Burgundy Autumn/Winter Fashion Picks

9 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Burgundy Fashion Picks

Autumn/Winter Burgundy Fashion Picks by xbellefleurx 

One of my favorite colors when it comes to this time of year is Burgundy. I just think that it is such a beautiful colour for this time of year. It is not too dark and not too bright and just looks good whatever the weather. Whilst doing a bit of online shopping to update my wardrobe I came across a few beautiful items of clothing that I thought I would like to share with you today. All these items are fairly reasonably prices so if you are interested in any of them then just click on the link below. 

I'll start off with my favorite item of the bunch and that is this gorgeous Club L Laser Cut Dress from Nelly.Com. I saw this as I was looking for dresses online and just absolutely fell in love with it. I love how floaty it is and I love the design at the bottom of the dress. This for me is the perfect Christmas outfit. It's not just something to wear during the Autumn/Winter season. I reckon this will be a staple fashion item all year round. I think my most favorite thing about this outfit is the price. For £20 you just cannot go wrong!

One of my favorite shops for clothes has to be New Look. I just love all their outfits and when I was browsing online I saw so many clothes that I would just love to have. The first item is this gorgeous Burgundy Fine Knit Split Back Top for £17.99. Absolutely perfect for winter and it's one of those tops that you can dress up or dress completely down. The plain design just does it for me and I love the split down the back of the top as well. It would look perfect with leggings or jeans and teamed up with these gorgeous Burgundy Leather Boots. I absolutely love these boots and when I spotted them on the new look website my eyes widened in eager anticipation. I am not one to wear boots or any shoes for that matter with that big a heel but I think they are absolutely gorgeous. At £69.99 they are extremely pricey but I do think having good footwear this time of the year is important so I might considering splurging.

Another item that I spotted on the New Look website was this gorgeous Burgundy Cameo Rose Pleated Mini Skirt. I've never really been one to wear skirts during the winter but with some thick black tights and the boots above I think it will look like quite a fashionable autumn/winter staple. At only £14.99 this is a bargain. I have placed an order as we speak! I'll probably be featuring this in an Outfit Of The Day post in the near future.

A fashion essential for Autumn and Winter is a coat. When I comes to coats I normally stick to navy or black however when I saw this coat I couldn't help myself. It's absolutely beautiful. At first I wasn't too sure about the length but its definitely one that I am growing more accustomed to. I think this is a beautiful coat that will look absolutely perfect teamed up with the boots above. This Burgundy Long Duster Coat is available from Miss Selfridge reduced to £20 from £45 which I think is an absolute bargain!

So those are my burgundy fashion picks for Autumn/Winter. I absolutely love this color for this time of the year so most of my wardrobe will consist of clothes and shoes this color. Click on the names of the items throughout this post if you would like to find out more or purchase them for yourself. What are you favorite fashion items for Autumn/Winter? Let me know in the comments below and if you have done a post like this be sure to link it below so I can have a read.

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