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10 March 2014

Hello there everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend and a great start to the week. I've spent literally the whole of today taking photos for future blog posts and listening to the Frozen soundtrack as well as Lea Michele's new album which by the way is amazing. It hasn't been released in the UK yet so I've pre-ordered it but some naughty person has put the whole album on youtube so if you like Glee and Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) then click HERE to have a listen. 

If you read my beauty haul post that I posted last week or you follow me on instagram then you would have seen I was a little bit naughty and spent way to much money in Boots and Superdrug. Two of the items I eyed up was the silk nail paints from Barry M. You all know by now, or at least should all know how much I absolutely love the Barry M nail paints. Everything from the formulas, to the colour range to the size of the polishes are just amazing so when I spotted these being advertised I wasn't going to say no. 

My local superdrug only had two out of the five colours in the range in stock at the time and these were Heather, which is a beautiful pinky purple shade and Mist which is a gorgeous baby blue shade. Both of these colours are absolutely perfect for the Spring season that has finally arrived as they are gorgeous pastel shades and we all love a bit of pastel this time of the year don't we?

I will admit that as much as I love these polishes I do find that the formula is quite thin compared to the other polishes. I need to apply at least three coats of this polish on my nails and that's also how many coats I've applied to the nail wheel photographed above. However it depends on how sheer or opaque you want the polish to be. Two coats looks nice but since I prefer the more opaque finish three coats was definitely the best option.

The finish is very matte which I was a bit iffy on at first because I prefer my nails to be quite glossy and shiny and I don't find the addition of a top coat works with these. They definitely look better matte and they give that gorgeous silky look to them as well. I definitely think this is down to the little bit of shimmer running through them. These polishes are also very chip resistant. I've currently had them on my nails for about 4 days and not one single chip so far. As with all of the Barry M polishes they dry extremely fast as well.

In conclusion as disappointed as I was with the formula I am definitely going to get the other three shades when I get a chance as I just love how they look on the nails. These two shades are absolutely stunning on the nails so I look forward to seeing how the others look. These polishes can be purchased at Boots/Superdrug for £3.99.

Have you tried the Barry M Silk Nail Paints yet? 

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  1. I love the look the look of these colours. I normally prefer glossy nails but these do have a shimmer to them so they look quite pretty. It's a shame that the formulation wasn't great though.

  2. Barry M never cease to disappoint with their nail polishes. I think these shades are absolutely gorgeous and I would love to try them out with a glittery top coat.

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. Very pretty pastel shades. You can't go wrong with a BarryM polish. They always deliver quality for money


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