Haul | A Little Trip (or four) To Boots

5 October 2013

Heya everyone! Hope you've all had a good week and have lots of exciting plans for the weekend. I unfortunately have been feeling absolutely dreadful and have been just staying in bed and drinking lots of lemsip and watching films. I can't wait till I get better! However, there were a couple of days where I did feel a bit better so I decided to step out for some fresh air and as you can see from the title above I somehow managed to fall into Boots. This happened on around four separate occasions and I honestly didn't know I had bought this much until last night when it was all sitting on my dressing table. Of course as a blogger I instantly though 'haul' and then 'reviews' once I've used each product for a little bit so I won't be going into too much detail here. 

First product I bought was the 'Spray and Go' Moisturizer in 'Aloe Fresh'. What a wonderful invention! A non greasy, easy to apply cream that leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized within 5 minutes. Amazing. I did a review of the Cocoa Butter version HERE which is exactly the same as the Aloe Vera one just with a different scent.  I then bought the B.Pure Micellar Water which I also did a review of HERE. This basically cleanses, tones and refreshes your face and I absolutely love it. If you are a fan of bioderma then this would possibly be a good dupe. The next product I bought was the Stay Matte foundation which I've used a few times already so I will be reviewing that in the next week or so but I absolutely love this foundation in terms of coverage. I was dying to get my hands on it ever since I saw the adverts on TV as I absolutely love the stay matte pressed powder so I was having very high hopes about this foundation. 

I then went to the moisturizer section to look for a night cream and I came across a vitamin E cream. I absolutely love the vitamin E eye cream as it's non greasy and super moisturizing and so far I have been very impressed with the condition this night cream leaves my skin in as it feels super soft and moisturized when I wake up the next morning. The next two products I picked up are two products I've wanted to get my hands on for ages now and they are the Maybelline color tattoos in 'Pink Gold' and 'On and On Bronze'. I love these eye shadows as they make perfect bases, are super pigmented and you can also wear them on their own. After this I then picked up three of the baby lips in 'Minty Fresh', 'Hydrate', & 'Peach Kiss' as I just think they are amazing lip balms and leave my lips in tip top condition. I also love the tint 'peach kiss' leaves on my lips. 

Soap and Glory are one of my favorite brands in terms of skin care. I just think their products smell incredible, and everything I've used leaves my skin in amazing condition. When I saw that Boots were doing a 3 for 2 offer I immediately went over to the aisle to browse through the products. I initially wanted to get all the sugar crush products but then went with the 'Rich and Foamous' body wash and the 'Smoothie Star' whipped cream. Both of these products smell absolutely incredible. I saw this in one of Zoella's videos and when she mentioned what the ingredients were I immediately knew I would like the scent. It's a perfect scent for 'Autumn/Winter' as it's quite warm and calming. As it was 3 for 2 I decided to get the sugar crush scrub as it's just too amazing to leave behind and I've recently run out of the other tub I had anyway. 

Real Techniques make up brushes are in my opinion the best make up brushes I've ever used. They just leave a flawless finish on your face so when I spotted the beauty blender I just had to have it. I've been dying to get my hands on beauty blenders for a while now and when I saw this was £5.99 I immediately popped it in my basket. I've read mixed reviews on this product but decided to purchase it to see for myself what it was like. As it's fairly cheap if I don't like I know I won't be breaking the bank. This was only purchased yesterday so I haven't had a chance to use it yet but will pop a review up here when I do. 

I am a massive fan of the Bourjois foundations. The healthy mix foundation and healthy mix serum are both holy grail products for me. However when I walked over to the stand yesterday I saw that they had a foundation which I had never ever seen before which is 'Happy Light' foundation. The name instantly intrigued me as I knew it would be solely based on highlighting and giving a radiant look to your skin which I like to have. Along side this I spotted a primer and I've never been one to use a primer so I was instantly intrigued and saw that it came in two versions. A luminous version for normal to dry skin and a matte version for oily skin. As my skin is getting really dry at the moment I picked up the luminous version. I am expecting this to look amazing paired with the foundation. 

So there we have it all of the products I've purchased in the last couple of weeks. A lot of these products were heavily influenced by other beauty bloggers and you-tubers as they are just incredibly hyped up at the moment. Once I've used these products I'll be sure to do reviews of everything so be sure to stay tuned. 

Have you been to Boots or any other drugstore recently? Have you used any of these products?

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. What great buys! I really want to try out the Bourjois healthy mix serum/foundation- I've heard such good things about it :) Could you maybe in the future do a review of the Real Techniques beauty blender?


    1. You should! It's incredible! I did a review back in July if you want to have a read :) yeahh I'll definitely do a review once I've used it! :) xxx

  2. I love Soap and Glory! And I really want to try the Real Techniques Sponge x


    1. I've tried it and I'm not impressed :( soap and glory are amazing though :) xx

  3. What a brilliant haul! I think I may have got a bit too excited reading this! I absolutely love most of the brands you picked - Soap & Glory, Bourjois, Vaseline Spray & Go (I recently reviewed the cocoa butter version and cannot wait to try the aloe vera one!)

    Looking forward to reading all the reviews - and going to follow you now!

    :) xx

    1. All these products are absolutely amazing!! :) thank you lovely! xx


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