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9 April 2014

Hello Everyone! So I have only a week or so left before I head off on my new adventures in Turkey! It is so unbelieveably scary that I have so little time left. I still have so much shopping to do and with barely any money that is a bit hard. I thought that today I would show you the few bits and pieces that I have bought to take with me to Majorca and Turkey when I go. As you will notice I have definitely gone a bit t-shirt crazy! This is my first ever clothing haul so I hope you enjoy! 

I spotted this floral peter pan collared top on the New Look website and fell in love with it immediately. If you know me then you know how much I love floral prints. Considering my name is Fleur is that a coincidence? I think not! I am always a bit iffy when it comes to shopping online as I'm the sort of person who needs to try before I buy so I waited until I was in new look and immediately bought it when I saw it. It's so summery and would look amazing with anything from skirts to shorts to trousers. Only thing I dislike is the white collar. It gets dirty so easily especially when it comes to make up application! However I'll definitely be wearing this to death in Turkey. 

I then popped into River Island to pick up this t-shirt which happens to be the first ever clothing item in 23 years that I have ordered online. I just love the design and the fact that it will look perfect with absolutely anything in the summer time. It is very loose and baggy and just a really gorgeous summery t-shirt. I got this reduced in the sale for only £10. For River Island that is a bargain to end all bargains!

I spotted this dress in the sale section of River Island and fell in love with it immediately!! They only had one size left and coincidentally it happened to be in my size! Some things are just meant to be! I absolutely love the polka dot design and the collar as well. It's super flattering on the figure. It clinches in under the breast area and then flares out at the bottom. It will look gorgeous either during the day or in the evening. It's definitely a dress that will be perfect for all occasions. I posted a picture on instagram with me trying this on so check it out. (xbellefleurx). 

We then went in Monsoon as I really wanted a green top that I saw. Unfortunately it was just too expensive so I didn't buy it. However there had a little sale going on there as well and I spotted these jeans. I absolutely love the pattern them. I decided to try them on and it just fitted perfectly. The material isn't as thick as a lot of other jeans so I reckon they will be perfect to wear on cooler days when I'm away. They were reduced from £45 to only £22.50. Still pricey but for Monsoon I definitely considered it a bargain. 

I bought this top at the weekend and it actually makes me kinda sad. This is from Internacionale which if you didn't already know has gone into administration. When I was in my local shopping centre I noticed that they had an 'Everything Must Go' sign in the window so I went in and all they really had left was jumpers, shorts and jeans. As I already have plenty of them I couldn't find anything but then I spotted this t-shirt. I liked that it was grey with a simple floral design on and I got this for only a fiver which I thought was a bargain. Again its nice and baggy and will be perfect for those hot days/nights when I'm in Turkey.

I bought this simple polo t-shirt from Sports Direct as when I go to work in Turkey my uniform actually consists of a polo shirt. I bought this to mainly wear at training and will team this with the black or white shorts that I got which I will talk about next. I really like the color of this top as well as it is one of those colors that really compliments my skin tone. I will definitely wear this once I have finished training too as it is a gorgeous t-shirt that can be teamed with jeans or a skirt and look just as good. I know that I will get plenty of wear out of this. It was only £7.99 reduced from £19.99. Bargain! 

Last week I went shopping with my Mum as she is also going away to Mauritius this summer, so she wanted to buy a few summery clothes. We stopped off in Tesco first of all as the one near me has a huge clothing section. I know it's not the place people my age tend to shop at a lot but the clothes are really nice in there! First thing I spotted was this gorgeous faux leather jacket. I have wanted a leather jacket for so long but they are always way to pricey and seem to be cropped which is annoying! Once I spotted this I refused to leave it behind! It's perfect for spring as it won't boil you to death but also won't freeze you to death if it gets a bit colder. I love the pockets at the side and the length of it as well. Definitely my favorite item of clothing at the moment. 

I also spotted this aztec print top in Tesco too and immediately bought it as it is perfect for summer and is very loose and floaty. The print is very simple which makes this top a perfect pairing for any other item of clothing. I've worn this a few times already and absolutely love it. 

My mum actually picked this out for me to try when we were in Tesco and I think this will be perfect to wear on the plane as it has long sleeves but the material is quite thin so it won't leave me feeling too hot or too cold and I can wear anything with this and over the top and it will look lovely. I love the detailing at the top of the top and the bottom of the top too. Again it's loose and floaty. Definitely a must for me when it comes to t-shirts. 

Final item of clothing I bought from Tesco was this very simple blue t-shirt. I love the fact it's detailed at the front but plain at the back. It is a tad bit see through so definitely needs to be worn with a similar color cami underneath it. Once again this item of clothing will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe and looks absolutely gorgeous with gold jewelry! 

I went to Sainsbury's on Friday with my Dad and headed straight for the summer clothing section. I need shorts as part of my uniform for working with the children in Turkey and it has been such a struggle to find the right length and color! I spotted a few pairs of black shorts so I decided to pick up 2. At £6 each it's a definite bargain! I then went to BHS and spotted this white one which seem more appropriate as they are white, baggy but still smart looking. These were slightly more expensive at £14 but as it is for work I forgave that. These can be worn with absolutely anything as well. 

Another work item. Our uniform dress code is green tops, shorts and white trainers. However the white trainers to have a full sole and no logo on it. If they have logos it has to be blue. I can't explain how difficult it is to find that type of trainer as all the ones I saw had so much design on them and the sales assistants always gave me funny looks when I explained what I needed. Can't blame them really. My last option was Primark when I went in I knew that they would have the above style so I decided to get four pairs. They were only £3 each which is a bargain. I'm tempted to go back and get a couple more in different colors to wear on my days off as they are so comfy. I also bought a pair of flip flops in case I decide to take a stroll along the beach on my days off. I love the summery design of them and they were only £3 from Tesco. Total bargain! 

Last couple of things I bought were these gorgeous necklaces. I spotted the daisy one in Accessorize and thought it was absolutely beautiful! It will look absolutely gorgeous with anything. I also got the copper colored simple necklace purely for everyday wear as it's simple and will once again go with everything. 

So that all the clothes,shoes and accessories I have bought thus far. I still have to purchase a few more things before I go especially dresses and skirts and underwear. I just want to start packing everything now and get it over and done with! Six days to go! 

What fashion items have you purchased recently? If you have done a similar post or video to this then link it below! I'd love to have a read! 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. I love the floral top from New Look, very tempted to buy one myself! Have lots of fun in Turkey!

  2. Oh I love that blue dress! So pretty!

    1. It's literally my favorite item of clothing ever at the moment. Polka dot and collars what more could us girls want? Haha :) xx

  3. I love the necklace. So cute :)

    1. I've worn it everyday since I've posted this haul haha! It just gorgeous with absolutely everything and adds a hint of summer to every outfit! :) xx


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