Favorite Revlon Lip Butters & Swatches

3 September 2013

Left To Right: Sorbet, Strawberry Shortcake, Berry Smoothie, Peach Parfait & Moroccan 

Hello Everyone!! Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the week. This weather certainly makes everything a lot easier. Whatever you say, you cannot say we haven't had a summer this year! The weather has been incredible. Before I get into this post I'd thought I'd mention that it was my 22nd birthday last Saturday (24th August) and my Dad got me a brand new Canon camera so from here on out I will be taking my blog photos using  that. I'm so excited that I can finally take proper pictures so if you are wondering why the quality has suddenly got better there's your reason. 

Before I carry on rambling today I thought I'd tell you about my holy grail lip product that are the Revlon Lip Butters. If you have been following/reading my blog from day one then you will know how obsessed I am with these. They are very pigmented, have an extremely creamy application and are just incredibly moisturizing. I actually have twelve of these now which might not seem like a lot but for me it is. These 5 pictured however are my absolute favorite products and what I grab on a daily basis. Below are the swatches of the lip butters so you know what they look like on the lips. 

Sorbet is actually a color that I never thought in a million years would suit me as it is a super bright pink but and with the risk of sounding a little vain here, I actually think it compliments my skin tone really well and definitely adds a pop of color to my day. Strawberry Shortcake is a gorgeous pale pink color that I really love and is another color I was surprised by when I applied it for the first time but it is a gorgeous color and will go with anything. 

Berry Smoothie and Moroccan are probably my most favorite out of these five and the two I reach for the most. They are both different shades of red that will just go with anything and can be worn at any time of the day. I just love these so much. These are also colors that would suit practically everyone. So if you haven't yet tried the Revlon Lip Butters I'd definitely suggest opting for these two first. 

Peach Parfait is a very light red color that I absolutely love. I also find that this lip butter leaves a frost type finish on your lips which is unusual and what I actually love about it. This is the only lip butter where the packaging doesn't actually give full representation of what the actual color is which I find weird. But nonetheless I still love this lip butter. 

All in all the lip butters are in my opinion absolutely incredibly. I basically think they are a lip-gloss on a stick as they are so creamy, moisturizing and leave a gorgeous shine on the lips. I could not recommend these more. If you wish to check these out and purchase them then please click HERE and you will be able to choose from a wide range of colors. There are 21 colors available to choose from and they are only priced at £7.99 each. Totally worth it in my opinion. 

Have you tried these lip butters? What are your favorite colors? Do you have a growing collection like me? Leave me a comment and I'll be sure to reply soon. 

Hugs and Kisses

Disclaimer*: I am fully aware that these lip butters will not produce the exact color shown in the swatches on everyone's lips but as I'm doing a review this is how it shows up on mine. 


  1. Sorbet is absolutely gorgeous! I was like you,I'd seen it in the shop and assumed such a bright colour wouldn't suit me, but now I've seen this I might have to pop in and buy one for myself!



    1. Definitely do it!! :) I was so surprised but I reckon it looks nice, not to sound vain or anything haha! :) xx

  2. I recently bought a couple of these and love them! My lips get quite dry so these are perfect for me. That Moroccan shade is lovely, think that will be my next purchase :)

    Claire from Stylingo xx

    1. Definitely!! Moroccan is absolutely gorgeous and will suit everyone!

  3. I love these lip butters! my favourite is Strawberry Shortcake! x


  4. Sorbet looks gorgeous and I'd love to try out Macaroon! Lovely in depth post and swatches :) xx

    1. They are lovely shades! Macaroon is beautiful :) thank you lovely! xx


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