Valentines Day 2014 Gift Guide For Women

27 January 2014

Valentine's Gift Guide For Her with Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Nutella

Heya Everyone! Hope you are all well and have had a lovely Monday! First of all I am so sorry this post is late. I haven't been well today and also been busy cleaning the house with my Mum but I hope you all enjoy it. 

Today I thought that I would get my Valentine's Day posts out of the way and start off with a female gift guide. I know mainly girls read my blog and will be looking for ideas for their boyfriends, however, if you are anything like me, maybe you like to spoil your mum or best friend on Valentines Day too! These ideas could be absolutely perfect. Or maybe you have been working so hard and want to treat yourself instead! If so keep on reading! 

Michael Kors Watch 
I absolutely love these watches. I think they are so incredibly classy and will go with everything. It's really nice to have that one statement jewelry piece that goes with everything you wear and I think watches are absolutely perfect for that. Now, I know these aren't cheap but I truly believe once you've bought this you'll never look back. I know I'll be treating myself to this soon! 

Nutella Recipe Book 
Need I say more? If you are a chocolate lover or have a loved one who absolutely is chocolate crazy then this will be absolutely perfect for them! Packed with 30 recipes this little book will be absolutely ideal for those days off and lazy days! I've never actually tried Nutella in my life so this is definitely an item I will be purchasing for my mum as well as myself! I love to bake and cook deserts so I'll get a lot of use from this. 

Pandora Valentines Day Charm/Bracelet 
I absolutely love Pandora and this year their valentines day collection is just absolutely beautiful. From heart rings to 'Happy Valentines Day' Pandora bracelet charms you're sure to find something that she will absolutely love. If your loved one doesn't yet have any pandora jewelry then a bracelet or ring will be perfect introductory items! Bracelets are ideal because then every year for birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day that's a present sorted! Cheeky I know! 

Personalize Your Canvas 
Over Christmas I spotted this in the lovely Lily Pebbles 'What I Got For My Birthday' Video. Basically you head on over to the website HERE and choose the first letter of your loved ones name and create a canvas with words that best represent them. It is such a fabulous idea and something that they can put in a photo frame, or on a canvas and hang on the wall. It is such a fabulous gift idea and definitely something I will be treating a few people too not just for valentines day but for birthdays too. 

'Lola' Marc Jacobs Perfume 
I don't know about you but absolutely everyone I know is in love with Marc Jacobs perfumes. The bottles are just super stylish, the scents are incredible and they will just look absolutely gorgeous on her dressing table. Obviously there are many different Marc Jacobs perfumes but Lola is one of my personal favorites which is why I chose it. 

Kate Spade iPad Folio 
Another gift that I spotted in Lily Pebbles birthday video. After Christmas I ordered this case with the Christmas money I got given and I absolutely love it. It really protects my iPad and is just so effortlessly stylish. These are however extremely popular and sell out really fast on the website so definitely something to check out ASAP if you are interested. They do more than one style so you're bound to find something that will suit her and maybe even your own needs. 

White Company Candles 
Candles are just definitely the best thing in my opinion to combat stress and to just relax you. If the lady in your life has had a long hard day or is slightly stressed and just needs to relax then a freshly scented candle from White Company will be right up your street. These candles are incredible and they last a really long time too and I also love that they burn straight down and don't leave any wax at the side of the candle which is definitely a bonus for me! 

SPA Day 
If you are truly lost for ideas on what to get her for Valentines Day then why not treat her to a relaxing spa day followed by a lavish romantic meal at a restaurant in the evening or perhaps even a home made meal? Obviously if you are a male reading this that idea would suit your needs more, or if you are a female looking for ideas to spoil your friends then maybe a night out at a theater would be more up your street! Or a night out with your friends in general to celebrate being single will do the trick! 

So there we go, those are my ideas for spoiling the women in your life whether its your partner, mum, or closest friends I'm sure there is something in here guaranteed to make them extremely happy! I will be doing a male gift guide as well towards the end of the week so make sure to follow me on twitter/instagram/bloglovin' to be the first to know when the post is published! 

Do you already know how you are going to be treated/treating your loved ones this Valentines Day?

Hugs and Kisses


  1. Ohh if only I had someone to buy me these things haha.
    I love the Nutella book, of course ;)

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger


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