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29 March 2014

What an absolutely gorgeous Saturday it is! I'm currently sitting outside on a swing chair with my laptop writing this post for you all as it's just too nice a day to stay inside. If you have followed my blog for a while now then you will now how much I have been lusting over this moisturizer. I finally managed to get my hands on it around 3 weeks ago and have been using it every day since. I just absolutely love everything about it and find it has made such a difference to my skin! Keep on reading to find out more. 

Origins is a brand that I have wanted to try for literally months. They are such a popular brand among the big bloggers and youtubers and I don't think I've ever seen a bad review on any of their products. I decided to splurge on this gorgeous moisturizer as I'd read so many good things and I knew it would be good for my skin type. When it comes to packaging for moisturizers I really am a sucker for them. Sometimes I can be really lazy with my skin and forget to moisturize quite a lot so I always go for something that's quite bright so that it will always catch my eye and remind me that moisturizing my face is a must, especially as my skin is extremely dry in certain places. I love the fact that it is bright orange and quite small and petite which makes it very travel friendly. 

When it comes to applying this moisturizer the first thing you notice, which is probably the main reason why I was so excited to try this moisturizer is the citrus fragrance. I was drawn to this because I absolutely love the Soap and Glory sugar crush scent so I just knew I had to try this and it is just absolutely incredible. It smells exactly like oranges and really is uplifting and definitely something that will wake you up in the morning. Don't worry the scent disappears on the skin after a while, so you don't go around smelling like a citrus fruit but it really is incredible when you first apply it. 

The formula is also incredible. It is a lightweight texture which I love as I hate moisturizers that feel really thick and heavy on the skin. This is perfect as it's very light but it still gives the right amount of moisture for your skin. It also feel really cooling on the skin which I love, as this basically gets rid of any puffiness that you have around your face and will also wake you up. If you have oily skin then this will also be perfect for you as it is oil-free so won't make any part of your face oily but will still give your face the moisture it needs. I also reckon this is the perfect base for make up due to it's radiance boosting properties and creates such a vibrant and healthy looking glow which let's be honest who doesn't want that? 

I've found that this has made such a difference to my skin. When I have applied it I have noticed a difference straight away. It really does make me look more wide awake in the mornings and instantly makes my skin look incredibly moisturized. The moisturizer basically 'jump-starts hydration levels' according to Origins and I completely agree as my face looks instantly hydrated and moisturized. This is down to the skin-boosters contained within the formula such as Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean. 

Overall I think this moisturizer is incredible and I really don't have anything bad to say about it. I think it will suit almost every skin type, however even though it is hydrating, I don't think it will be that hydrating for those of you with extremely dry skin, so perhaps opting for something that has a little bit more hydration will be the best option for you. If you like the sound of this moisturizer and think it is right up your street then head on over to the the Origins website HERE where you can purchase it for £23. Origins are also doing a special set at the moment called 'Extra-Zing Energizing' set where you get this moisturizer and their Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask which comes in 4 try me pods. This is also available for £23 HERE. If you opt for this option then you will save £6! Amazing! Don't forget you also get 3 free samples with any order which I love as it's basically try before you buy! So what are you waiting for? 

Have you tried this moisturizer or any other Origins skincare products before? 

Hugs and Kisses


  1. I really want to try Origins, sounds amazing :)

    1. Start off with this product! It's beautiful! :)

  2. This is my all time favourite moisturiser, I just ran out though so it's to pot my shopping list!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    1. Yeah I'll be repurchasing this all the way through summer too lol!


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