Love Me Beauty Box | January Edition

19 January 2014

Way before I started my beauty blog I kept on seeing beauty boxes creeping up on the scene and they started to become incredibly popular. The main box when I started my own blog was the glossy box. I then decided to subscribe and wait for my box to arrive and when it did I couldn't have been more disappointed. I found that is was mainly samples that I could have got in a copy of an Avon magazine or just picked up at Debenhams and other shops like that. Definitely not worth it. I didn't even wait until the following month, I decided to cancel my subscription straight away as I saw a lot of other bloggers saying the exact same thing. Definitely not worth the money. Don't get me wrong I find glossy box's concept amazing, but I just wasn't impressed at all. 

Last year I came across the Love Me Beauty box thanks to Kayleigh, aka CoutureGirl and became instantly intrigued and really wanted to try the boxes as I thought the whole concept behind them was amazing. Basically you get the choice of 3 menus per month which is basically the choice of 3 different boxes! Each menu contains a list of 5 different products which contain both a mixture of full size and sample sizes. Some of the products are the same in every box but also contain contain completely different products which is amazing as you have the choice of boxes to suit your own specific needs. Some of the products will be high end as well as slightly cheaper products too. It's just an incredible concept. 

At the beginning of January I decided to try out the January Box with some of the Christmas money I got given. I opted for Menu 2 as this contained a list of products that I was interested in the most. The box arrived yesterday and I absolutely loved the way it is packaged. I love how colorful the contents are and I love that they include the menu which gives detail descriptions of all the products that have been sent to you!
Here is a list of products that I received: 

NYX Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in 'Rock' - RRP £5.00
Weleda Sea Buckhorn Hand Cream (Sample Size) - RRP £8.95
Anatomicals Rose & Jasmine Body Cleanser (Full Size) - RRP £3.00
Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier (250ML) - RRP £15.00
Cosmetics a la Carte Divine Lash Mascara in 'Black' (Full Size) - RRP £23.00 

So far I have only tried two of these products the body cleanser and the hand cream. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical about the rose and jasmine body cleanser as I am not a huge floral fan and rose happens to be one of my least favourite scents as very often I find it is too overpowering and tends to give me headaches but this product has a very subtle rose fragrance. I tried it out last night and it really leaves your skin soft and smooth and the rose and jasmine scent just lingers on your skin for hours after you've had a shower. I have also tried out the hand cream and I am thoroughly impressed. It leaves my hands feeling incredibly moisturized and soft. If you have read my previous posts then you will know how vital a hand cream is for me all year round especially winter! 

Overall I am incredibly impressed with this box. The contents are incredibly varied from skincare, haircare and even make up items.You can head on over HERE  to select your own box for only £10 + £2.95 p&p! I reckon this is a complete bargain because, as you can see the contents of the box themselves are worth a whopping £54.95!! It definitely is a beauty lovers dream and I am already incredibly excited to receive the February box! Make sure to stay tuned to my twitter & bloglovin' to find out when I post full reviews of all these items. I can't wait to try the other 3 items that I received! 

Have you ever tried a beauty box before? Have I tempted you into trying the Love Me Beauty box? 

Hugs and Kisses


  1. Gosh this looks fab! I've been tempted by beauty boxes for a while now, seems like such a treat to get a surprise box of beauty treats each month! Lovely images, and great post thank you!
    Josie xoxo

    Fashion Mumblr

    1. So was I but I could never find good enough reviews until I found this one! :) Thank you so much! xx

  2. This looks like such great value. There are so many beauty boxes out there at the moment, I'm never sure which one to go for! Following you on Bloglovin', lovely! Xx

    1. I think this is definitely the best one out there at the moment! :) I wouldn't go with glossy-box as they aren't good enough value for money! This is definitely the best for your money :) xx

  3. This looks fab! I've been contemplating a monthly beauty box but wasn't sure which one...I think you've made my mind up! Thanks! Following you on Bloglovin now and look forward to reading more posts xx

    1. Yay :) I'm glad I have the powers of persuasion haha :) thank you so much lovely! Enjoy your boxes when you get them :D xxx

  4. This month looks great. I've been holding off for the last couple as there have been a few repeat products but I think this one is great!

    1. Yeah I've seen reviews with repeat ones but I don't really mind that much to be honest haha! Hope you get it and enjoy it if you do :) xx


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