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18 December 2013

Literally cannot believe Christmas is only a week away! This time next week we would have opened our stockings and presents, spent time with all our loved ones and mull over how incredibly lucky we are. If you are looking for last minute stocking fillers or presents then carry on reading! 

Two weeks ago I was looking for a new perfume as I had run out of all my perfumes and was only using body spray. However, I absolutely refused to spend £30 odd on a perfume this close to Christmas as chances are I will be getting one for Christmas. I spotted this in the Superdrug gift set section and instantly picked it up. I had wanted to try this perfume for so long. Something about it just screamed 'you will like it' so I went with my gut and I am so glad I made that decision. It is such a gorgeous perfume. 

The fragrance is very sweet and girly and you all know how much I love my sweet scents. The top notes of the scent are juice blackcurrent which is blended in with sweet raspberry, the middle notes are peony and wild jasmine and the bottom notes are vanilla and musk which are two of my favorite scents and provide a very subtle base to the whole perfume. It reminds me of the Lacoste Touch Of Pink perfume which I also love! The scent is very sweet and uplifting and will instantly make you feel loads better. I can't think of any young woman who wouldn't be happy to find a bottle of this in their stocking this Christmas. 

Whilst browsing Superdrug I noted two versions of this perfume. The main bottle was just packaged up and up on the shelf and then I also spotted a little mini gift set which has a shower gel and bottle lotion both of which are 100ML and a 50ML eau du toilette spray! If you love the sound of this the spray on it's on is around £4 and from looking at the superdrug website it is £9.00, although I am pretty sure I saw it for £5.00 in Superdrug. Both prices are pretty reasonable so if you like the sound of this make sure to head on over to the website or pop in store soon! 

What are your favorite perfumes that you hope to receive this festive season? 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. I would probably love this perfume if it wasn't for the musk. I find that so many perfumes have musk bases but I just don't like the smell haha. The other notes sound lovely though!


    1. You don't really smell it to be fair!! You smell more of the fruity and vanilla notes more than the musk!! Definitely give it a try! Don't shut it down just because of the musk! For £4.00 you might be impressed :) xx

  2. On boxing day they were £1 each !


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