Life As A Kids Rep

14 May 2014

Heya Everyone! Hope you are all well! As most of you should or will already know, I am currently in Turkey working as a kids rep. I have been placed in a beautiful hotel where beach is literally a two minute walk from the hotel. It is an incredible job and I absolutely love it. Here are some pictures of the hotel where I am staying if you are interested. These photos have been taken from online but I promise when I have a little bit of time I will start taking proper photos and putting them on here for you! 

Sorry for the blurred photo at the bottom. I couldn't really seem to get one that wasn't but you get the general idea, gorgeous pool with amazing slides! It's an incredible hotel and the food is amazing. It's so incredibly filling and just delicious! I've been to quite a few hotels and the food has never tasted as good as it does here! It's definitely not the best for loosing weight though I will admit! 

Anyway, the main reason for this post is because of a few comments I have been getting on previous posts! I thought that I would write this post as I have been getting a few comments on my previous posts telling me that I've stopped blogging and its a shame because my blog was really good. Thank you so much for the lovely comments but I promise you I have not stopped blogging forever. Only until September. 

I know that September still feels like a long way off but I promise it isn't that long. I have made a list of all the products that need to be reviewed when I am back home so please do not worry. It's lovely to know that some of you read my blog on a regular basis. Don't worry though I will be back. Please follow my instagram and twitter (both are xbellefleurx and are linked at the top of this post). 

Here are a couple of photos that I have taken whilst in kids club! Just so you can see a little bit of what I do! 

 Fountain in Belek, Turkey
 Sunconnect Resorts! 
 View of the one of the pools from the restaurant! 
 View of another pool from the Kids Club
 Where the hotel entertainment takes place and where me and the other kids reps do the mini disco! Ahh!! 
 Atmosphere at night! Pretty amazing! 
 Time to start my first day! But first...lemme take a selfie! (Don't Judge) 
 My legs are horrid I know but I love the magnetic boards and so do the kids! 
 Me and my colleague at the end of the very first chocolate party! 
 A spot on the wall where kids can make their wishes about what they want to happen on their holiday! 
Movies and Munchines Party Treats! As you can see we included a healthy option too!! 

I will end this post here by saying that I absolutely love this job! It's amazing! Very hard work but absolutely amazing too! Definitely one of the best decisions that I have ever made! Wouldn't change anything. Like I've said I will try to post more regularly but my job is really hectic so please bear with me! I hope you are all well and if you are intrested in being a kids rep or working abroad then please let me know! 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. omg your job!! such an amazing job :) what does it properly entail though?
    turkey looks amazing

    check out my latest post :)

    1. It was such an amazing experience. Basically it involves working with kids for six months. My role was to create activites for them such as games and sports and just make it fun for them. Arts and crafts were also involved. We also had to do themed parties like chocolate & birthday bashes etc and then do mini discos in the evening. It was amazing. No longer working because I wanted something more permanent but I'd strongly recommend it if you want to do it! :) xx

  2. I'd love to try this, but I'm a complete home bird! Looks like such an incredible way to spend the summer, have an amazing time! x

    lillies and lipbalm

  3. Love these pictures,also you look great:))


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