A Note To My Teenage Self...

13 April 2014

Heya Everyone! So today I thought I would do a little bit of a different post. As I am leaving the country for six months Tuesday morning I have taken a step back and just reflected on my life for the past 6/7 years and just how much I have changed. Because of this I have decided that I would do a 'Dear Younger Self' post. I really like the concept of this post and believe me there are so many things that I would tell my younger self if I could. The above photos are me at 15 years old. So let's get started.

Dear 15 Year Old Fleur, 
Stop taking life so seriously and worrying about every little thing. Don't worry about being in the bottom sets at school and don't be so upset about having to redo your GCSE's because that retake year will turn out to be one of the best school years of your life. You will end up passing your GCSE retakes with flying colors. Don't worry about a certain teacher telling you that you will never get to university and choosing not to let you do a-levels. You will get a place studying a pretty amazing qualification at college which will then take you on to university where you will graduate with a second class honors degree proving that horrible teacher wrong! 

Don't worry about not having a boyfriend. Boys at that age are annoying, immature and quite frankly you are better off without them. Don't worry about being single because you are 15 years old and still have plenty of time to get a boyfriend. Don't choose to be in a relationship for the sake of it or because all your friends appear to be. Talk to that boy you like and try to become friends. Stop talking to him on MSN all night and pluck up the courage to talk to him in school. You really like him so go speak to him! You will just regret it for the next few years if you don't! You will also come across some pretty disgusting excuses for men and witness friends' relationships that will make you glad you are single trust me! They just aren't worth it! 

When it comes to friends, focus on your true friends and quit trying so hard to fit in within the popular crowd. A group of boys and girls who really don't care about you and who take pleasure in teasing you and making your life hard. Do not invite them to your 16th birthday party as you have nothing in common with them and they will not appreciate the effort you have made. They will not say thank you and their behavior will cause your Dad to kick them out at 10PM. They are not your friends and do not care in the slightest about you. They might act like it but they aren't. They are your classmates. Even though they might seem 'cool', believe me when I say the coolest people you know are your current group of friends who six years later you will still have lots in common with and will be closer than ever to. These close friends warn you about the group you are trying to fit in with so listen to them and be sure to take on board what they say! They might just end up saving you from regret! 

No matter what your parents say they will always love you. Don't shout and scream back at them. Ignore them. Put headphones in when your Mum starts to moan or call you really hurtful names or just go out for walk or go to your room. If she is asking you to do something do it properly, no matter if you have a lunch date to get to, get that done first and then go out. Yes you'll want to leave home and never come back, yes you will wish your parents would leave you alone but just try reasoning with them in order to get something in return. Realize that even though you might not need them as much, now that you are older, they need you as they, themselves, are also getting older and need your help. Appreciate your parents and love them unconditionally no matter how hard it may be sometimes. They only want you to be healthy, safe and happy and when you have to leave them for six months you will look back on everything they have done for you that you now have to face alone! 

Don't worry about not having a proper job throughout school,  college and university. You still have your little job at the tutor center working with children of all ages and even though you think  it doesn't count for much this is the job and experience that will get you an incredible job with Thomas Cook working as an Overseas Children's Representative which is pretty amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity! You will be achieving two of your dreams at once. Travelling abroad and working abroad. That's what you call killing two birds with one stone! 

Lastly enjoy life to the fullest! You will be extremely healthy and happy. You will have an amazing group of friends who even though you don't see as much as you would like to anymore are only a phone call away. You will still argue with your family but you will know how much they love you and want the best for you. You will eventually start a beauty blog and a youtube channel that will introduce you to a whole new world and improve your confidence so just take each day as it comes and live your life to the max. 

You only have one life and are only young once so just remember that the best moments of your life are still to come. Relax, work hard and have fun with the people in your life who love you and just want the best for you. 

Good Luck!
An Almost 23 year old Fleur. 


  1. This was such a lovely post. It's amazing how things how worked out so well for you and it's nice to hear how you've grown up throughout everything. I was thinking of doing a post like this.
    Good luck with your new job, Fleur!


    1. Thank you so much lovely and thank you for the lovely comments you always leave me! It really does mean a lot! :) xx

  2. i loved this post so much! you have achieved so much and the popular crowd did suck lol

    check out my blog if you have the time,

  3. Aww this was so lovely to read, I might do something similar, really wish I could go back and tell myself what I know now! xx

    1. Aww thank you lovely! Yeah definitely do it!! :) It's very therapeutic! :) xx

  4. This was so beautiful to read - really put a smile on my face :)


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