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14 October 2013

Good Evening Lovelies! Hope you have had a lovely Monday! The dreaded first day of the week is finally over so now we can push forward with the rest of the week in confidence that it will be a good one! Today I thought that I would do a tag post for you because I haven't done one in a while and whilst browsing a few blogs I came across this one that will introduce you to the reasons why I started blogging in the first place.  It is a great tag and can be used on every single blog type, so I hope you will enjoy it.. The picture above was both taken and edited by me so please feel free to use it if you would like to do this post yourself. I would appreciate if you could link back to this post or credit me if you do. Right, now that that is out of the way let's get on with the post. 

When did you start your blog? 
This is quite interesting actually. I started my blog in December last year. I didn't have any followers and it wasn't full beauty related at all. I did film and music reviews, a few lifestyle posts and a couple of beauty reviews. I then took a break and started again in January where I did a a couple of posts. But I was unhappy with my blog and the way it was so I decided to stop until May when I was almost finished with university. I then came across more new and exciting blogs and these encouraged me to not give up anymore and carry on. I couldn't be happier with my decision to start a blog. 

Have you had any past online presence before? (Other blog, youtube?)
I had a tumblr account and I had a twitter account too which was where I came across Zoella and other big beauty bloggers and this then led me on to create my own blog. I've never been a very creative person and this blog allows me to do just that. 

Why did you start a blog? 
Now I've read a few answers to this question where people have said 'to share my love of make up with the rest of the online community'. In my case I started a blog to be introduced to make up and different skin care brands. Growing up I was happy with a bit of lip-gloss and mascara on my face and then these last couple of years I've decided to be a little bit more experimental with make up.  I love going onto blogs and seeing reviews of a new foundation or concealer, going out and purchasing it and then giving my own opinions and reviews. Having read Zoella's for about a year and seeing how successful she is I decided that I would like to be a part of this beauty community and now I can't imagine my life without it. 

When did you become serious about starting a blog? 
Starting a blog was never a set goal of mine. I decided to join in and see if people would be interested in what I said and I was extremely happy when little faces started popping over at the side. I became very serious about blogging when I hit 60-70 followers in terms of my photography. I never used to edit my earlier blog photos and I realize now what a mistake that was as that's a key and in my opinion the most important element. When I got a new camera for my 22nd birthday I decided that I would take my photos in natural light and always made sure I edited them if they needed it and I've seen such a vast improvement. Now that I have reached 102 followers on bloglovin' and have almost 19,000 views on my blog it really does give me the motivation to carry on improving my blog. 

What was your first post? 
My first post on my blog is an 'About Me' post. It just says why I've started a blog, what I will be talking about and what I will be up too later on in the year. Reading back on it, it is incredibly cringey and I really want to delete it. I will however continue to leave it up there because it just reminds me of how much my writing style has improved in such a short space of time. If you would like to have a read click HERE

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging? 
Making sure that all my content is relevant and like I've said before making sure my photography is up to scratch. I absolutely love blogging but I do get a case of 'bloggers block' at times and it's really hard  to think up posts and come up with new and exciting material. They are incredibly small challenges but they do test my creative side which I absolutely love and this also allows me to improve my blog and attract more people who will enjoy reading my blog. 

Where do you see your blog in one year? 
This is such a hard question so I'm just going to say I definitely see myself still blogging. I don't know how many followers I'll have or views and I have no idea if it will take me anywhere but I know that I will always love and enjoy blogging. I definitely hope I meet more of the lovely girls who blog as some of them have inspired me so much. 

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you? 
I think all bloggers go through it at the beginning but it's people telling you that you will fail. Or people who saying that your blog is rubbish. I've even had comments where people say I don't know what I'm talking about. I've never said I'm an expert on make up. I'll never be a make up expert. But I do know what works well for my skin and what doesn't. That is exactly what I am sharing with everyone. I also don't like when people decide how good or bad a blog is based on the number of followers they have. They don't look at the content they just make judgement's on the size of the followers. Most of the blogs I follow have only 30-60 followers and they are incredible. I think it's disgusting. It really does discourage me but at the same time makes me work harder and try to make my blog the best it can be. Success is handed to you on a plate. The number of followers doesn't come overnight. You need to work and work and work and when you're think you're done, work some more. If you really want to be a successful blogger you'll never give up to be the best you can be. 

What's your lasting inspiration or motivation? 
Watching other bloggers do what they love doing and inspiring me to carry on. I love reading why people started to blog and what keeps them going. I love seeing the different products people are loving that very often introduces me to new products and allows me to keep on blogging. I love reading different lifestyle posts and gaining and insight into different bloggers' lifestyles. I just feel like blogging allows bloggers to be themselves. Nobody is fake or hiding behind some mask. You really do get to see who they really are. As someone who's really shy and often scared of showing who she really is I find that blogging definitely allows me to be myself.. 

Wow this was definitely a lot longer than I expected it to be but I had a lot of stuff I wanted to get out...as you can tell. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. If you do or have done this tag please leave me a comment below as I would love to get to know more about you and your blog. 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. I love this tag! I'm going to do it soon. I find it so interesting learning about the different reasons people blog - whether it be for themselves, or other people. This is great :)


    1. Exactly how I feel :) I love doing these kind of tags for that reason :) xx

  2. I couldnt help but tag you for the liebster award thing, cause I love your blog! if you feel like it you can check it out! x

  3. I really like your blog, you have some great pics on here you have a talent :)


    1. This made me smile loads! Thank you Christie!! :) xx

  4. this is so cute to read xo


    1. I love reading this tag on other blogs! It's lovely :) xx


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