Review | Revlon's Lacqeur Balms

14 March 2014

Revlon are one of my favourite brands when it comes to lip products, my favourites being the lip butters. They are just so incredibly hydrating and leave an amazing wash of colour over the lips. They are very long lasting as well and so easy to reapply throughout the day if need be. However, I haven't really tried many of their chubby sticks before so when I saw they had released two very different versions I was desperate to get my hands on them. 

The two different types of balms are lacquer and matte. The matte balms are just that, matte which no added shimmer or shine to them and the lacquer balms have a slightly more glossy finish. Seeing as I am not a matte finish fan as I find them just too drying on the lips I decided to opt for the lacquer balms as I absolutely love a glossy finish on me. I will purchase at least one of the matte balms in the future but for today I'll review the lacquer ones. 

The two colours I opted for are Vivacious which is a gorgeous deep reddish pink colour and Demure which is a gorgeous, almost perfect nude shade. Firstly I just love the packaging. It is a crayon like stick with a twist up feature. I absolutely love this as it means no product gets wasted and unlike lip liners you don't need to keep sharpening it. Each of the crayons packaging is quite shiny and the colour of the balm itself, making it easy to decide which colour you would like to go for. I absolutely love these two colours as I believe you can build up on the intensity of how you would like to wear them.

The formula has been described as having quite a high shine with a balm like moisture and I completely agree with that statement. Like I have mentioned above the finish is incredibly glossy and when you apply it you definitely feel like you are applying a lip balm as it is incredibly soft and smooth. I've noticed that these balms have a tiny bit of shimmer going through them giving them a little bit of a frost finish. These ColourBurst Crayons also contain a triple butter complex of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter, all of which are some of my absolute favourite ingredients when it comes to beauty products.

The only thing I'm a little bit unsure of is the fragrance. If you have used some of Revlon's balm stains in the past then you will know that these contain a peppermint like fragrance which I think is a bit like marmite. You either love it or hate it and me personally I'm still a little bit undecided but I think I'm leaning more on the 'hate' side of things. It's just not my kind of smell. Thankfully it doesn't really put me off the product as the main purpose of these balms are amazing.

All in all I absolutely love these balms. They are so incredibly pigmented and look incredible in the day time or night time, they are so easy to work with and the colours are just so incredibly beautiful. They are also extremely long lasting which is a bonus. I managed to wear them for a least 7 hours before I had to touch up the colour. They are just amazing.

There are 10 shades in total which includes the two I've purchased and swatched here so there is bound to be something out there that will suit absolutely every skin tone. These balms can be purchased at Boots HERE for £7.99. If you have been living under a rock all these time and didn't already know, Boots are also doing a 3 for 2 deal at the moment too so you can get 3 balms for the price of two! If that doesn't tempt you then I don't know what will!

Have you already had the chance to try these lacquer or matte balms? What are your opinions?

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  1. I love this range and also have Demure!:)x

  2. Vivacious looks like my kind of colour. Im excited to get my hands on a few of these

    1. It's extremely pretty!! You won't be disappointed :) xx

  3. I have only tried a matte one so I can't wait to try a lacquer! :)

    1. I'm definitely going to try a matte one when I get paid at the end of this month! Hope I love them as much as these :) but definitely try a lacquer one they are incredible :) xx


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