Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

3 February 2014

Hello Guys! So as promised last week I am back with my Valentines Day Gift Guide for the men in your life. Whether in a relationship and fancy spoiling your boyfriend or maybe your family is like mine and gift each other valentines day presents I'm sure there is something here that will spoil the men in your life. So let's get started. 

If your man still thinks he is a bit of a superhero and just hasn't managed to grow out of that stage yet or you think he's a bit of a superhero himself then the batman mug will be absolutely perfect. I just absolutely love this mug I think it's so cute and if you have been following me since before Christmas you would have already seen this in my Christmas Male Edition Christmas Gift Guide. The wings are the handles and I just think this is absolutely perfect for men and boys of all ages! 

Men don't tend to be very organised. We always see them running around the house looking for their keys, wallet and phone and perhaps even their own watch. Again this item was in my Christmas Gift Guide and is a little leather tray where they will be able to store all of their belongings so that it is easy for them to find the next day. It has different compartments that will be big enough for all the important everyday items that they use. For example their very own personalized wallet which as you can see I have also included above. Practical and useful! 

If you are a sentimental and loved up couple then the next three items will be right up your street. If you have been together for a good few years now maybe you would like to remind your man of all the good times you had together and create a little photo book full of the most precious memories you have together. As a special gift you can choose one of your most favorite photos together and put it in a little heart shaped paper weight that he can put in his office or have as decoration in his room. Or you can just get straight to the point and buy a classic 'I Love You' pillow or other similar gift. (Guys, if you are reading this all these gifts can also be useful gifts for her too) 

All men like to smell good! So what better way to spoil him than with a Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette Spray. I chose this particular spray as it is gold. Now you don't tend to see that many gold aftershave for men so I just though, as Valentines Day is afterall, a very special day this would be perfect. Of course his favorite one would obviously go down extremely well too! 

Personalized gifts always go down well and in particular I've noticed personalized alcohol giftsets really go down a treat. So why not get a whisky glass (even if he doesn't drink whisky) and put a personalized message on it? I think it's the perfect gift to let him know how much he means to you as it's not over the top romantic, it's practical and it's just a really thoughtful and lovely gift. Of course they do wine bottles, and stoppers and other little personalized gifts you can do as well.

Another gift idea I reckon would be absolutely perfect for him would be a little mug that he can put coffee/water/or any other beverage he might like. Obviously the one in the photo says best boyfriend but you can get his favorite football team, or band or a simple mug you reckon he might like. For Valentines Day however, I reckon the one in the photo would be absolutely perfect.

If your man is technology obsessed and has an iPad, or even a kindle or iPhone then why not treat him to a personalized cover or just any case you think he might like. Maybe he has had his eye on something in the past that you could pick up? Again it's not over the top romantic but it's practical and thoughtful.

The final idea that I will share with you, and I personally think this is so incredibly cute is a story or timeline of your relationship so far. I think this would go down better with those of you who are married/engaged/or are in current serious relationships as you can document the time you met to where you are now and it can be so romantic but also a lovely and thoughful gift that demonstrates how important your relationship is. This is definitely something I would do had I been in a serious relationship!

So those are just a few ideas I've given you, if those still don't work perhaps you can both go out for a romantic meal somewhere, or go and see a theatre show, or maybe a cinema trip. If you aren't the really over the top romantic types (nothing the matter if you are) then perhaps an experience day like a photoshoot or wine tasting would go down better. Whatever you choose I hope you have the best Valentines Day ever. Those of you who are single, like me can curl up on the sofa with some of our favorite films, maybe have a few friends around and buy a treat from OUR boyfriends Ben and Jerry! Perfect!

Do you already know how you are spending Valentines Day this year? Let me know below! 

Hugs and Kisses 


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