Payday Wish List

4 January 2014

Pay Day Wish List!

Heya everyone! So if you follow me on twitter you might have seen me complaining about a job called 'canvassing' over the past two months. This job basically involves me knocking on around 300 doors asking for people to sign forms which is legal requirement so they must do it! It's so incredibly frustrating as nobody really opens their doors or they refuse to sign. I was doing this all over Christmas and absolutely hated it. However, as someone who is unemployed I am going to take any little job I can that gives me some money that I can save as well as treat myself once in a while too! I think I deserve it. As this weekend is the final weekend of going around knocking on doors I thought why not compose a little wishlist containing items that I would absolutely love to treat myself too once I get paid. Enjoy!

Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch 
This is an item that every you-tuber, blogger and their mother has. At first I couldn't see the obsession with them but I once I saw them in person at Michael Kors in Covent Garden I was completely converted. They are so classy and I have been looking for a really nice statement jewelry piece and I think a watch is perfect. They are timeless, you can wear them on every occasion and they go with every item of clothing. At £229 they are not cheap but spending that amount of money once in a while at one time I think is reasonable. Especially if you've worked hard enough to earn the money you get. Out of everything on this list this is probably the one item I am 100% sure about getting. 

Origins Energy Boost Gin Zing Moisturizer 
I can hear you all saying 'You've had this on two wishlists in the past and still haven't bought it?' Yes. The disadvantages of being unemployed. I have read so many good things about this moisturizer, how it's meant to revitalize your skin and give it a really healthy glow. I won't lie by saying the one thing that draws me into this moisturizer the most is how it is supposed to have a citrus scent. It just appeals to me so much! Definitely one I hope to get my mitts on pretty soon. 

Mac's 'Tan' Pigment
This is another item that was a lot of my wishlists in 2013 however, due to lack of funds I was never able to purchase it. I have never really used any Mac pigments or eyeshadows as I couldn't justify paying £18 (I think that's how much they are, correct me in the comments if I am wrong) on them. However, I just absolutely love this color and every time I see a beauty blogger or you-tuber do a look with it I go green with envy as it always looks so stunning no matter what the skin tone is. Definitely something I will own in the next couple of months. 

Benefit's Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Loose Powder 
When it comes to higher end brands benefit have always been a brand I've wanted to try. I love the way their products are packaged and how they always look so pretty. I've also not heard one single bad thing about any of their products. New on my list of beauty things to try from them is this loose powder. Currently I'm seeing lots of people rave about it. The main thing I've read about this powder is how it features a little twist out brush at the bottom of the packaging. I think that's just such a cute touch. I also love the fact the powder is meant to go on transparent which is absolutely perfect as I won't need to mess around looking for a right shade for me. I can't wait to receive this as I've actually already placed an order for it along with the POREfessional primer. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those items coming up on my blog soon! 

NAKED 3 Palette
2013 was the year I was introduced to the hype surrounding this palettes. I never owned the naked 1 or 2 palettes as to be honest I wasn't that keen on the colors in them. I just felt like they wouldn't really suit my skin tone. However, when I was in Debenhams I saw this palette in person and fell in love. The colors are just so me and I absolutely love the rose gold packaging it comes in too. 2014 will be the year I spend time experimenting with different eye shadows and I can't wait to finally experiment with this new palette. 

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 
Foundation is one of those beauty items that makes me feel incredibly good about myself. I don't know why I just feel a lot more confident wearing it. As I'm sure every other girl does. In 2013 I experimented with almost every drugstore foundation. I have a little collection on my dressing table that I still need to do reviews of so stay tuned for them, however, now I really want to experiment with higher end brands and I think sheer glow will be the perfect foundation to start off using. 

I hoped you enjoyed reading this post! As you can see this year I will be experimenting a lot with higher end brands. Don't worry, just because I get paid soon doesn't mean I'm going to blow it all on make up but I will make darn sure I splurge on at least a couple of these items as some of them have been on my wish list since I started blogging. Make sure to follow my instagram at xbellefleurx as I always photograph beauty products that I buy so you can see what's coming up on my blog before anybody else! 

Are there any items that have been on your wish list for ages that you are hoping to try this year?

Hugs and Kisses


  1. I love the version of the watch you showed with the braided bang rather than the normal links one, I am thinking about getting one this month but I mostly have silver jewellery so I am worried about it clashing!
    Good luck with the job search, I think everything happens for a reason!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. I actually prefer that version! But I think it's slightly pricier? I don't know I'll see nearer the time haha! :) Ahh I don't think it will clash!! Definitely treat yourself! They are so luxurious! :) Also thank you so much! It's so frustrating! I hope all the waiting around its worth it in the end! :) xx

  2. I got a michael kors watch for my bday and am in love!!

    Defo need to get my hands on the naked 3 palette

    1. I am thinking if I should ask for one for my birthday but that's not until August haha! I might get it at the end of next month! I've just placed an order for the naked 3 haha!

  3. Great wish list - the benefit porefessional powder is on my list too x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. It seems absolutely amazing! I'm not surprised everyone wants it haha! :) xx


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