Yep 
Cried when someone died: Of course! 
Cried at School: Yes 

Do You Believe in: 
God: Yes 
Miracles: Yes 
Love At First Sight: No
Ghosts: No
Aliens: No 
Soul Mates: Yes 
Heaven: Yes
Hell: I'm not sure to be honest I know I probably should because I believe in God and heaven but I just don't know. 
Kissing On The First Date: Yes 
Yourself: No. I wish I did but I just don't. Ever. It's definitely something that I am going to try to work on in 2015. 

So there we have it. A few facts about me. I hope that gives you a little bit of an insight into who I am. If you do want to know more about me then please feel free to email me at or tweet me at @xbellefleurx and I will definitely do my best to respond. I tag all of you reading this post to do this tag! Leave a link to your responses below as I would love to get to know you more as well. 

Hugs and Kisses 

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