How I Spent Christmas 2013

26 December 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day to you all! (I know there's no such thing okay?)! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your family and you all got everything you wanted and more! I had such a good day and I can't believe Christmas is already over for another year! All the excitement that builds up and it's gone in a flash! Nonetheless I had an amazing day as you can see from the photos above so I will share details of the two days below. 

Christmas Eve was spent with me and my cousin heading up London to do some last minute Christmas Shopping. We went to Oxford Street which I was extremely skeptical about at first because I thought it would be absolutely packed but it was actually not too bad. The atmosphere was amazing. We had a look in Selfridges and I couldn't resist taking photos of the Christmas windows as you can see from above! I don't know about you but I'd absolutely love that YSL clutch!! We then headed back hope and wrapped more presents and stuck them all underneath the tree. I then headed out to give Christmas cards to all the neighbours came back and got dressed my Christmas Eve PJS! Something I absolutely love! It was then time to watch christmas films with my mum brother and cousin and then off to bed we went! 

Christmas Day started with me and my brother woke up at 8:45AM to get read to go to Christmas Mass which was so lovely. I love the Christmas services at Church. Everyone is so happy and the Christmas Carols sung are so beautiful and it's just such a beautiful service! After that we came back and woke up my cousin so that we could finally open our presents. (I will be doing a separate 'What I Got For Christmas' post). We were all extremely happy. My cousin got an iPod and my brother got a really nice radio/record player unit which he absolutely loves. We were all extremely happy with our presents and I loved seeing the look on my families faces when they open their presents. 

After that we all got ready into our Christmas outfits. As you can see I wore a simple blue dress with leggings underneath as it was quite cold and I also had a jewelry set on that my aunt gave me but I'll speak more about that in my next post. I then had another cousin and my uncle and aunt with my 2 year old twin cousins come round as well which was lovely. We then sat down to watch the 'Top Of The Pops Christmas Special and Miracle at 34th Street whilst we were waiting for our Christmas dinner. 

After the films me and my two older cousins decided to entertain my little twin cousins as both of them were wrecking the Christmas Tree! As you can see from the photo of my and my cousin pulling the Christmas Cracker in front of the half empty Christmas tree we had to hide half the decorations because a couple had been broken! After entertaining the children we had definitely worked up an appetite!

Christmas Dinner was finally served and it was amazing! Turkey with all the trimmings, Rose to celebrate and we spent the next two hours laughing and joking and it was so lovely. I really love family gatherings like this. After that my mum made Christmas Pudding. I'm not a massive fan of the traditional Christmas Pudding but she had bought a chocolate alternative which was absolutely delicious. 

In the evening we sat down again and opened more presents that my uncle and other cousins had bought round which were all absolutely lovely as you will see in my next post. We then took pictures, ate and drank more and just had a lovely evening before everyone had to leave. It was definitely a great Christmas and one that I will remember for a long time, especially I've never celebrated Christmas with my cousin who came down from Mauritius. Christmas isn't really a big thing over there, they mainly go all out on New Year so it was good to have her experience a British Christmas and she thoroughly enjoyed herself as well! 

I'll end this post here by saying I had an absolutely wonderful day spent with the people I love and I am so sad it's over! However I know that we will be seeing more family members in the next few days so not all celebrations are over yet! I hope the rest of you had a beautiful Christmas! Let me know in the comments below how you celebrated! Staying on the topic of all things Christmas related my next post will be a 'What I Got For Christmas 2013' Post. Stay tuned if like me you love to have a good nose at other people's presents. 

Hugs and Kisses


  1. I love your photos of London, it looks so beautiful with all the lights!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. It's gorgeous!! London is so beautiful this time of year :) xx

  2. I watched TOTP too - christmas tradition! so glad to hear you enjoyed your day :)

    1. I love TOTP haha! :) thank you lovely! Hope you did too! xx


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