The Christmas Tag - Part One.

4 December 2013

It's finally here girls and guys. The final month of 2013 is upon us. Is it just me who is incredibly freaked out by that. Where on earth has this year gone? I'm officially a believer of the saying "Time flies when you are having fun" and I have had a lot of fun this year. Both my cousins who I never really get to see came to stay with me, I graduated university and took upon myself to do things that I have never done before. However, I will save the rest for my end of year catch up which will published on New Years Eve so stay tuned for that! 

I thought that tonight I would do 'The Christmas Tag' as I've been desperate to get some festivity onto my blog. However decided to split it into two parts. The first part is a tag that I found over on the lovely Kayleigh (CoutureGirl's Blog - from last year...I'm not a stalker I promise) and the second part is going to be a mixture of questions that I've found on different posts and different versions of the tag, all put into one post. So let's get started on part one! 

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? 
Spending time with my family and the general atmosphere around London and in shopping centers etc when you go out. Everyone smiles a lot more and seems a lot happier and relaxed. I absolutely exchanging presents with my family and friends and seeing the smiles on their faces when they open up the gifts. The food is of course another thing I absolutely love. Croquet potatoes, turkey and cranberry sauce are things I never ever have the rest of the year so I absolutely love to indulge in those goodies at Christmas. I love it when the music and movie channels put on festive music and movies. I love nothing more than wrapping presents and singing along at the top of my voice to 'All I Want For Christmas' by Mariah Carey or watching 'Miracle on 34th Street'. But let's get to other questions before I go on and on. 

What is your favorite make up look for the festive season? 
I've never been one to dress according to season or whatever occasion there is so I don't really have a favorite make up look. This year I am going to experiment a lot with the color red. You can't go wrong with that color at Christmas! Red lips is definitely something I'll be rocking (I hope) and I'll be wearing a lot of gold around the eyes as well. (Nothing tacky before you all judge!) 

Real or Fake Tree? 
Ever since I was little I've always had a fake tree. I just think they are so much easier that going out and looking for a new tree each year. I've had my fake Christmas tree since I was around 5 and it's still going strong. It's also incredibly easy to decorate and pack away once the festivities are over. Having said that, I absolutely love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree! I'll definitely be purchasing a Christmas tree scented candle this year! 

 Giving or Receiving Presents? 
Giving presents definitely. I love quizzing or keeping a close eye on my loved ones before I do my Christmas shopping just to get a general idea of what they want. I usually knock the nail on the head every year so there's nothing I love more than seeing their faces lit up and my loved ones going 'Just what I wanted, how did you know?!', I just get real satisfaction and feel really good about myself after. Of course who doesn't love receiving presents as well though, let's be honest now. 

Do you open your presents in the morning or in the evening? 
Both! It used to always be ridiculously early in the morning! I'm talking 7AM here. My parents always wake up at the crack of dawn to prep the turkey and then wake me and my brother up about an hour or so later and call us down where we make sure everyone is free to open their presents at the same time. In recent years we get up at a more reasonable time as my parents work more hours and like to spend a bit longer asleep so we don't really open anything until 11:30ish/Midday! Then in the evening we open more presents as we have family that come over and see us and join in the festivities. 

 Handmade or Bought Christmas Cards? 
Due to my lack of creativity unfortunately I always give bought christmas cards. However, some of them are absolutely gorgeous and super festive which I love. A few of my friends always create handmade cards and you would honestly think they are from a shop! They are so incredible. If I get one this year I'll be sure to post a photo on here or my instagram (xbellefleurx) for you all to see what I mean. 

What is your favorite Christmas film? 
I have three favorites. Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Carol. I absolutely love these films so much. There's nothing I love more than curling up in bed or on the sofa on a winter's evening with a mug of cinnamon or candy cane hot chocolate and feeling all warm and cozy inside. This time of year a lot of us get the flu or ill due to the weather change and I could think of no better remedy really. If you haven't checked out any of these films I highly recommend them. 

What is your favorite Christmas food? 
Like I mentioned earlier, Turkey, Croquet potatoes and Cranberry Sauce are my Christmas favorites and I ALWAYS have tons of sandwiches filled with turkey and cranberry sauce for at least a week after Christmas! There's just nothing better really! I love Christmas puddings (not the traditional one unfortunately I'm not a fan), cakes and other yummy deserts and of course there's always a box of celebrations lying around. Teasers especially! Mmm!! 

So there we have it. Part One of The Christmas Tag. I absolutely love this time of the year. I've been spending a lot of time up in London with my cousin at the moment and the atmosphere is just incredible, all the lights are up, the weather is just cold and crisp and I am just in love with this time of the year. Like I've mentioned I will be doing 'The Christmas Tag - Part Two' sometime next week and will include photos of what my house and bedroom look like at Christmas so stay tuned for that. I tag all of YOU reading this post to do this tag so please leave your posts in the comments once you're done so I can have a read! 

Do you have any Christmas traditions? I'd love to know what they are so please leave them in the comments below. Keep an eye on my blog for festive posts such as recipes, festive outings, and how I decorate for Christmas all of which will be heading your way very shortly! 

Hugs and Kisses 

DISCLAIMER*: The photographs used in this post were found on google images and the first photo you see was edited by myself on picmonkey. I do not take any credit for these photos. 


  1. I love christmas too, I'm heading to London on Friday and cant' wait to see all the lights and displays!
    I'm totally with you in the fake tree going from having a real one to fake, so much less mess!

    Ineffable Beauty

    1. eeek have a great time! The lights in London are gorgeous! Make sure you head down to winter wonderland in hyde park as well!! :) xx

  2. This is such a good tag! I'm so tempted to do the Christmas tag now.
    Great post for the Christmas lovers like myself. :)

    1. Do it!! :) it's something every blogger should do :) xx

  3. I love this tag! Might probably start one in my platform tumblr community :)

  4. What an amazing tag, i'd love to do this!!
    Also, I have just launched my Beauty blog sale
    and I would love for you to check it out to see if there’s any bits that take your fancy :)
    Sophie xxx


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