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29 October 2013

Heya everyone. So I thought I would do a quick post on everything going on in my life at the moment. Well not everything but just little bits and pieces just so you get to know a little bit about me. I love these kinds of posts as you know the person behind the blog is actually a real person and not a machine if you know what I mean? But anyway, let's get into it. 

So next week I will be taking a little blogging break. In my 'Share The Love' post the other day I mentioned that I have been having a case of Bloggers Block. I just really don't know what to write about anymore and I don't really want to throw out a post just for the sake of it. I want you guys who read my blog to be able to trust my opinions and I also want to enjoy writing a post not to feel like I have to do it. If that makes sense. So that is the first thing I wanted to let you know. 

Another reason as to why I will be taking a bloggers break is unfortunately my Nan passed away on Saturday which was very sad. She had dementia and was 84 years old which wasn't very nice at all. She didn't deserve to go like that but at least now she is out of pain and I just think I need to spend more time with my family. Since then I've realized that I do take them a little bit for granted and I should appreciate them more. My mum, dad, brother and myself will be travelling up to Scotland on Sunday for the funeral and we don't know how long we are staying for. Might be a couple of days, might be a couple of weeks and as I don't have a laptop it's going to be a little bit difficult to blog when I'm there.

When I am back I have to go back to the daunting task of a million job applications a day as unfortunately I am still unemployed. This is one of the main things that is upsetting me at the moment as I am fed up of not earning my own money and having to rely on other people. On my return from Scotland I will be spending a few days applying and going out job hunting and hopefully I'll receive my motivation to start blogging again. I know blogging doesn't just have to be product reviews so hopefully I'll be able to introduce some new ideas to my blog. 

I thought I'd all fill you in as you read my blog and have helped me come this far and I am so grateful to you all. I appreciate all the comments you guys leave me and all the tweets you send me. They really do cheer me up and make me smile whilst I'm going through a hard time but I do feel like I need to take a break for a little bit. I might be back sooner than expected so stay tuned. Make sure to follow my twitter and instagram both of which are @xbellefleur. I won't be blogging but I'll still be tweeting and instagramming photos so you can keep up to date with what I'm getting up too if you'd like. 

I will speak to you guys when I'm back and if you want to see anything featured on my blog please don't hesitate to leave me a comment and let me know below. Have a great couple of weeks! 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. Hi I tagged you to do the music tag on my blog so feel free to do it xxx


  2. I hope everything is ok and that you come back soon, we'll miss you! Your blog is honestly so amazing and I for one love reading your posts. I know you wont be blogging for a while and i respect whats going on in your life right but when you do come back (and hopefully it'll be soon) i've nominated you for the Sunshine award because your blog is like a little ray of sunshine on my newsfeed! We'll miss you.

    (if you ever decide to do the tag : http://alovesvintage.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/the-sunshine-award.html )

    Good luck with everything Fleur x

    1. This almost had me in tears. Thank you so so so much for being so considerate & for the nomination!! :) I'll definitely check out that award and will let you know once I have posted it on my blog :) x


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