New Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes

26 August 2015

Hey Ladies! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! This weekend I've just been packing and shopping with my Dad. I am currently writing this post off my new laptop as we speak! I needed a new one as I was stupid and spilled orange juice on my last one oops. However, my Dad very kindly bought me a new one so that I can skype back home once I am in Turkey. It also means I will be able to blog when I'm out there about my new travels. It really is a win win situation and a very practical going away present! But anyway before I ramble let's get back to the point of this blog post.

On Tuesday last week I went shopping with the lovely Sophie in London's Westfields Shopping Center. We had lunch, caught up and did a bit of shopping too. Neither of us had the intention of buying make up at all! as we both need to save! However as we were browsing the store we spotted these beautiful Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes. Neither of us were aware that they were already out in the UK so we both decided to purchase a few. If you didn't already know what these are they are basically standard nail polishes which have a gorgeous sweet smelling or fresh fragrance once they have dried. 

When browsing the selection of colors that they had I decided to opt for certain shades that I don't really have in my collection. The ones I picked up were Lime Basil which is a gorgeous blue toned green color that can look quite teal sometimes. It's absolutely gorgeous. The scent is incredible as well. Very strong and sweet smelling with a hint of freshness to it as well. If that makes any sense. 

The next shade I picked up and perhaps my favorite of all of them is Bordeaux which is an absolutely gorgeous deep red wine color. It's just so incredibly beautiful. I don't own anything like this in my collection. It's not really a spring/summer color but I really don't care, this will probably be a staple on my nails for the next few months. It'll be absolutely perfect in Autumn as well. The scent again is absolutely beautiful. Very fruity and it actually does smell a little bit like red wine. It's a beautiful scent and I could go on and on about this nail polish I love it that much. Definitely the most beautiful color in the entire range in my opinion. 

The final shade I picked up was African Tea Rose. I own quite a few pink nail polishes but there was just something a bit different about this shade of pink that screamed 'Buy Me!'. I did and well it is a a beauty! It is a gorgeous incredibly bright very barbie pink shade. It looks so much prettier on the nails than in the bottle. Now I'm not a massive fan of this scent to be honest. It is sweet smelling but has a hint of a rose scent that is quite off putting to me. I'm not a big rose fragrance fan but I do know a lot of you will actually like this. 

When it comes to the formulas they are absolutely amazing. They are very creamy and opaque in just one coat. The application process is so incredibly simple and easy as well. All the swatches above are done with one coat and as you can see they are completely opaque. I have had 'Bordeaux' on my nails for the past 3 days and they just haven't chipped at all. The scent is only noticeable after the polish has dried. Before that it does smell like normal polish! They only take a few minutes to dry too! I honestly have nothing bad to say about these polishes! 

Now you're probably thinking, 'but if you didn't know they were released in the UK why did you buy three instead of just one to try?' You would be correct in thinking that however, Boots are currently doing a 3 for 2 offer on these which I reckon is a pretty good deal considering just one of these polishes on their own is £6.49. If you would like to purchase any of the 24 shades in the Revlon Parfumerie collection which if you were wondering is NOT limited edition then head on over here to the Boots website to take your pick. I'd be fast though as these will sell out pretty fast. Definitely some of the recently released drugstore nail polishes! 

Have you been lucky enough to try the Revlon Parfumerie Collection yet? 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. wonderful review!I I love these polishes! the lime basil looks gorg <3

  2. my favourite is lime basil by far, it such a gorgeous colour and looks perfect for spring! I actually think they are pretty good value for Revlon! I love the idea of scented nail polish as I hate the smell of normal varnish! I love your blog and would so appreciate it if you could check our blog out and maybe drop a comment : ) xxxx thanks

    1. Totally agree and I'll definitely head on over now and check out your blog :) xx


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