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30 December 2013

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!! Is it just me that's slightly scared it is almost the beginning of a New Year? I can't actually believe it. Nonetheless and as promised here is my end of year recap. 2013 has been quite a good year and quite a sad year in some aspects so I thought that I would share photos from the year with you all. 

2013 was quite a big year for me. I started my own beauty blog, graduated from university, saw my cousin from Scotland who I never ever see, got to see one of my best friends from university get married who's now also expecting her first child, celebrated my 22nd Birthday in Scotland, saw my younger cousins for the first time in a year and also had my cousin from Mauritius come down to celebrate Christmas with us. It's definitely been a year full of good memories.  Below is a little collage I've created of fabulous memories spent with my friends and family throughout 2013. I really enjoyed selecting this photos as it has made me realise how lucky I am to have the friends and family that I do.  

This collage has bought back so many memories it is actually crazy! Drinks with my friends at university before the hard work kicked in, my cousin from my Dad's side Amy from Scotland coming down to stay with me and my family for the first time, finishing our last exam and having drinks in the sunshine, handing in our dissertation and then graduating, riding the same train that was used in the Harry Potter films up in Scotland, sitting next to my best friend from university who got married in late August and then the last lot of pictures are photos from when my cousin Deepti from my Mum's side came down to celebrate Christmas! I can't believe how fresh ALL these memories are! I am actually going to keep this collage and use it as a background on my phone just to remind me of all the good memories I have. 

2013 hasn't been all filled with joy and happy memories though. Since graduating university I still haven't been able to find myself a job. I've been looking and applying and even been asking to just volunteer or do some work experience and unfortunately been getting absolutely nowhere. It has been really stressing me out and has made me think all the hard work I did for the past three years actually mean nothing. I've spent nights crying and lately I'm starting to realise that I just need to be patient because I won't be jobless for ever. Something will eventually pop up. I'm just hoping it's by the end of January, beginning of February. 

Back in October I sadly lost my Nan on my Dad's side. She was 84 years old and had been suffering with dementia for quite some time which was very upsetting. I am just happy she is in a better place now and out of pain. I had never been to a funeral before until my Nan passed away and it was extremely upsetting for me and upsetting to see all my cousins and other family members upset. I am so happy we went up to Scotland this year for a holiday as me and my family got to spend a few last but very precious moments with her. I just hope that I can make her and the rest of my family proud in 2014! 

Overall 2014 has been a good year filled with lots of beautiful memories spent with all my loved ones. I am now thouroughly looking forward to 2014 and especially looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish. Hopefully by the end of 2015 I will have achieved everything I said I would achieve in my last post! If you haven't read it yet then click HERE to have a read. Be sure to let me know what your goals are on that post or underneath this post too. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Years Eve whatever you are doing. Stay safe and close to the people you love if you are heading out and if you are staying in I hope you have a beautiful night bring in 2014.  Be sure to stay tuned to my blog tomorrow where I will be talking about my 2013 beauty favorites. Perfect read for those of you who are suffering in bed with a hangover! I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you all! 

Hugs and Kisses 

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