Christmas Gift Guide 2013 | Female Edition

17 November 2013

Beautysets - Christmas 2013 Gift Guide

Hello Everyone! Hope you've all had a fabulous well rested weekend and are ready for the week ahead. I know I am. Got lots planned for this week so I made sure to get as much rest as possible to preserve my energy! This morning I work up and looked on my calender and realized that there are only 38 sleeps left till Christmas! It's so soon!

I don't know about you but I have already started my Christmas Shopping. I was browsing Superdrug the other day looking at their Christmas Gift selection and decided to pick up a few things for my family. I then thought why not do a Christmas Gift Guide on here so you can perhaps get started on your own shopping and so that I can give you a heads up of different beauty sets in different stores. So let's get started. 

Red Wonder Woman Mug & Sock Gift Set | LINK
With Christmas getting nearer it means that it is getting colder, usually means snow and means woolly socks and throws and cosy nights in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate! What better way to make sure your friend, mum or other female in your life is prepared for these nights than buying her a mug and sock gift set? This cute little set is available at New Look & is only £6.99. 

Color Unlimited Beauty Tools Gift Set | LINK
This would be a good gift to buy someone perhaps just getting into make up and needs some new tools to help them create different looks for any events they might have over the festive season. This little set contains brushes for contouring and blending make up, has a brow and lash comb, a mirror to make sure they are at their best throughout their event and also comes with a mini nail file. All of these tools can be stored in the cute little make up bag included. Perfect for travelling! This is available at Superdrug & is £8.00

Soap and Glory 'Once Upon A Lime' Gift Set | LINK
This is a product that is actually going on my Christmas List as it is my favorite ever scent from Soap and Glory. It is so fresh and girly. Think Lime and Brown Sugar. It just smells incredible. This set includes everything from the Sugarcrush range which is the body wash, body buttercream and body scrub. This set is available at Boots and is £18.00. 

Mini Brown Sparkle Bow Beanie & Scarf Gift Set | LINK
Winter is a time for ice skating, playing in snow (no matter how old you are), visiting Christmas markets, skiing etc. Therefore a beanie and scarf are absolutely essential for whatever outings you have got planned as they will be sure to keep you nice and warm whilst you are out. This little set can be purchased from New Look at £14.99. 

Origins Mask Marvels | LINK
From the beginning of December till after the New Year there will be parties, family gatherings as well as usual nights out. This means that us girls will be piling on more make up than usual and perhaps not taking as good care of our skin as we should. This is why I think this will be a perfect gift. This set includes three face masks. Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask and the Drink Up 10 minute Hydrating Mask. I have had my eyes on these masks ever since I saw Couturegirl's Review on them so head on over to her blog to see what she thought. This set is £25.00 from Origins. 

Cream Polka Dot Bird Block Calender | LINK
Block Calenders seem to be everywhere at the moment and are in my opinion a lot more classier than the normal calenders that you would hang up. These would make great stocking fillers. This calender is available from New Look and is only £5.99. 

Cream Wire Bird Heart Jewelry Stand | LINK
If you are a girl who loves jewelry or knows someone who is a huge fan of jewelry than what better way to let them organize it than buying them a cute little jewelry stand. They can use this to hang their necklaces and bracelets on and it is a lot easier to pick up than going through a box to find what you want to wear. Again this is available at New Look and is only £8.99. 

Grey Triple Frame Wall Hanger | LINK
Christmas is a time for taking lots of photos and making lots of memories. Why not let your loved ones display the best of  them in a cute little wall hanger that they can hang on their wardrobe or somewhere in their room to remind them. Once again this is available at New Look and is £6.99. 

Flutter Cosmetic Bag Gift Set | LINK
Every girl needs a cosmetic bag for when they are on their travels. This cute little gift set from Superdrug comes with not one but two bags that they can use to divide up their products if they are going out somewhere. These bags would also look incredibly pretty just sitting on top of a dressing table with their everyday essentials inside. This is £7.00 from the Superdrug website or in store. 

Ted's Sweetest Treats Gift Set | LINK
All women no matter their age love a good perfume set. This cute little Ted Baker set contains a perfume and a shower gel. The scent is very sweet and girly and contains notes of vanilla, mandarin, red berries, peach, honeysuckle and white musk. This is available from Superdrug and is priced at £14.00. 

Studio London Pretty Natural Make Up Collection | LINK
This little make up collection contains very natural and girly make up. It contains neutral and pink toned make up which includes a blusher/highlighter set, set of three eye shadows and eyeliner and lip-gloss than can help create a gorgeous natural look. Last year my Aunt got me a Studio London bronzing set just like this and the products were absolutely gorgeous and such good quality. If you haven't yet tried their products I would highly recommend them. This is priced at £9.00 from Superdrug. 

Writing this post has got me so incredibly excited for Christmas. Buying and wrapping presents are my all time favorite thing to do along with playing Christmas music and having mince pies. I hope this post helped you in figuring out what to buy your loved ones this Christmas.  This is the first installment and is mainly female based. Next Sunday I will be doing a male based version so stay tuned for that. 

Let me know in the comments below what you are planning on getting your loved ones for Christmas and what is on your Christmas list. 

Hugs and Kisses 


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    1. I was amazed at the price!!! Such a bargain!! :) xx

  2. everything on here looks so lovely! :) xx

  3. Lovely ideas! The Colour Unlimited Beauty Tools Gift Set & the Cream Polka Dot Bird Block Calendar are on my list now x

    1. they are perfect little sets for christmas and so cheap!! xx

  4. I will be dropping hints about the colour unlimited tool set, what a fun little kit to have for travelling! Not that I need any more brushes HA!

    Are you doing a mens one too? Will keep a look out!

    1. Haha yep! Its definitely gone on my list!! I'll be doing a men's one in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned ☺️ Xx

  5. The ted baker looks gorgeous!

    1. I know right?? It sounds like it smells absolutely incredible too!! :) xx

  6. such a lovely idea :) very cute blog template !! xx


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