Christmas 2013 Wishlist

10 December 2013

Christmas 2013 Wishlist

Heya Everyone! Hope you are all having a fabulous week! I can't believe there are only 13 days left until Christmas. Where is this year going. I still have so much Christmas shopping to do, then I need to wrap up everything. I'm hoping to get all of this done by the end of this week so that I am free to relax and just help my parents pick out presents for each other from now until Christmas. 

Today I thought that I would show you all the products that I have been lusting over this festive season. If you have been following my blog from the beginning then a lot of these products will come as no surprise to you. If not then keep on reading to find out why each of these items are on my wishlist. 

As you can see from the image above I have gone for simple clothing items. The  Baker Christmas Jumper is something that I thought was just so adorable as it is pink and white and has little reindeer on. I've never ever had a Christmas jumper as I've never seen one I really like until I spotted this. It just looks so warm and cosy. Tartan also seems to be on trend at the moment and I've seen so many bloggers go on about the primark tartan dresses and I think they are absolutely stunning. Even though red is the classic tartan color I think this blue and green style is absolutely gorgeous! I've been in primark quite a few times but as these dresses are quite popular they have always run out of my size. Very disappointing so I hope they get more stock in soon! 

As a beauty blogger it will come as no surprise to see the few beauty items I have listed. You all know how obsessed I am about the revlon lip butters so I would like to stock up on a few more colors. I have had my heart set on owning the Tan Pigment from MAC ever since I saw being used in a youtube video but I have just never been able to afford it. It's such a stunning color! This then brings me on to wanting the new naked 3 eye palette. I have never owned 1 or 2 as they have colors in that I wouldn't use, however this palette contains all the colors that would suit my skin tone and that I would use. 

Skin care items are a MUST for me this time of year and I already know that I will be getting a few skin care bits and bobs from my family members including the sugar crush collection from soap and glory. Definitely my favourite fragrance from the brand. It is so fresh and up lifting and smells just absolutely gorgeous. Lime and Brown Sugar are the key ingredients in the collection. The body butter and the shower gel are incredibly moisturizing and work wonders on my skin as well as the scrub which removes all dead skin and leaves my skin so super soft. The Origins GinZing is also something that I have come to realize I absolutely NEED in my life. I've heard so many good things about it from the way it revitalizes your skin to the citrus fragrance which I am a huge fan of. Definitely an item I hope I receive this Christmas. 

A few more non beauty related items I have listed include the Ted Baker Make Up bag as I currently don't have one and they are just so classy looking and lovely, a pandora bracelet as I have always wanted a charm bracelet as it is something I can make personable and have a meaning for me and also a yankee candle. If you read my yankee candle collection post that I did earlier on in the year then you will know how much I love this brand and they just keep hitting the nail on the head with all my favorite scents. Strawberry Buttercream is a huge favorite of mine as it has such a sweet and lovely scent to it. I know this is one of yankee candle's best sellers as well. If you have tried this scent do you agree with the hype surrounding it? 

Another item I have listed is probably the most expensive of the lot and something I don't at all need but would really like and that is the Limited Edition Pink GHDs hair straightening set. It contains a gorgeous pair of pink diamond straighteners and a big pink paddle brush which seems perfect for styling. Another thing I love about this set is that £10 from every purchase goes towards supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer which I think is absolutely amazing. Definitely something I will purchase myself once I have a little bit of money if I don't get it for Christmas as I think it is completely worth it. We all like to keep ourselves nicely groomed and I'm sure we all love to help out great causes. This kills two birds with one stone! Amazing. 

So there we have it. Things I'm lusting over at the moment for Christmas. A lot of these items are items I wouldn't buy in the shops due to them not being absolutely essential items. But its Christmas and it's a time for treating your loved ones as well as getting treated yourself. Yes I know Christmas isn't all about presents so I am in no way expecting to receive any of these items and I will be 100% happy with what I receive. 

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year? Have you bought or tried any of the items I've listed above? What are your thoughts? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. Omg!! Yes yes yes!! The strawverry buttercream yankee candle is my favourite. Of course it's worth the hype :D xxx

  2. The Ted Baker makeup bag is pretty. I have seen them in store & been tempted to treat myself


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